Compassion and Unconditional Love

I’ll start this by saying that many who find themselves on the receiving end of unconditional love, do not like it all that much. It is not sloppy, shmaltzy and delivered with pulsing heart emojis. Nor is transactional, negotiated and bargaining. It does not say, “if you buy me a present I will give you a BJ”. It is not about buying someone a present because they bought you one.

It says it on the tin, unconditional.

People do not understand what unconditional means because their entire existence is drowned in conditions. IF you know what I mean, THEN you might get me.

There are terms and conditions to so very many human interactions.

“Don’t upset me by calling me fat!”

Well, if you are fat what is wrong with somebody else pointing this out.

“If you call me fat, I will tell everybody that you fat shamed me !!”


My body mass index is above thirty. Therefore, technically I am obese. I am also quite muscular for a late fifties dude. Yet the doctors only see their graphs and not my biceps. When I pointed this out to one medic unconditionally, he threw a strop at me. I, without condition, had tried to point out his tunnel vision. I had questioned his deity in His temple, his surgery.

One of the problems with unconditional love is the shoot the foxtrotting messenger syndrome. I have spoken my truth unconditionally on many occasions and then they unload a whole quiver full of arrows at me.

True compassion as opposed to sentimentality is also quite hard, tough even. I can understand where someone is coming from, dislike their behaviours and be willing to say so, but I will not judge them. They are a part of me, a part of the one life. Full of compassion for THE evolution I might tell them some uncomfortable home truths. This is not done out of hate and criticism; it is done out of my wish to help a fellow being evolve. But what happens? They reach back to their quiver and shoot the messenger.

There is only ONE LIFE, and we are each but aspects thereof.

Unconditional love and compassion can seem harsh and uncompromising. Why because they do not promise together, com – promise. It is not a negotiation.

It is an offering, made freely with love and absolutely no expectation.

om mane padme hum