Golden Dragon – y ddraig aur- Dream 23-12-2012

I am somehow in the Welsh valleys. The road along the side of the valley is being worked on. I am driving along, and a very large mechanical digger is pilling up porta-cabins by “throwing” them. I pull my car up so as not to get caught by the digger. It continues for a while and the way is now blocked.

I then try to proceed on foot, and I cannot get over the obstacle. On the other side of the valley again and that too is blocked.

I come back to a small snow-covered area and again the way is blocked by a collision of cars. I get in one car and drive it a bit. I get out and it continues on in automatic and it crashes into the pile of cars.

I am now at a large extensive house which is in the South-East. Someone warns me that the press has come for the celebrities. As I approach the house, I see the press photographers piling out of vehicles, chasing a celebrity.  I dodge round the back of the house.

As I do this I take off and soar into the sky. I am flying around the house and observing it from above. In the courtyard at the back there is a terrace and sat there is one of the journalists. I fly over him. He is sat in an ornate writing desk. I fly past again as he reaches for his camera. I land in the courtyard.

I walk towards where he is sitting and through some “Japanese” style doors. On the floor is an exquisitely carved oriental dragon. This is “my” place. The journalist comes over and points at the dragon which is beautiful and golden.

“This is the kimono-dragon the golden dragon”, he says.

“They are searching for the golden dragon {you}. Now you are it.”

I sit down next to the dragon and begin a meal with lacquer chopsticks and oriental bowls.

I replay the entire dream several times in my mind.


This is allegedly a design for the battle flag of Owain ap Gruffydd, lord of Glyndyfrdwy or simply Owain Glyndŵr.

Here are two of my dragons and Avalokiteśvara.

Blind Indian Woman {Ganesh} Dream 27-06-2012

I am called to a large Indian house. It is expensively and tastefully decorated. I am bought in to see a young Indian woman who is connected up to all sorts of tubes. She is blind. I give her my arm and am introduced as Alan. She holds my arm tightly. We go for a walk. I am to guide her and can read her thoughts.

The family are all around and a man comes in. Everyone is surprised to see him. I ask why. There is no answer. She then tells me that he is her husband.

Everyone is getting ready for a formal ceremony / dance. Her sister asks me if I can dance. I say not much but I did do some martial arts {implying hope that I might be able}. Now holding the Indian woman by the arm, we progress to the front of the queue to talk with the religious man / guru there. As a part of the ceremony, we have to repeat his words. We do this in unison flawlessly. We then dance around in circles. Apparently, dancing was her job. With me, her now blind, we can do this. We progress for a while and then fall over. We get up and start again, covering the hall effortlessly.

The ceremony can now begin.

Dream ends.

When I read this this morning, I was immediately taken to my Dancing With Ganesh dream. It seems to me that this Indian woman opened the door for the incoming Ganesh theme.

Buddhism – Science – Museum Dream 02-06-2012

I am in a white building with a high ceiling. It is a place of learning perhaps a museum. Over to one side I see a young dark-haired man. He is wearing a pink polo shirt as am I. I start to speak to him of Buddhism in the West. This piques his interest. I say that more Tulkus are incarnating here. This piques his interest even more. He says that a part of his research is regarding Buddhism. His job at the museum is to do with this. It is also to do with the relationship between science and religion. He takes me back behind the scenes in the museum. As we walk, I tell him that I am an ex-science academic from Imperial College. This piques his interest even more. I comment that is it not a coincidence that we are similarly dressed in pink polo shirts? His eyes start to show some blue in them, a subtle glow.

We walk into his offices just as his female supervisor is leaving. I am not sure if I should shake hands with her or not. She walks past in any case.

Next, I am wandering around the museum, in the areas where people, the public, do not go. I come across a young woman who has her face painted in vibrant colours. The painting is of things like feathers arranged in a circle around her left eye. It is stunning. We walk off together.

Soon I am standing on a lawn. It is in a dip with a ridge around it about 5-10 metres away.  There are some colonnades. On the ridge are some people including the young man and the painted woman.

I am talking to them about the spread of Buddhism to the West. I am walking as I talk. The people are all staff at the museum. A dark-haired Russian girl who is of some considerable intellectual prowess tells the others to listen to what I am saying, it is right.

Behind me two men, one with white hair, are walking along the path. They hear what I am saying but because they know me from a science context they cannot “accept” it. It is a non sequitur to them.

Dream ends.

Dreams 2012 – Deceit, Slander, Behind My Back and Attack

I have not long finished reading my 2012 journal and amongst the more mystical, some of which I may put up here, there are numerous examples of dreams in which I am being warned of the deceitful behaviour of people who I know well.

There are dreams in which people like my ex-wife spread slanderous rumours about me. Dreams in which I see people {including family} doing sneaky things which they know I don’t approve of behind my back. What is striking is the number of dreams in which people known to me attack me physically. In nearly all cases the blows have no impact on me, instead the attacker hurts his or herself by striking me. But there is another one in which I am carrying a stab wound caused by these negative and aggressive thought forms directed at me.

Things which people perhaps imagine hidden from me are revealed in some of these dreams.

It is pretty weird to read that kind of stuff on a bright June day, all that intrigue.

Glowing Skelton – Third Universe Dream 17-11-2012

Here are some excerpts from what was a lengthy dreaming sequence.

Against a dark backdrop I see an image of myself. I am superimposed upon a glowing skeleton which has pink, fluorescent blood vessels. It is living. The two images or my normal body and the skeleton pulse back and forth in precedence. I am become death the destroyer of worlds.

In the dream I wonder if this is a harbinger of my own death. It is not it has only symbolic value…


I know that the world of this dream in an intermediate world between life and death.

I am shown three worlds as three circles / spheres and written upon each world in dripping pink lettering are the following:

The world of starving Spirits

The world of the Hungry Ghosts

The world of the in between.

I know in the dream that this current universe is the third manifested universe and to understand the true nature of Bardo and Karma I will need to expand my consciousness so that it can stretch backwards to the times of previous universal manifestations. This will be a part of my training.


This from 18th May 2012 was more of a vision and seems related to this so I have appended it here:

I see a scene with four “men” dressed in different pastel-coloured robes breaking through into consciousness. They are “pastel” blue, pink, yellow and white, which are mildly and softly radiant.

They are waiting for me on the beach. Their facial features are not easily discernible. They are the four Lords of Karma, the Lipika Lords.

Battenburg – Synthesis – Configuration Dream 13-11-2011

Here is as excerpt from a much longer dream a so-called four pager.

There is a steep incline / cliff. I climb over the fence with my laptop and start to descend the cliff. The cliff starts to give way and I surf with it to the bottom. I am now in a dry riverbed. There is only a small amount of water. I follow the river under the motorway to a place where two rivers join. The is a black forest style house there. I go into the house. There is a fire burning on the hearth.

There is a small wooden chair. It has a solid back with two cut out shapes. I sit on the chair. It is someone else’s chair. I get up and sit on another chair. I put the other person’s chair up on a bed so that I can get a better look at it. As I do so I bang heads with whoever is on the chair. Slowly a cat materializes on the chair, and we start to have a conversation. There are a series of puzzles for me to solve in the house.

Out of the ceiling a construction comprising wooden squares suspended by string materializes forming a tunnel. I am to go up this tunnel. I start but because of the breadth of my shoulders I get temporarily stuck. At this point I can see a seminar where people are looking at a screen and there is an overhead projector projecting transparencies on the wall. People are sat around the table trying to understand the codes in the transparencies. I make my way to the back of the room and ask if the projector is in focus. The guy projecting adjusts the focus in and out. Those watching can’t solve the first riddle. I note that the first clue suddenly resolves into:


We move on and a piece of Battenburg cake comprising four squares of yellow and pink appears.

It cuts itself into three equal sections roughly centred at the middle. I know that I am like the cake cut into three equal sections. This is my configuration.

I continue on, cognizant of the theme “needing to solve puzzles.

Dream ends.

La Maison Dieu – Triskélion Dream 05-05-2011

During the night there was a spectacular lightning and thunder show. First a couple of flashes then two huge flashes so bright that they could be seen inside a curtained room through closed eyelids. The thunder of the first flash was extremely loud and right on top of us. The second one was a few seconds away. It was totally energizing.

Then the visual Image of Liberation Through the Power of Intent – La Maison Dieu

I had a short dream and then dream after dream of La Maison Dieu, over and over. The notion was it was not for me. I was even composing poetry about it in the dream.


Now I am like Jason Bourne. I have been asleep and bighting my tongue. It is sore and bleeding a little though I am unconcerned by this. Ahead of me is a wheel shaped like this.

The arms are of an iridescent deep red and an iridescent gold.

I am attached to the wheel, and it is a part of me. The wheel starts to revolve, and I merge with the wheel moving through space and time, spinning.

Théun Dying Dream 22-10-2011

I am somehow at a hotel resort overlooking vast dunes. I notice Théun walking there, and he looks very old and frail. I ask him if he would like to talk. {According to published dates he is already dead several weeks}. No not now he replies, and he turns and walks away. I think to myself “whatever”.

I proceed along the dune cliffs for a while and find a sandy entrance to the sea. I start to make my way down the sand, but the coastline has changed since I was last here. So, I lay back on the sand and allow it to carry me down as it collapses into the sea. I am a little scared but not that much. As the cliff crumbles, I end up in the sea. I am dressed in shorts with my purple polo shirt. I am standing in the sea and the current is very strong. There is no way back up the cliff. I know that what I have to do is float. I lie back into the water and allow the current to take me. I float along the shore until I find a way back out of the sea. I clamber over the green wall / verge up onto the promenade. I am wearing a sparkly silver bathing costume and my physique is muscular and extraordinary.  I wander along the promenade it has a Spanish feel to it.

Working my way through the cafes and bars I bump into Théun. He has changed his mind and ushers me into a bar / hall. There is masonic symbolism here. He heads off inside with a renewed vigour / youth. He beckons me to follow him which I do.

He is lying on a bed with two other men. I am to join them. I lie down on the bed.

{All four directions are now covered.}

One of the men offers me an inhaler with some liquid spray. I take the inhaler and inhale a squirt. He offers it again and I take some more. He says that it is free, and the Spanish health authority pays for it.

Somehow, we are all sat around a table, and he asks me to speak about the village.  I say that I have felt people here and that Neil has definitely been here. Yes, he had a major impact on the town. He has modernised the electricity and sorted out some of the attractions at the funfair. We chat a little longer.

The two other men get up to leave joking with each other about buying some weed.

Théun is now paddling in the sea, and I see him from a distance begin to have trouble. He is having difficulty breathing. Somehow, I am with someone who looks like my cousin J who is a nurse. I ask her what is needed it is my Ventolin. When I get there, he is being given CPR. I go to the hospital with him. I am sat beside him feeling his veins whilst they sort out a drip. I know that I am bringing him comfort. He passes away. There is a no resuscitation order in place. It is clear to see that he was in a mess physically.

With the J look alike I say that I need to tell the groups. She asks why do I need to tell the groups as I don’t believe in the Toltec Teachings. I tell her that despite what many think I have always been working with the Toltec Teachings just not with the groups. There are a few who I have been working and in contact with especially B. She seems OK with this and will allow me to contact them through her. She wants to tell a friend in Switzerland. I say no it must be concerted.

We stop off for her to charge her phone and put money into her internet account. She opens up a contraption to do this. It has cylinders of oxygen which she plugs in to the phone to charge and soon we will be ready.

OK now we have to think. What was Théun’s purpose in ensuring that I was there at the end? That I was the last person holding his arm and that I will be the one to tell the groups about how he died? Knowing full well that they will be pleased it was me there at the end.


It is not uncommon for me to have “visitations” from the not long dead.

Bakula Dream 12-08-2011

I am in a roof top garden, there is some sort of party going on with loads of people sat around and at tables. There are people of many ethnicities from all over the world. They are dressed in brightly coloured “hippie” style clothes. As the party carries on they draw a curtain around one part of the garden and gather around some Buddhist icons. A south American man there starts to do some chanting. I butt in with Tibetan deep voice chanting. They do not recognise me  and are annoyed at my interruption. I point out to them that it is my garden which they are in. I strike up again and do White Tara. I need a drink of water before I can find my voice. After several cups I strike the right note and do some White Tara. Everyone joins in and after a while the party resumes happily.

The wife and I are in one segment of the garden when Anna L and a friend turn up. They have been travelling in India. She has remained pale but her friend has gone brown. She talks of her travels and I say that we will in time need to have a proper talk. She has something for me. At which point she shoots straight up into the air and then lands. She has brought many “ethnic”, clothes and trinkets.

Next I am on a mountain train. I arrive at a terminus in a hillside town way up in the mountains. It is very much like Nepal / Tibet / Bhutan. I get out of the train and wander along the high street. Turning instinctively to the right I go up a hill to “my” palace. Again there is a vibrant garden with peacocks. It is “my” garden.

Later I make another journey on the mountain train and end up at another terminus. Here the streets are filled with market traders selling saffron and magenta clothes, together with gold trinkets and jewellery. I have time to explore. Everyone is trying to barter with the merchants trying to buy goods in various currencies. The merchants will not trade unless the currency matches the passport of the person trying to buy.

I am not interested in bartering and look on watching. Somehow I am “in tune” with the locals. I wander back to the main street and notice various pins sticking in my back. Somehow I am now in an off the shoulder robe. One by one I pull the pins out of my back. They are made of a very fine gold pin topped with a tiny ivory chess figure. There is a castle, a knight, a king and a queen. I have also been adorned with much golden jewellery.

I go into an emporium as I am pulling out these pins and sit down. I ask the shopkeeper about what has been happening. She says that they have done this to me so as to make me unattractive to the locals so that they won’t fall for me and want to have sex with me.

Anna L comes into the shop and sits next to me. We start talking about my palace. An old Indian man with very short hair suddenly starts to talk in a very proper English accent. He says that she holds for me a key and that we must find it. It relates back to 1773. He says that I must get back to Bakula.

{1 + 7 + 7+ 3 = 18 how come I did not notice that before?}

We leave the shops and seek out the train station. “All trains go through Bakula”, says the station announcer. We look at the map and it is configured like this.