Shamballa or Mount Olympus?

I have only a passing familiarity with the pantheon of Mount Olympus from memory the Gods were endowed with truly human peccadilloes. They were randy, deceitful, vengeful and vane etc. They were not very chilled.

Yet they were worshipped and put on a pedestal, a mountain even.

So, humans cast God, as is so often the case, as resembling a human being in some way. Rarely is deity represented as an entirely abstract concept / thing. There are a lot of statues and pictures of the Gods around the world. The thing is they can’t all be correct and accurate.

I have just been doing some research and there are a lot of opinions as to where Shamballa is. People have even gone looking for it on the physical plane.  Because of the way human mind works there simply MUST be a location on earth. If there isn’t, then it can’t exist.

Which is more real the etheric Shamballa or the carved out of pristine marble, Mount Olympus?

Would a pleb be allowed anywhere near either hallowed place?