Questioning the Status Quo – Aquarian

This happens to me again and again and again.

Because I question the status quo I am perceived as THE problem and THE enemy. It never occurs to the status quo that it is inert, stuck and lacking in imagination.

“This is the way WE do things, you pal can sod off!!”

I have mentioned in this blog that I consider myself an Aquarian being. This does not mean that I have flowers in my hair, wear tie die and smoke pot whilst dancing around balls-out with big titted hippie chicks.

It means that I am in a near constant state of friction with the status quo and the forces that seek to preserve the power balance and subjugation therein. Like water I erode piece by piece, bit by bit. I do not stop.

An Aquarian being does not exploit others, the gullible, by selling them vagina scented candles, they challenge and question the status quo at every turn. How else might we usher in a New Age?

Here is a question for you.

If someone has the temerity to question the way you behave, are they the problem the enemy?

Or maybe might you need to change just one miniscule bit?