The Need to “Protect” Grant Earning Assets

The UK university sector is overrun with this. The political and financial need to protect their grant earning assets, skews their thinking and judgement. People can be guilty of a whole host of misdemeanours some bordering on the illegal and many to do with bullying and coercion. But! To investigate in any meaningful way is not on the cards. Why? If we tarnished the angelic reputation of Prof. D., he may not be able to bring in the bacon. So, we shall turn a partially opaque eye, just so long as the grant money flows.

You may assess if I am cynical or accurate…

This compromise allows the cancer to spread. The fish rots from the head downwards. It starts slowly.

“You can fuck people over…as long as you bring in the cash, that is just dandy with us…kerching! $$$$”

Well guys, what do you think of my assessment?

Is it accurate?

I don’t think you lot have any bollocks left…

Please send me, on some A4 paper, a whole host of reasons and justifications as to why my crystal-clear clarity does not apply…

The UK university sector is overrun with the need to “protect” Grant Earning Assets…from the likes of me.

Discuss…ad infinitum