Italianate Bridge – Cave – Dream 10-01-22

Here is the third of the dreams.

I am in an Italianate city very much like Firenze in style but much smaller in size. I am approaching a bridge over the river which has terracotta tiles on the roofing. I start to cross the bridge but pause to look at the water in the river. It is crystal clear and has a bluish tinge. It reminds me of the Aare in Bern. I am sorely tempted by the water and jump off the bridge into the water, upstream. It is not too deep nor too fast and surprisingly for a mountain reiver the water is slightly warm. I swim with ease to the other bank and when I get out all my clothes are dry. I see a path heading up a hill and away from the town. I take the path.

The path goes uphill and then appears to disappear. It does not really there is just a false summit, and the path leads between two earthen banks and into the entrance of a large cave. I go a little way in and surprisingly I can see well in the relative darkness. I note the cave.

Next, I am back in the town and approaching the bridge with the wife.  We both jump into the water, and I have a small miniature submarine like device that pulls us along under the water. We surface several hundred metres downstream of the bridge. We start walking back up the stream, in the stream, towards the bridge. An Italian man on the bank asks how come we don’t find the water cold. I reply that it is not cold he should try it. He thinks I am joking,

He follows us along the bank until we get to the path a little upstream of the bridge.

The wife and I walk up the hill towards the cave. I know in the dream that I am supposed to show her the cave and bring her here, possibly a number of times.

Dream ends.