Nevada Students – Catching Eggs Dream 10-01-22

This is the second of last night’s dreams.

I arrive at a faculty building. I have been escorted there by a faculty liaison officer. She ushers me into a room in which there are around half a dozen graduate students. They are dressed in alternative / indie clothes and a few of them have died hair and piercings. I assume that they are arts students.

The faculty liaison officer tells them to show me around and generally be helpful. They introduce themselves as do I, on a first names basis. They are very friendly with only mild US accents. I ask them what they do and it tuns out that they are all scientists and use lasers in one way or another. They are from various departments. I decide not to ask them if they know Prof. A..

They show me around campus and towards the biotechnology building in which two of them work.

Before we get there, we sit down on some park benches on the grass. Two of the students sit to my left on one bench. There are a few benches around what appears to be a tree, at first sight. The students hold out their hands, palms up. I look to my right and then back to my left because I hear a sound. One of the students has a broken hen’s egg in his left hand. The tree is now a tree from which multiple brown hen’s eggs are suspended. From time to time an egg falls either on the ground or towards a hand. The trick is to catch an egg in the hand without it breaking. From the broken eggs on the floor, I can see many have failed. The students are enthralled by this activity and no longer notice I am there. In the dream I know that I would have no problem catching an egg without breaking it.

The number of people passing us increases. It is the end of the day, and they are heading to the car park which is behind us. I conclude that the main part of campus is where they are coming from. I get up and head off in that direction to explore. I make a mental bet with myself that I can find the centre I am looking for without looking at any signs.

Dream ends.