Unreferenced Inspiration

Earlier in the blog I suggested that it was likely that Helena Blavatsky visited the place where I did my Ph.D. namely The Royal Institution of Great Britain. The Institute for Psychic Research is just round the corner from Imperial College. “Proper Science” keeps this kind of thing at arm’s length or at the end of a bargepole these days.

We are all supposed to reference our sources.

I’ll wager that The Secret Doctrine is the unreferenced inspiration behind many a novel, film script or TV series.

For example, Golden Child and Bulletproof Monk have the baddies travel to Tibet to get some scroll / power or other…

There is so much there to make a movie out of.

If I was ever trying to get back into “proper science” do you think that the blog content here would significantly inhibit that? Kill it stone dead?

Would a pucker university wish to be associated with me in any way shape or form?

What do you reckon?