Malta, Sicily and Déjà Vu

The dream which I had this morning is consistent with the hypothesis of my putative life, two lifetimes ago. This life was based in France but had elements of travel to the Holy Land for purposes of crusade and the acquisition of knowledge.

In this lifetime I was an ordained priest, a scholar and also a trained warrior. I was very often accompanied by the same man who was my confidant and assistant. His name was Cédric. The life involved sailing from somewhere near Perpignan on occasion, but was based further North, in a green land and near a watermill. There was a small village, a church and a mill race. When the normal village priest was away on business, I would stand in for him at the church.

As a child when I flew from Zambia to boarding school in England it was customary and necessary to stop on the way for fuel. On my first such flight, barely aged 10 by a day or so, we landed in Malta at dawn. I woke my mother who was taking me that first time to school and remarked at the beauty of the dawn over Malta. I was also having a truly massive attack of déjà vu. Somehow, I knew this place. I have been back a couple of times as a tourist. It feels so darned familiar. A similar baseball bat strike of déjà vu hit me when I went to Erice in Sicily for the first time. Bam! I have been here before…Bam!

Visions possibly associated with this life broke through a little after the Buddhist ones. There was an arrival by sea to Malta. There was study on the misty mountain top at Erice. I was in some kind of liaison role and for whatever reason I was generally acceptable to both the “Arabs” and the Jewish kabbalists, from whom we sought knowledge.

All was fine until one time me and a small band of fellow travellers got captured by a rogue group and paraded through the town, virtually naked. They took our chain mail and our white tunics with the rosy cross. It was a sea-front town, a small port, which they had recently captured. Everywhere there were torches burning some kind of dense tar like substance. The smell was powerful, almost noxious, the noise of celebration and “music” was loud. They led us down to a beach. There was much argument about what to do with us. They tied us to makeshift wooden crosses. They lit a big fire on the beach. They then inverted the crosses and placed them in the sand. They only did a few of us like this. The others sat huddled, praying and watched.

They, our captors, danced around the fire whooping and hollering in victory. The smell of the tar, the bitumen, burning was intense. It was difficult to remain conscious upside down. So, I drifted in and out.

When they were bored of the dancing they came over to us swearing, mocking and cursing. My wounds sustained in the capture were unstitched and much blood had run out of me. They prodded us with spears to antagonise, not to puncture. Some whipped us. The frenzy of the torment raised up a notch and they started to break the skin. They slit my throat. I can feel it now.

Soon I was above the beach looking down. I could see the fires and the half-crazed victors. I saw them moving towards the others and then I looked up and there were stars. Lots of stars.

The smell was at last gone.

Medieval Vestment Dream 18-09-21

Here is this morning’s dream it is in stark contrast to the subject matter I was researching last night.

It feels like the 12th or 13th century. We are both on horseback, my companion and I. He is something like a batman to me. We are not wearing our usual uniform with the rose cross. We are simply adorned in chain mail and are carrying battle axes. Our swords are in scabbards around our belts. Under my mail I have a vestment which is a sacred relic. I explain to my companion that the best way to attack with a battle-axe is from slightly behind, one needs to manoeuvre the opposition to be in front by pulling back on the reigns of the horse.

We have to get the vestment over the border and into the protection of the bishopric. We are being pursued and our pursuers are gaining on us, but we are close to the border and the pursuers will not dare breech it. I decide that my companion needs to make a loud diversion whilst I slope off into the forest, there is a path known to me there which leads to a wall in which I can hide the vestment. My companion giddies up the horse and heads off into the distance making a lot of noise. I slip off the trail and into the wood quietly. Soon I pick up the path I know. I arrive at the clearing and by the wall I dismount. I am over the border and at the edge of the bishopric. I remove my mail and secrete the vestment in the wall. It is yellow and red and highly ornate. It is by way of a waistcoat to be worn over a priest’s robes. It is not mine, but it has been OK for me to carry it because I have been ordained.

As agreed, I rendezvous with my companion in the local town, and we go off to see the bishop there to acquire a guard of men and with which we will retrieve the garment. The setting feels like England, but it could well be Breton. It is green, verdant and pleasant.

When I awake this dream is very reminiscent of a lifetime two lifetimes ago.

Strange Dream, Waders, A Magnifying Glass and Heel Lifts

It has been an odd day so far. It started in a most unusual way. I had a very prolonged dream concerning someone I have not spoken to/with in over fifteen years. When I last knew him, I thought him to be kind, generally nice but a tad undecisive and chaotic. This person, J, was on my “one of the good guys” mental list. In this dream he sought me out because he was being investigated for some form of corruption or malpractice. Because of my prior role in pastoral care, I am good at listening and my confidentiality is very confidential. If students faced a tribunal, it was me that prepped them and assisted their defence, often. In this dream J discusses with me at some length how he should present his evidence what angles might work, and things he should not say. The dream, in dreamtime, was long. I can’t remember any of the details, now.

When I woke, I thought to myself that was weird! If J is being investigated for something dodgy my guess would be that he had done something by accident and not artifice. We were not exactly close, acquaintances yes. A while back I had another “corruption” type dream in which the ex-wife had done something iffy.

Are things coming home to roost?

It has been puzzling me on and off all day.

During the last bamboo session in the river, the leak in the right leg of the waders got worse and one appeared in the left leg too. By the time I had finished I had a litre or so of water in each boot. It is surprisingly hard to walk on dry land in waders which are full of water, especially if you have a gammy hip. We don’t know how old they are. So, it not surprising that they have started to perish. I did some research, and we went this morning to the local Decathlon store. This store is pretty impressive it covers all sports, hunting, fishing etc.. I tried on and subsequently bought a new set of chest high waders. We will need them for pond maintenance a little later on in the year. Not bad for 45 euros.

A while back I made my first proper “nanna” purchase it is a magnifying glass with a dual lens 3x and 45x magnification. It has an on-board LED light to provide a few extra photons. It is brilliant for reading batteries, electronic fuses, best before dates and expiry dates. So, I have done a clean out of the medicine cabinet. By definition anything which has Boots or Waitrose on it is about three years old. I am not so worried about lotions but stuff you swallow needs to be checked. The labelling in France is smaller than the UK so this device is a god send.

And now I have finally gone a done it, I have ordered some heel lifts at 5mm and 10mm to go in my left shoe to see if they help with my gait, which is still a tad spastic. I treated myself to some spongy trail running shoes today too, at Decathlon. The idea is to see if I can ease the juddering in my pelvic girdle when we walk on cobbles etc.

Bit of an odd day…

Zürich Theosophy Dream 13-9-21

Here is this morning’s dream. When I got up, I typed Zürich Theosophy into Google and found that someone has done a Ph.D. thesis on the Theosophical movement and one of her examiners was at ETH Zürich. I shall have a quick scan of it later.

I am in a room with several people my age and older. I know them to be theosophists. I am saying to them that the age range is high and that on average they are older than me. What are they doing to try to attract a younger audience? They show me an App. on a computer. I try to get it to open but fail. They say that I need a code. They give me four groups of two numbers 53, 29 and I forgot the other two. This opens an application in which one can read various Theosophical Society documents online, in an archival style.

I say that I need to go to Zürich Theosophy, Theosophy Zürich. They say that I don’t have to as there are Theosophical groups here in France. {The conversation is entirely in English}. I am adamant I have to go to the Zürich branch because I am missing Switzerland a little. Apparently, I have something for them.

I awake and think, “that was weird and out of the blue.”

Around 19 years ago I attended one meeting of the Theosophical Society in England in Gloucester Place. The talk was well presented and clear, but the whole thing was a bit too “nice cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich” for my liking. I was more Stella Artois and Marlboro Lights at the time.

Much later I had some small interaction with Theosophy Cardiff who were a bit less starchy.

Breton Lessons, Bamboo, and a Weird Dream

The weather forecasters here often get it slightly wrong because things are very changeable. This morning we had some rain, some thunder and the odd bit of lightning. The garden is much in need of rain. The Meteo guys had said there would be a lot, but there wasn’t. As a consequence, it was safe to get back into the river to carry on with the bamboo maintenance. The bank is now uncovered and there is one more days’ work to go. It is quite satisfying.

This morning we signed up for a year’s worth of Breton lessons. We may provide novelty value. The wife is a linguist, and I am an ex-boffin, we are in a largely agricultural area, it will be interesting to see what happens. I have never tried to learn a third language in another language which I have not mastery over. Old dog, new tricks?

We have more mole sign, so I have a fair idea what I am doing tomorrow morning…

Something unusual happened last night, the wife and I both dreamed about the same person! In my dream this person received an official letter, which in a way referred to me. Ergo in the dream this person was pissed off with me and otherwise displeased. The dream suggested that she had not followed the correct protocol for something. It is entirely possible from my knowledge of said individual that she might try to bend the rules, to cut corners even stretch the truth. The dream suggested that things were not going according to her terms, that she was in trouble perhaps.

It could be as a result of me now being fully integrated into all the French admin. systems. The dual dreaming suggests that something is up, who knows what.

We shall see if anything else transpires…

Crows, Road and Storm Front Dream 1-9-21

For whatever reason I had a slightly restless night and was awake between 3:30and 5:30. A little after that I nodded off and had this dream.

The wife and I are in a right hand drive car driving along on the right-hand side of the road. She is driving and I am the passenger.  We come over the brow of a hill and can see the dual laned road heading off straight into the distance. There is no traffic and I say that it would be OK to drive on the left-hand side because of this. The road continues off up a hill and far into the distance.

In front of the hill and in the distance, I see a large number of crows. They are heading towards. Behind them is a very squally rain cloud and I can just make out rain falling in large quantities in the distance. The cloud looks to be really chucking it down and we are heading right towards it.

I say to the wife that we need to get off the road and park up because it will not be safe to drive through that quantity of rain. I see a slip road on the left-hand side of the road. I say to her that she must pull off up the slip road. She is a little hesitant, but I insist.

We decelerate and pull off, there is a stream of water across the road, which she slows down to traverse. I say that she needs to accelerate which she does. The road then has a very sharp gradient leading to a flat open area. The gradient part of the road is brown and wet. I ask her if she thinks she can make it. She changes down into first gear, and she drives the car up and into the lee of a building.

While we are waiting for the rain, I ask her about the £10,000 contract that she is thinking of signing. What is it about and how come she hasn’t mentioned it before? She says it is a part of the Princeton schools project for children. It stems from something she was engaged in way back. I suggest that she needs to reconsider accepting it.

Dream ends.

The wife and I are in a right {right side knowledge / logic} hand drive car {state of awareness} driving along on the right-hand {right side knowledge / logic} side of the road. {direction} She is driving {noted} and I am the passenger.  We come over the brow of a hill and can see the dual laned road {direction} heading off straight into the distance. There is no traffic and I say that it would be OK to drive on the left-hand {left-sided knowledge / feeling} side because of this. The road continues off up a hill and far into the distance.

In front of the hill and in the distance, I see a large number of crows. {couriers of power in large number heading towards us perhaps warning us about the rain} They are heading towards. Behind them is a very squally rain {the process of life and squally} cloud and I can just make out rain falling in large quantities in the distance. The cloud looks to be really chucking it down {the process of life} and we are heading right towards it.

I say to the wife that we need to get off the road {need to change direction} and park up because it will not be safe to drive through that quantity of rain. {the process of life} I see a slip road on the left-hand {left-sided knowledge / feeling} side of the road. I say to her that she must pull off up the slip road. She is a little hesitant, but I insist.

We decelerate and pull off, there is a stream of water {love} across the road {direction}, which she slows down to traverse. I say that she needs to accelerate which she does. The road then has a very sharp gradient leading to a flat open area {Freedom / fear of taking the gap to fredom}. The gradient {a bit tricky} part of the road is brown {stability, need for being grounded or earthed} and wet. I ask her if she thinks she can make it. She changes down into first gear {take things slowly}, and she drives the car {state of awareness} up and into the lee {sense of protection} of a building.

While we are waiting for the rain, I ask her about the £10,000 {10 a new cycle, impeccability through the repetition of past experience or a warning not to fall into old traps, 1 is the need for fluidity or lack of} contract that she is thinking of signing. What is it about and how come she hasn’t mentioned it before? She says it is a part of the Princeton schools project for children. It stems from something she was engaged in way back. {a sense of something old} I suggest that she needs to reconsider accepting it.


This dream seems to be more for the wife than for me. It is a warning not to let logic and reason dominate and to rely more on feelings. We need to change direction and shelter from the torrential processes of life. The wife needs to slow down and remain grounded. That way she will get more freedom. It seems the warning is also about not falling back into old ways / traps, one of which is a concern about money. Be careful what you sign up to.

The Ghost Owl…

I walked into the spare bedroom and saw this owl imprint on the window.

It has a wingspan of 60cm and was obvioulsy travelling at speed.

Adjusting the brightness:

Look closely. Can you see its eyes and open mouth perhaps with something in it?

There is no body so it must have recovered from its crash.

Owls are the dreaming symbol for wisdom or death of the old and it crashed into our window sometime around my birthday {yesterday}.

Another Bizarre Dream Snippet

I have not long returned from my first Covid 19 PCR test.  I have joined the “I have had a sample taken for PCR testing” club. According to the rubric I should know this time tomorrow if I have a coronavirus infection or not and whether or not I go ahead with the bowel preparation on Sunday night. {Oh what fun we have} The man doing the testing was an ex-pompier and spoke good English. I guess I helped relieve the boredom of doing one covid test every five minutes.

This morning I was having a dream about testing out various HiFi systems in a specialist or bespoke shop. As a part of this I “fought” with and AI robot which learned as we sparred. I was doing what is know as “stick hands” which is a Wu Shu based set of fluidity testing. The robot learned well. It was all light and fun.

Then out of the blue a man walked into the shop, and I said hello Prof. X. He said less of the Prof. you can call me by my first name. He was wearing a very smart grey suit but instead of trousers he had a formal skirt on with stockings or tights. I looked up at his face and he had ultra-bright red lipstick on. He came over to me and gave me a peck {kiss} on the cheek in a very feminine way. I checked my cheek to see if he had left a mark.

In the dream I was shocked because I think it highly unlikely that the person concerned is a cross dresser / transexual. I have not spoken with this person for in excess of 13 years. Why then should he suddenly tip up in my dream with lipstick on? I am foxtrotted if I know.

He is very much one of my contemporaries and I have acted as internal examiner for some of his Ph.D. students in the past. I looked him up on the internet and apparently, he is second in command at one of the larger good quality UK universities. Like so many of my contemporaries he has become something of a big cheese in UK science and academia, me not. You could say wasted potential or simply that I was not fated to follow in their footsteps.

It is bizarre…

Why do these snippets from the past keep intruding into the now?

Anyway, I just put the pump on, and the pond is getting its fourth tank of gas worth of water which should see it through until the autumn rains.

It is pretty rainy now so I guess I may be doing some more blogging after I have decanted the homebrew wine…

Cassita – Anya Dream – 18-08-21 – Worked Up

This is the second of two dreams from last night and has a dream within a dream.

I am at and academic conference with Cassita {means little house in Spanish}.We are sharing a hotel room {view of the world}but are not lovers. She has the appearance of being South {Power / dreaming / Unknown – the female South?? Nagal woman ??}. American with dark hair {social self-image} a flowing triangular {Triangle / feeling / dreamer} skirt and a lot of ethnic jewellery including large earrings {ears / feeling, Sensitivity lack of??} She is telling me that she is not happy because I have not been giving her enough attention, spending a lot of time at the conference. I say to her that she has been cold shouldering me.

We go out for a walk, and she storms off down a shopping arcade.

I have a meeting with and ex-student in a piazza {Public space exposure / fear of?}. He is now in personal development and is being sued by a rival company for using what the deem their propriety technology. He is not worried because he knows he has done noting wrong. As we talk his CV falls out of his briefcase. I pick it up off the ground, it is extensive and fairly heavy. I say, “wow you really have been busy”. He says, “yes”. He puts it back in the briefcase and we return to the conference hotel.

I meet some American professors {Knowledge in the common view of the world?}there in the lobby. The conference {need for communication ??} is ending, and they would like to see my prototype. I go over to the front desk and ask for my key, under my name and room #442 {4 = stability or lack of, 2 = humility and understanding / need for or a symbol of destiny, 10 = A new cycle. Impeccability through the repletion of past experiences / warning not to fall into old traps, 1 = Fluidity need for or lack of}.The key {Key = answer / solution to is missing}is out but Cassita has left a note to say that she is in the room. {out there suggestion does the solution lie with the female south?}

We go up to the room {View of the world}and knock on the door {possibility}.Cassita is dressed in a bath robe and has wet hair. She is getting ready for the flight home. On the back of the door are hanging two circuit boards with LED displays and some wiring {electricity the nagal / spirit?}.On the desk is a computer keyboard and a small monitor. I show these briefly to the professors and they are impressed. They want to know what our flight number is, they would like to re-arrange it for us so that we can stay longer and have more discussions. Cassita is holding off using the hair dryer whilst they are there. I look into a pile of papers and find my airline ticket {Air travel – awareness with respect to rational ideas and concepts}the flight is only two {2 =humility and understanding / need for or a symbol of destiny} hours’ time and is not changeable / refundable.

We must hurry. Cassita says that I should go on ahead with the luggage {baggage?} and when she is ready, she will follow.

I am now on the airport bus {Social conditioning}driving through the city. It is very Italian in feel with few high rises. I say to the person next to me, now an old flat mate, that the city is very beautiful and unspoiled. The bus driver seems to get lost, and we disembark onto a mountain {Hope}top with a panoramic view {Perception?}of what seems to be the Andes {South again? Power / dreaming / Unknown} CJ {by predilection CJ is a dreaming scholar}and I are a little hesitant walking close to the edge of a precipice. I know with utter certainty that this is a dream and therefore we do not have to worry.

A small very narrow gap {Bit like door -possibility but a narrow and tiny one/ vague sense of secret mission / therefore destiny} appears in the rock which is just small enough for me to squeeze through. This I do and I beckon CJ to follow me. We are on a platform several metres above what looks to be a research facility {new knowledge?}. I can see a step ladder on wheels and try to hook it with my foot so that we can get down.  I can’t quite reach. Two {2 =humility and understanding / need for or a symbol of destiny} men in white {peace need for?}lab coats see what I am trying to do. They move the ladder so that we can get down. I am known to them. I squeeze through another gap and onto the ladder. I descend {Staircase going down, need to reach for deeper implications and a warning not to become retrospective}to the laboratory floor.

The lab has a lot of electronic {electricity the nagal / spirit?}.devices including oscilloscopes, and chart paper machines {think old school paper seismographs} There are a lot of plastic tubes with coloured fluid in them rigged up to some device.  A young woman is approaching with a syringe full of liquid and a very long needle. She asks if I am ready and with which arm {Arm – Idealism, desire, goal orientation}, I wish to begin. I say the less gangrenous one. Apparently, I have been through this procedure multiple times before. I offer her my left {left side knowledge – feeling}arm and there is a big hole {sense of void rather than lack of }in the inside of my elbow joint. She puts the syringe in and presses a plunger. I can feel a vast amount of liquid being injected. After a few minutes she say that I am now primed and am ready for the next part. I ask her if there will be any side effects. “No, only a few psychic glitches after you have been unplugged.”

They plug me into the machine, {electricity the nagal / spirit?} and it starts to monitor my brain function and vital signs. She takes another huge syringe and places it in the hole in my right {right side knowledge – logic} arm she again injects a vast amount of liquid.

I am now dreaming and dreaming it in. 

I am aware of the lab around me and can see all the oscilloscope screens and chart paper pens twitching. After a while the lady in the white {peace / need for}coat unplugs me and takes me to recovery. She is very happy with what has been achieved.

There is somebody at the door {Possibility}.We let him into the foyer. It is soon obvious he has a bad intention, and he tries to get me to fight him. He puts his revolver {Protection / need for sense of a trap here}on the floor and beckons me to pick it up. I know that this is a pretext for an attack on his part. I refuse to pick it up. He an ex-American military {practical physical action}man is getting very agitated. He then stabs me with a device which inflates and in so doing fills itself with a good quantity of my blood {Takes some of my life essence}. My colleagues come to help me get away from him. He runs off thinking that he will be able to reproduce our results from my blood {my life essence}.

We close the large vault like doors {Possibility} to the laboratory and go up some stairs { stairs ascending – the need to recognise and  eradicate separativeness; or the need to reconcile apparently opposing concepts}to a night-time {Dark – Unknown} square in a South {Power / dreaming / Unknown} American village. Some of the professors from the conference are sat there having cocktails. Somehow, they are connected to the attack and want to know how things are progressing.

“Fine”, I say.

At this moment a small blue {humility and understanding sometimes destiny}plastic container on wheels approaches under remote control. There is a soft white glow {Energy  / power} coming from it and a voice which says, “Hello I am Cassita Anya and I am very glad to meet you.”

One of the professors {Knowledge in the common view of the world?} goes over to the container and takes out the small jewellery { hint of gold – nagal / spirit} figure and holds it in his hands { relationships with life the world around him}. He says that it is a hoax.

At this point Cassita Anya {Anja? The little house of Ajna?}animates herself {Vague sense of magic power?} and stands up on his hand glowing {energy power},“Hello I am Cassita Anya and am very glad to meet you”, she says.

The professor is dumbstruck

The dream ends.

Ancillary comment: earlier this week I was contacted by someone from the female south whom I know to be a Southerly Dreamer.

Last night watching Celebrity Master Chef I was reasonably convinced that Penny Lancaster is a Southerly Stalker.

Yesterday in the supermarket I kept banging into a woman and asking myself where I know her from. She is a woman of Southerly persuasion who used to work in the local Tabac.

It is possible ergo that the “wind”, so to speak, is in the South.

The dream came on an 18 day which is the jewel of the nagal being.

On Monday I am due to have an intravenous general anaesthetic.

This is by far the most dreamy and far out dream I have had for a long time.


The first paragraph usually sets the overall message of the dream. In days gone by, I would have interpreted this in terms of my relationship with my dreamer. It would have suggested that I am not listening to my dreamer. But my dreamer always used to appear as a female with dark brown hair of roughly the same age as me. The woman here is over twenty years younger than me and very challenging. The idea being that one’s female half does not incarnate {if male} yet guides as the dreamer. There is a further technical reason why this interpretation of cooperation with dreamer is not possible

During the course of the dream Cassita changes, implicit by my dreaming, into Cassita-Anya. The body disappears and she becomes transformed into jewellery animated and energetically emissive.

There is a strong intuition that the being Cassita represents something of the nagal woman.

After the first paragraph we are back into the more mundane world Steve shows me his CV, the professors want to see my prototype.

This seems quasi real and shallow dreaming to me. It may mean that there is some interest in my patent application. In fact, the dream colouration here is grey, indicating shallowness.

I travel amidst social conditioning until I am dumped on a technicolour mountain top with a glorious panoramic view of the Andes. The dream now “shifts gear” and I know that I am now deep in the dreaming.

There is hope that I will find the tiniest of possibility into an unknown research facility to explore the unknown, a place of experimentation. It may indicate my destiny, there are two gaps, two possibilities and these are tiny.

In the context of the Nagal / spirit I am taken deeper into the dreaming using both left and right side awareness. It is during this dreaming that I dream in Cassita Anya who is not of a normal form.

There is a warning that someone will try to steal my life essence and I must be wary and take protective measures. They may try to copy what I have done.

They will not believe that which I have helped to created…

There is an alternate explanation and that is I may get treated like a lab rat in “real life”.

Working version which awaits corroboration from the day time dreaming

“If I cooperate with the female side of power {the nagal aspect} in the context of the dreaming I will be able to manifest something transformed. I will have to contend with and transcend social conditioning and disbelief from the common view of the world. There is hope that I can do this and some possibilities for it to happen. I must be impeccable and not fall into old traps. There could be an element of destiny starting to manifest.”

The dream is pointing directly at The Unknown

Seb. the Witch and the Monk Dream 18-08-21

Here is the first dream, a bit thematically diverse to the second one.

I am on a showground on a large country estate in England. Some kind on agricultural county show has just taken place. A few metres from me is Seb’s mother. {Seb was a tutorial client of mine.} She asks me how things are and welcomes me to their estate.  I say things are fine. Up on the viewing stands Seb appears and says Hi.

Together the three of us walk off to the main house which is magnificent. They both go on inside and I meet Seb’s father who is dressed in a very English country gent manner. “Welcome back into the fold old chap. I say would you be so kind as to park up the mower and the small trailer?

I go back to the field and drive the trailer and then the mower into the internal courtyard of the house.

I ask If I should park them in the usual place.

“Yes, you remember where they used to go, don’t you?”

I drive them round to the barn storage area where I encounter Seb’s sister and older brother.  The sister is in charge and the brother is her side kick. She says Hi and gesticulates into the barn.

I park the vehicles up and approach her.

As I get closer small dark smoky tendrils start to emanate from her and to a lesser extent her brother.

She says “Damn, that only used to happen when I was near that Christian monk from two lifetimes ago. The one who outed me as a witch!”

In the dream I know it was me who was the Christian priest monk she is referring to. She does not yet guess this.

Dream ends.