Is The UK Soul Infused?

The Soul ray of the Untied {deliberate} Kingdom is ray two Love-Wisdom. The personality ray is ray one, Will to Power. It had been hoped that with me having a second ray causal vehicle I might find some purchase / fertile ground there.

Unfortunately, the UK is still very much in its personality and much of it is in no way in touch with let alone en rapport with love-wisdom.  This obsession with power and politics gave rise to the British Empire which no longer exists. The illusory Britannia rules the waves mentality has not yet died. The Motto “ich dein” is long forgotten amongst “Global Britain” “Build Back Better” and cheese and wine parties at number 10. Maybe they even had cucumber sandwiches.

A second RT and a woman whose first name starts with L have now been added to the web. RT a laser man, is also a friend of DK, no not Djwhal Kuhl.

I would say that the UK currently has a bit of an identity crisis. Whilst it may still think ray one, it has not yet transitioned to ray two.

Power politics and self-interest dominate.

I have been hinting that there is such a thing as telepathy and things can indeed be seen at a distance. Who would be least likely to believe this, well a bunch of hard-core scientists? What do you reckon Alans? Am I right here?

People who have a fifth ray concrete knowledge mind are the ones most likely to be drawn to science, but they may also be a little concrete in their faith to the current scientific creed and doctrine.

And by the way I need to say, Привет, here.

My personality is seventh ray which means that I might also find purchase in Russia because their Soul ray is seven. My mental vehicle was also fifth ray, so I can so fifth ray thinking, which means that I can speak to the French personality which is fifth ray. If I pitch my arguments in logic and hypothesis I am understood.

No, the UK is not Soul infused otherwise it would behave in a markedly different manner.