What Would Really Fry Your Mind?

To most “scientists” the concept of seers, telepaths and clairvoyants sounds like so much poppycock. They would find such stuff hard to believe. On this blog I have people who are tarot readers and astrologers checking things out from time to time. They are not prejudiced against me as a scientist.

Now imagine, if you will, that I can read people’s minds, to an extent. And you have interacted with me on the basis that this is impossible over many, many years. During this time you have tried to sell me multiple pork pies {rhyming slang}. All that time I have seen through you, completely and utterly. Yet you believe that you have blagged me and convinced me. You have blathered on and I have stood there thinking “what an utter wanker!!”

Imagine that you have lied to me over decades.

If for whatever reason you began to suspect that I could indeed read your thoughts and you are a control freak, what would be the very first question that enters your head.

“For how long has he been able to do this? I might need to backtrack on a few things.”

Am I right?