Dharma of the Day #43

Each thing that you do

And every word that you say

Become a nest for you to sleep in

And where you raise your young


The fledglings remember

The nest they came from.

They learn how to build

And,what straw to use.


Nests made of barbed wire

And hot angry coals

Singe the feathers,

So flight is much harder.


Nests lined with truth

And goodwill to all beings

Comfort the eggs

And ease the yoke of life


Do not burden others

With the weight of your folly.

It should end somewhere

maybe with you?


When a bird makes its nest

It takes great care.

Dharma of the Day #10 {opening like a lotus}

The little surprises of life

Are the bounty

With which the universe


When things seem hard

The Dao sends us flowers

For us to inhale


Amidst all the hubris

Petals fall cadent

Upon the breeze


Wait only for the flute

And its subtle keys

It caresses your being


When your spirit flags

It is your salve

And your nectar


Let the cosmos

Be your nurse

And your healer


Open your palms

And take your alms

Humble and secure


To find your place

Which always awaits

A monkey puzzle


To ease back on tension

And to trust

Abandon to your Soul


Then like a leaf in a stream

You can eddy

And dance the currents


Have no fear of weirs

They are man made

Rivers know so much more


Journey always

With open heart

For it has a succour

Most subtle

Be as fluid as now

And do this often

A silken scarf, blowing

No aim

Ease off those shoulders

Breathe in and out

Especially out


Now find your most

Authentic centre

And become, truly

A Star!!

Dharma of the Day 30 {be loyal to your Soul}

do you believe that,

in a world of impermanence,

enemies are actually real?

do you believe loyalties

are intransigent,

in a changing universe?

do you believe that

loyalty and enemy

mean anything, to the Soul?

some words are burdened

with so much emotion,

that they divide and blind

listen to these two,

loyalty and enemy;

are they a part of your vocabulary?

both of these have conditions,

they are trading words.

they are transactional.

is the core of being

really about trading

and negotiation?

What if there is a deficit?

in the monochrome

and black and white

of Enemy and of Friend

is life for you

always, an edgy game

of manoeuvre?

how much time

have you wasted

playing this game?

the mantle of pride

wants always to win

and in so doing, often loses.

is this a coat,

which is heavy to wear,

does it scratch a little?

are you not bored

hopping between squares,

all of your life?

when you leave your meat

will that cleavage

teach you something?

for that divide

is non negotiable

despite a chequered past.

living in boxes

aligned and positioned,

you forget to confront

your own “enemy”

your personality,

your self.

a pinch of honesty

will say

“wake up!!”

life is not binary

Enemy or Friend.

it is a river.

be loyal to your Soul

for that is the only loyalty

you will ever truly need.

the Soul has no conditions,

it does not barter

nor does it trade.

are you listening to it?

Dharma of the Day #25 {forest , prāna}

from time to time

go take a walk in the forest

is it a silent place?


find yourself a clearing

sit with your back

up against a tree


clear your mind

and truly listen

is it silent now?


listen even more deeply

can you hear the drums?

that is your blood pulsing


when a bird comes along

look only sideways at it

do not stare!


become quizzical like a bird

turn your head

from side to side, weigh time


put out your hands

palms upwards

now juggle an imaginary ball


don’t drop it!


juggle it carefully

much like a fresh egg

soften each impact


how do your hands feel now?


try to inhale all the forest

through only your nose

exhale slowly, through your mouth


that my friend

is the smell of prāna!

can you also, hear it?


from time to time

go take a walk in the Forest

is it a silent place?

Dharma of the Day #16 {brotherhood}

stop for a moment!!

shift your mind

are we not all brothers and sisters?


we share much more

than we differ,

do we not?


the trenches and minefields

which we each build

waste only blood and, life


and it is so very sad to see

so many poppies growing

who unlike us, have learned


to bow their heads


put aside all your bile

and that jar of gall-stones

place it next, the vinegar


maybe you are better

than me

and, fully omniscient


I would not have the

responsibility for your, omniscience

no, not, for all the tea in China !!


I am sad for the burden

which you bear

but only in your mind


stop for a moment!!

shift your mind

are we not all brothers and sisters?


we share much more

than we differ,

do we not?


Dharma of the Day #11 {onions}

Try always to make a difference

And when the wall

Stands stark before you

Step back and, dissolve


Know that life is not a sprint

Be not like Usain

Rather like Mo

Life is not a meal to be bolted down


Have courage always

For trial is learning

Dressed in a countenance

Which like a scroll, unfolds


Say your piece

And that is all

Do not force anything

Tickle life, with your words


When others cannot see

That which you see

Do not worry!

Every onion has its layers


Peeling onions

Sometimes makes you cry

But they add flavour

And taste to a dish


Blow your nose

Wash your hands

And reach for the parsley

Chop it fine


See aren’t things looking better


Dharma of the Day #23 {folly}

Learn to laugh,

mostly at yourself.

This makes life

less heavy


Which weighs more

a smile or a frown?

A sparkle in the eyes

is Helium and not Lead!


We all plumb the depths,

why not feather

also the sky

and, with our Joy?


It too needs a tickle

from time to time!!

Find your own champagne bubbles

And rise up in the glass of illusion


Try to effervesce

as often as you can.

What wires bind you

tighter than too many eggs?


Be oft like a cormorant

who both soars and dives.

Enjoy Atlantic spray

fresh on the face.


And when needed

plunge into the depths

thence again to surface

and spread your wings, anew


Be more fluid

than any quicksilver on a

hot summer’s day,

ebb and flow, flow and ebb.


Laughter is not a secret

entombed in a pyramid;

it is the scent of spring

as fresh as a dewdrop


Learn to laugh

and mostly at yourself.

This makes life

less heavy.


Are you a puffin or a cormorant?

Dharma of the Day #27 {gossip}

gossip is a poison

more deadly than,

the juice of a thousand cobras


the host and carrier

of such a deadly virus

spreads only, contagion


the oft salacious ear

of a willing listener

is a fertile breeding ground


the glamour of being

“in the club”, a member,

who knows secrets


perverts both the

whisperer and the

hungry recipient


seeking always faults in others

when you are not perfect,

is the epitome of avoidance


an end of empire decadence

when boredom finds work

for idle, lazy, minds


look back on your life

is gossip not

the destroyer of good?


and unless you are

already an Angel

can you say, no not me!


how about now

are you a spreader of contagion,

or already saint?


examine yourself close

what does the world

reflect in the mirror?


what does it reflect

right here, right now,

in this, moment?

Dharma of the Day #9 {mind}


absolutely certain mind

is already wrong

but in its arrogance

doesn’t yet know it


it is not possible mind

is infertile and sterile

it cannot conceive

it has had a hysterectomy


you are not “one of us” mind

demarcates the boundaries

laying barbed wire and mines

in order to abort nascence


terrified of the new mind

goes around the race track

many, many, many times

it takes no pit stops, to consider


joy of a child mind

is filled with awe and wonder

and is as fluid and mercurial

as can be, in so doing, it soars


full of rubbish mind

recycles old thoughts

seemingly endlessly

it makes Sisyphus’ life look easy


dogmatic opinion mind

cannot differentiate opinion

from garnered knowledge

it is a tad myopic


broad vision mind

swells on ocean tides

and ultimately touches the shores

of every continent

learn to lift your consciousness

out of the dark depths of your own anus

perhaps in so doing

you might see a new cosmos


there you might find

utter humility

and magnificent sensations

at the marvel of all creation!!