Do You Understand?

I had something of a sudden realisation, the other day.

Given that there has been a heck of a lot going on medically speaking and that there is a language barrier I was shocked to note that not once, not one single time have I been asked if I/we understand.

It is absolutely stunning if you think about it.

And nobody aside from the nurses and our local GP have actually asked me how I am coping. And they have only done that in passing. If you ask a Brit how they are the stock answer is “not bad”…

{ even if they have just had an arm chopped off.. t’is only a flesh wound}

We have been asked if there are any questions, but generally the level of explanations has been towards the scant end.

In my view and given these circumstances it is pretty risky to assume comprehension and that we can administer the cocktail of drugs accurately and effectively. Nobody has spoken much about the possible contraindications and the product leaflets are all in French.

There is a lot of assumption here.

I may have gotten entirely the wrong end of the stick, and nobody would know. Because they never asked.