Isabella – Manipulation – Attack Dreams 31-11-21

Here are last nights dreams they are separated by an interlude of being awake.

The first dream is set in London, somewhere close to the centre. In the room next door to me there is a panel of science academics sat around the table. They are going over applicants for a job as a University Physics lecturer. There are more than seven of the academics. The room in which they are seated is grand as is the table and chairs. They are a mix of men and women the men are wearing suits and the women are smartly dressed. It is all very English. They are all my age or older.

They call me in from the next room and say that they want to offer me the job. This surprises me somewhat because I have not applied for it. They say that the salary is £30,000. That sounds very low to me for a university in London. In the dream I note that 30 is the dreaming symbol for manipulation. They say the reason that the salary is small is that the job comes with an apartment as part of the salary. Where is the apartment? It is in central London near Down street which I know to be near Downing Street. I ask is there any previous coursework. They hand me a folder of lecture notes which I skim through, and it does not look too tricky. I think that I can do this job.

They say that they will get the previous incumbent to show me the flat in central London. I am introduced to Isabella who is a talk dark haired Mediterranean women about twenty years younger than me. Her hair is long, and she has a flowing black skirt and dangly silver earrings. She leads me off to Down street. When we get there the normal passenger lift is broken so we have to go around the back to use the big goods lift.  We get in and she hands me a large old-style key of steel. Which I put in my left trousers pocket. She says that she lost the job because they did not like her blog content. I say that she should perhaps read my blog.

She and I stand facing one door. I turn and look into her eyes. They morph into swirling spiral flames for a second. She is unsure if I have noted this. Several other people mostly young men get into the lift. One of the men, a muscular eastern European, puts his hand on my shoulder. I brush this off. The lift doors close and we start to move upwards. Halfway to the flat the Eastern European man stops the lift and opens the double doors. He then proceeds to jump out of the lift onto the car park several floors below. After him three waves of young men also jump out of the lift. Some land safely, others pick up minor injuries and a couple die. Isabella and I look down at the carnage, close the door and proceed to the flat.

I know it is late and that my flatmates in North London won’t be able to get in because I have the key to that flat as well. I take the key out and open the door. I step into an ornate hallway. The man from the lift is there and he says that I owe him money to get out of the contract. He reckons that I owe him £100. I say that I do not. He says that he will not let me go until I pay him or join him. He pulls out a knife and asks if I have ever played stabby stabby. No. He then tries to attack me and stab me with the knife which he is holding in his right hand. He is a lot younger and fitter than me. I catch the top of his hand and apply kote gaesh. Which sends him swirling through the air and leaves me with the knife in my right hand. I go over to the window and through the knife out.

He continues to attack me bare handed. I wrestle him to the floor despite the fact that he is fitter and stronger than me. Using my favourite Judo choke hold I choke him out and he becomes unconscious.

I awake briefly, exchange a few words with the wife and fall back to sleep.

The wife and I are staying at a cliff side villa near an azure blue sea. At the end of the garden is a path out to a ledge in the cliff side. It is just wide enough to sunbathe on parallel to the cliff. The wife and I venture out onto this cliff. I sit down and she lies down. I have a small fishing rod and cast out a bait into the azure blue sea some 20-30 metre below. I can see that some fish are interested in my bait. Some have a nibble; another fish pops its head out of the water and looks me directly in the eye. Soon the bait is gone. I go back into the villa and the wife moves to where I was seated. In the refrigerator I find some snacks which are yet to be cooked. They comprise some beef mince and some cheese in a sort of meat ball. I bait my hook and leave the baited hook and fishing line on the grass in the garden. I go back inside for a glass of milk. When I come out some wasps or bees are on the bait and are dragging the fishing rod around the garden. I call the wife to see this phenomenon. She comes off the cliff edge and watches too. She is alarmed by this.

We move away from the wasps, and she finds a part of a dream catcher on the floor. She picks this up and reunites it with the other part which is hanging from a eucalyptus tree. We explore the garden and find a small statuette of a witch with “traditional” pointy hat. It is about one foot tall. I pick it up and suddenly it morphs into a full-sized woman dressed entirely in black with a full black flowing skirt. I know this witch to be Isabella. She is trying to embrace me so that she can do some evil to me. She follows me around the garden, appearing to fly. She has a series of hat pins in her hat. I snatch one of these hat pins and as she flies at me one more time, I make it grow in size. I then impale her directly through her heart so that she is fixed by the pin to a tree in the garden. I know that she is done for and resolve to do some protection “work” on waking,

Dream ends.

* Yesterday the plumber alerted us to some Asiatic Wasps close to the house.

Three Golden Crosses Dream 18-06-2009 & Sketch of the Toltec Temple Precint

From “The Shadows of Wolf Fire” by Theun Mares

Three Golden Crosses / Caretaker of Knowledge Dream 18-06-2009

The dream starts with a vison of three golden and radiant crosses spaced equally on a golden-sun-like orb with a golden radiance.

I am then walking along beside a river dressed in my Yukata with some loose change in my hand. I come upon a family, and they are wondering about falling in the river. They have some shoes and I say that the ones with the heels are the best. Don’t worry about falling in the river you are very far from any waterfalls and the water is cool and refreshing.

The woman wonders if I am holding something back as all the gossip says I say that no I am not.

Then I am in the Science Museum. I am caretaker. What better place for me than to be the caretaker of knowledge. I go into a room and there are some beautiful postcards of Buddha.

I here deep melodious voices:

“We knew when you first came into being all those millions of years ago that this is how you would always live.  A life full of compassion and that you would always be a little mis-understood. A beautiful thing and that you would always do this for evermore.”

Dream ends.

From “The Shadows of Wolf Fire” by Theun Mares

This was my meditation log on the same day:

I had been exploring the Toltec Temple Precinct for a number of months…I can hold this thought form entire in my consciousness.

New Operating System, Water Heat Pump and Weird Dreams

This afternoon we have been down to Palacret to hear the water going over the weir. It is pretty noisy. Upstream here at our property the river is now level with the bridge and will soon be over it.

Yesterday after having made a Windows 10 restore disc, I upgraded to Windows 11. And in something of a personal record it only took me two attempts. I needed to update some of the Intel drivers and disconnect my memory expansion storage. An operating system is a dreaming symbol /metaphor for how we perceive and compute the world around us. Mine is now fully up to date.

I had something of a ta-da moment. We have a river flowing through our property and a sizeable pond. Could we have a water-based heat pump? These are the most efficient type. The short answer is probably. In principle we could house sufficient solar panels, enough battery back up and install a water-based heat pump. It is not beyond the realms of possibilities we could go off grid. The question would be how much dosh do we need to do this?


The dreams I had overnight were pretty damn intense. The first one with the Mossad element has a feel of secret mission which is perhaps something of an indication of destiny.

18 +17 = 35 = 8

9 + 8 = 17 = 8

There are a lot of 8s….

8 is harmony {through conflict}.

The dotted line in the diagram in the second dream is the place where the world is in the act of becoming or manifesting and represents the “abyss” between the worlds of negative existence and the first part of immanence.

It is possible that the first two dreams are reminding me of a prior hypothesis in that I might be a dreaming three pronged {nagal 18 courage} with a philosophical predilection and hence the sobriety of the East 17. {discrimination / discernment}.

I have a feeling that second dream is a part of a sequence which suggests that we need to get down to 10.

It is too early to say…

More rain is forecast tonight…

Boston Figurine dream 31-10-21

Here is the third of this morning’s dreams. It is a little more mundane.

I am sat on the large open space of grass in our garden looking down towards the pond. There is a flexible wooden structure made of pine floating on the pond. It is getting blown about and “flapping” in the wind. I think that it needs some cross struts to reinforce it.

I go to the veranda which now looks like one of the wooden verandas we used to have in Australia. I sit down and construct some wooden struts out of a light-coloured wood these are about 50cm long. I take these and somehow without getting wet fit them to the wooden structure.

The dream shifts to Boston Massachusetts. In one of the old, large stone buildings there someone is reading out a will. They find that I have been left something in the will. A letter is dispatched to me telling me to expect some inheritance.

I receive this letter. I assume that I may use the inheritance to finish my wooden construction.

Next, I am speaking to D and R in London. I mention that I have just made an assumption. They both comment that they are prone to making assumptions and that in many cases those assumptions have been very wrong indeed.

I am back here in France. I receive a carboard box in which there is a finely woven hessian bag. I pull out the bag and place it on the floor. I pull out an exquisite blue and white pottery sculpture of a head. It is about half the size of my fist. It of a historical female, maybe 17-18th century. I instinctively know that it is a Limoges figurine. In the bag amongst the packing straw there are around 20-30 other heads just like this one. They are all exquisite.

I hold up the figurine and wonder how come?

I am reminded of the time when we saw the painted porcelain Tarot deck in an antique shop in central Vienna.

Dream ends.

Otz Chiim – 8 Harmony Dream 31-10-21

I’ll make a comment that this dream is almost impossible to verbalize and that it pertains to the lightning strike of manifestation as is pictured in the diagram below.

I am very, very far into an alternate state of awareness. I know myself to be at the point of manifesting. {Represented by the dotted line.} All of a sudden, a sphere is manifested which very quickly differentiates into two more planetary like objects. They are all radiant yet nebulous and formless.

The downward motion pauses.

Then the third sphere morphs into the fourth on the right-hand side of the descent. It is a radiant sunny sphere reminiscent of the baby of Teletubbies. I know that this is a very unstable stage. Something “eats” this sphere to produce another which rapidly morphs into what I know to be the sixth sphere. This is stable. {The jewel six if the jewel of the Man of Action and choosing between the old and the new.}

The process goes on through two more spheres and stops at the eighth sphere which is intricately carved in wood. It has the properties of earth and represents the stage of stability. In the dream I know this to be the courier to the Man of Action and his jewel, harmony through conflict.

Dream ends.

18 Flames – 17 Flames – Mossad Dream 31-10-21

Here is the first of last night’s dream which were had either side of a piece of very squally and stormy weather.

The dream is set in a hospital which is similar in feel to the one locally where I was admitted previously. I am sat up in a chair fully clothed and there is high technology medical apparatus around me. In the room are two young men in army fatigues and with weapons. They each have a western style assault rifle and a handgun in a holster. One of them has a circular close-fitting hat on and he has ginger coloured hair and freckles, the other is darker of complexion.

Suddenly out of the hat small blue flames, several inches in length start to burn in a circle round the man’s head. I count them and there are eighteen in total.  I know in the dream that this man is my nagal’s courier and he is reflecting for me the eighteen blue flames of my courage.

I turn to the other man, and he has blue flames arranged in a circle too. I count these and they are seventeen in number. In the dream I am surprised because he feels like a southerly stalker and should by rights be a woman. It strikes me as odd. So, I think that he must be my courier to the Scholar representing the other part of my predilection.

I take note of the numbers 18 and 17, the jewels courage and discrimination or discernment.

Into the room comes a male doctor and two female nurses. They are all wearing white coats. They are going to take samples from me. I ask if I can have some local anaesthetic, some lidocaine. They say that it is better that I do not. The man does something and then I am moved away to another room.

The nurses do not get a chance to take their samples.

I am now in a large room with a single large table in it. The nurses are with me. I say that they can take their samples now. I take off my shirt and lie on the large table. They take out their instruments and cut several pieces of flesh from my right side. I have raised my arm for them to do this and do not flinch. They put the samples into sample bottles which then then put into the pockets of their white coats. They leave the room. I sit up on the table and put my shirt back on, there is no blood.

The ginger haired man from before comes in. He is now wearing a security earpiece wire. He says that he is from Mossad and here to protect me. He is now also wearing a Kevlar chest shield and has a helmet in one hand and assault rifle in another. He says that there are seventeen of his colleagues, also from Mossad, around the perimeter to protect me and keep me safe. I have been brought here for my own protection and together with the seventeen colleagues he makes eighteen all of whom are to keep me safe and secure.

Dream ends.

Golden Coin – Harry Potter Dream 22-10-21

Here is this morning’s dream, brief but possibly significant.

I am sat on a chair at my desk typing. M, a relative, walks up to me and hands me a memorial coin, freshly minted. She insists that I have it. I know it to be a golden £2 sovereign. It is very heavily embossed and there are designs and writing on it. Even though I know it to be gold it looks like a bluish metallic colour. I turn it over in my hands, it is about six centimetres in diameter. It morphs into a circular touch screen tablet of around 80cm diameter which suspends itself in space. The tablet contains all anyone could ever want to know about the world of Harry Potter. It has drop down menus, about scripts, the whole film set, fan information, spells and history. I activate several of these to check they work. I do this by touching the screen with the index finger of my left hand and of my right hand. The menu scrolls down and then up.

The sensation is very much like this:

Dream ends:


Money is crystallised power

2 is the need for humility and understanding sometimes destiny

Gold is the Nagal / spirit

Harry Potter is magic / power.

index finger – perception of other’s relationship to me

left feeling

right rational / logical

Yellow Warning for Wind and Flooding

The Meteo has issued a warning for winds and flooding, to the west, at finis-terre, it is an orange warning. It is coming in off the Atlantic and the river, Le Jaudy, is already brown and well above its normal level.  The rain has settled in and is due to be with us for the next 24 hours or so.

Rain is the dreaming symbol for the process of life.

There is a full moon and a high tide up on the coast. This coupled with wind means that there could be an overspill.

The poplars, les soldats, are already swaying merrily. There are a couple of baby ones, which are positioned to replace others that have fallen previously. They are all with leaf. The baby ones are bending quite a lot. With leaf and high wind is not a good combination.

I guess I’ll pop down to do river-watch a bit later. In truth there is nothing we can do when the river is in flood. It is a force of nature.

No new mole sign, which might mean I have caught another mole.

The GP is trying to fix a biopsy and perhaps a PET scan at a specialist oncology clinic 40km away near St Brieuc. It is about 40 minutes’ drive from here.

I am getting a feeling that we might get to know the way there and back.

The thing about the PET scan is that they need to schedule a whole bunch of them for the day that they get the delivery of labelled molecules. Otherwise, they “go off”. The half-life of fluorine 18 is about two hours. This means that one needs to get busy quickly and that by eight hours later there is not much radionuclide left. This is good for the patient…

The wife had to update the details on her life insurance policy yesterday… they were in one of her previous names…a tad macabre way to spend an afternoon.

Time to baste the chicken and the roasties…

I am also trying to roast turnip…we shall see if that is a good idea or not…

The Wind is in the South

All day today and for the next few days we have a Southerly. You can almost smell warmer climes on the wind. By Wednesday they are saying gusts of 100kmh. That should remove leaves and perhaps provide some firewood.

The South is the place of dreaming and of the unknown. It is “home” to the nagal being and “where” the very cusp of the dream is located.

The wife mowed the lawns yesterday so they should be good for a month…

I have translated the radiographers report and we await an appointment for a puncture biopsy chez the oncologist. A few simple words hide a plethora of possibilities. There is good news and some not quite so good.

Primary bone cancers are rare <0.2%, secondary or metastatic ones are common. The degree is important here. The biopsy hopefully has some answers or at least clues.

The wife may be getting some Fluorine of atomic mass 18 in a “glucose” molecule – 18F-FDG. At 300 quid a pop.

The jewel of a nagal being is 18 – courage.

The positron emitter will annihilate a positron with an electron and produce two 511 keV gamma photons. 7 + 7 = 14 guidance + guidance = knowledge {new}

Creation / annihilation operators at work…back to the two lions in my dream??

I haven’t heard back from the IPO yet…

That would be freaky to put some patent stuff into the cauldron of the current time critical situation.

Who knows?

The mildly hyper medic is doing her best, she even showed a little more warmth than usual today. Things here are tricky to get started, but when they are all is good.

The petrol tank is full, and we will go wherever to get the biopsy done.

Step by step, pace by pace, in the now…