Where is Shamballa?

First a question, “If I say to you that I have been to Shamballa on numerous occasions over the last 12 years, would you believe me?”

And a second question, “If the above is true then what does it imply about me and my initiatory status?”

In the Blue Books the Tibetan says that the Masters CAN be found and indicates that they are at the higher echelons of what might be described as the mental plane, that part just below the buddhic plane. In order to find them it is necessary to build the Antahkarana from the dense physical plane upwards, Jacob’s ladder if you prefer dramatic language.

As I mentioned I am by nature an experimentalist and should one say something like this, I would perhaps give it a go.

I’ll make some completely unverifiable statements.

The stairway to Shamballa can indeed be found in the upper echelons of the mental plane as a reproducible thought form.

The “courtyard” to Shamballa is similarly located, to the South of said courtyard are an immense range of snow-covered mountains.

The outer chamber crosses over and is a bridge between the mental plane and the buddhic plane. It cannot be fully assimilated until one has taken the third, it can be sensed and intuited before.

The inner sanctorum is similarly a bridge between the buddhic and atmic planes. It cannot be assimilated until such time as there is no causal vehicle, and the being is contained in its buddhic and atmic diaphanous sheaths. The inner sanctorum is only accessible to those who have taken at least the fourth initiation.

There is a direct linkage between the inner sanctorum and the council chamber “on” Sirius.

I sign myself Plebby McPlebface