Karmic Comeuppance?

Looking at the news lately and things are still rippling out from the Epstein/Maxwell situation. Something from the past is working through and I guess the story has further to go. People are trying to squirm and manoeuvre, and it seems to be making matters worse. There may be a wind or tide of more general karmic comeuppance. By trying to avoid things and keep a lid on it, the pressure builds for it to break free. The skeltons want out of the closet.

Many think that keeping a lid on “it” is a good idea. I am not so convinced that trying to supress is sound. Uncle Boris is trying to play the repentant buffoon, randy Andy if going to have to face some kind of music, there are the eight John Does and Novak the man with a coronavirus infection who still goes to meetings is not having an easy time of it.

I wonder is there a general wave of karmic comeuppance in motion?