Is Controversy Real?

For a phenomenon to be seen as “real” it must be measurable and to some level of precision amongst all those doing the measurements. It must be reproducible in different parts of the globe.

For example, I could use a laser to probe the difference in energy between the ground electronic state zero-point level and the electronic excited state zero-point level in a molecule like para-cyanophenol in a molecular beam apparatus. I could determine the value of this energy to one part in 30,000, or better. I might make this measurement in a basement lab in Bern. Someone at the University of Kyoto might make the same measurement and find a value which is one part in 30,000 different from mine. We could agree that the difference is down to some small error in calibration and concur that the value was ~ X. Because two people on different sides of the globe measured the same phenomenon, we could conclude it exists and is therefore real.

By definition controversy has no reproducibility. Think about this, if you must.

People disagree as to the value. It is not measurable and is therefore solely a construct of the human mind, its opinion and prejudices. Controversy is made up and ergo, fictional.

If you disagree with this statement, please explain to me how you can measure controversy and exactly how globally transferable your measure of controversy is. To what accuracy and precision can you determine controversy?


Controversy is made up shit, it does not exist, you cannot measure it with a laser.

Is this a controversial statement?

Go figure…

Is Mundane Simplicity the Answer?

It has been a thing of mine to need a mountain fix from time to time, strangely I have not had that urge for quite a while and unless there is a train or cable car, it seems unlikely that I will be doing a 1000metre hike again. The “mountains” around here are all less than 400m.

I’ll suggest that many people live ultra-hectic lives and are continually het up about a whole bunch of stuff. People are so foxtrotting busy that they have little time to think and are constantly moving from one perceived devoir to the next. They do a whole load of stuff they don’t enjoy and are constantly worried about a large number of things. Ambition drives them “forward” and acquisitional consumerism eggs them on. People buy stuff they can’t afford to try to impress people they do not like. This is the modern-day hell on earth to which the bulk of western humanity is subscribed.

It is offered up as modern living and we can buy lifestyle magazines which help us consume in accordance with fashion and the latest technology trends.

If modern living is so good, why are so many people so foxtrotting unhappy, stressed-out and on antidepressants?

Humanity has made life very complicated for itself, complexity is a quasi-deity to be worshipped on the way home from the psychotherapist after having bought some vagina scented candles, at a ridiculous price, from a purveyor of snake oil. We install meditation and wellness apps on the principle cause of our hectic hegemony, our smartphones, blessed be their names.

If you are living in the past and looking at the future, you near entirely miss the present.

The mundane and the boring, so declared, are actually highly engaging and interesting if you are fully present in them. There is always a lot going on.

How many times have you been engaged in something that you enjoy and when Pavlov sends you a text, you stop what it is you are doing because you are drooling to know what is in the message?

I long suspected it, that simplicity was actually the answer. When I first tried to stop the world in order to get off, it was damn weird. There was a time a period of many years in fact when I was scheduled to the nearest five minutes. Now if there is more than one or two things per week, written in the dementia proof diary, it is highly unusual. Yet we find plenty to do and without any hurry and very little stress. A lot of what I write about here is mundane. People might scoff and think that boring.

It took me a number of months to de-tox from the hectic lunacy.

Now, there is nothing urgent.

I don’t have to talk with important people about weighty subjects. I am not trying to impress anyone. I don’t need to do a personal development plan laden with goals and objectives. I don’t have to justify myself if I fail to meet a target.

The things humanity does to itself in the name of “progress” seem more than a tad masochistic from where I am sat now.

Does it all have to come really crashing down before humanity realises, that if it was not so obsessed with progress and wealth, climate change would not be an issue. Reduce consumption-reduce greenhouse gases. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. This simple message is not the one being touted. We must make things more complicated in order to get climate change under control.

One must not challenge the ultimate deity of acquisitional material consumerism. It is our Lord and God.

If we all lived a simpler life… There would be less drama, less stress. Hell, we as a species might even cheer up and get a little happier…

No matter how hard I shake my crystal ball, with snow in, I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

Is Knowledge Sectarian?

I’ll wager that there are not more than a few people on this planet who have a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics and over 50 peer reviewed science articles and who have successfully completed a foundation course in North American Indian and Runic shamanism.

I am still reading Le Chamanisme by Mircea Eliade which is a weighty tome and in French. I am about four fifths of the way through, and I am getting to learn some vocabulary that you won’t normally come across. In principle I am “qualified” to set up shop doing dream analysis, healing, shamanic journeying etc.. I have also just put some spirit vinegar, some water and some sodium chloride into the kettle. The latter decreases the pH by the common ion effect. The idea is to remove the calcium carbonate deposits.

For me knowledge in not sectarian.

When I first started the course on shamanism, the people when they found out my background, were very suspicious of my motives for being there, even when I told them that one of my maternal relatives was allegedly a witch. I suspect that many of my science contacts would have thought me a bit of a fruitcake. At this level, yes “knowledge” is sectarian.

In my prior incarnation as a science academic, I have met physicists who have thought themselves better, purer and perhaps brainer than chemists. So even at this level there is a measure of sectarianism. Physics is pure, chemistry is dirty.

Reading the thesis I found the other day, I noted to myself that I really have very little idea what goes on in social sciences, history, even biology at universities. My ignorance is large. When I used to do tutoring for UK Grad for Ph.D. students from all disciplines, I ran a session on careers in academia. Because I am very informal there were no taboos. These were well attended, and I was amazed at how hard it was for not scientists and engineers to get funded for their research. I was fascinated by the stories of some of them getting “white glove” only access to manuscripts. I really badly wanted to go along on one such visit. These people were in many ways more dedicated than the students I knew. Their theses took longer to complete. It wasn’t bang of a couple off papers’ worth of data, write a book and then done.

We don’t really know what goes on in other disciplines. Put me in an organic chemistry synthesis lab and I would not have a clue what to do. I would be more at home in a physics lab than a chemistry one. Someone once told me that doing a Ph.D. was about learning more and more about less and less. But these days much of the interesting science and the new frontiers lies at the interface between “disciplines” and the interface between length scales.

What struck me reading the accounts from over a hundred years ago was how much more interest in things other than the well-defined there was then than there are now. We can define ourselves as a scientist, have a degree of Doctor of Philosophy but be completely disinterested in philosophy and sacerdotal things.

We may show a highly sectarian and judgemental view of things New Age {for example} and we may do this without any exploration thereof. We may be prejudiced against before any inquiry.

Are we in fact by this kind of behaviour being retrogressive?

What about the interface between science knowledge and sacred knowledge?

It certainly does not smack of any renaissance or renascence…

I doubt knowledge itself can be sectarian, those holding it, in possession of it, can be sectarian in outlook.

Is Intellectual Capacity in Part Genetic?

Given that we live in times where the phenomenon of woke is amongst us, such a topic is perhaps potentially contentious. The Ethnic monitoring form previous is potentially sampling, in a very broad way, genetics. You can chase your ancestral make-up with a home DNA testing kit.

I have been reading a couple of very “toe in the water” articles in The Guardian suggesting that there is indeed a measure of causal linkage between a collection of certain gene markers and time spent in education. Boy, were they stepping gingerly in case they get accused of eugenics! My old university has renamed various buildings and theatres because they are loosely associated with eugenics.

What does common sense tell us?

Have we not heard things like, “she is brainy just like her mum and dad?”

So common sense suggests that intellectual prowess is related to genes, in some way. However, “brainy” parents are likely to torment their children, so there is a nurture thing too. If for example you want to tire out a five-year-old, get them to do Sudoku puzzles just before bedtime. Trust me, this works a treat.

This science only type argument only speaks of the physical form, not the indwelling being.

You might have the latest chip set from Intel, but what about a good operating system and who is writing the programmes?

The parents “provide” the nascent vehicle for the reincarnating Soul to inhabit. Each lifetime the Soul chooses an appropriate vehicle for its’ planned learning that lifetime. If this argument is valid then there is more to the manifestation of intellect than a set of base pairs.

The Soul therefore transcends any notion of ethnicity or race, or genetics.

The Soul needs a vehicle in which to learn.

It might choose a Peugeot, a Land Rover, a Toyota, or a Chevrolet. To fix your attention on the car is racist. To inquire only after the driver is inclusive and in no way separative.  The meat does not matter, the indwelling being is and does.

Given that many of us have had many incarnations, if you look down on say a Welsh person for being a Taff {and not English}, it is possible that you too have been one once and that you have forgotten how very fortunate you were to have been one of God’s people living in God’s country.

Do you get my drift?

In years to come there will be literally billions of Souls who have had either an Indian or Chinese incarnation.

Technically the Soul has its causal body and this, in the line of causality, precedes the DNA. The Soul causes the DNA which enables the construction of the nascent vehicle. The DNA is not a cause it is an effect.

Oh, by the way, do you ever judge a book by its’ cover?

Are you susceptible to advertising?

Tacit Assumptions

I’ll make an assumption that people tend to assume a whole bunch of stuff which just is not accurate.

What do you think of my assumption, is it valid, is it accurate, is it presumptuous?

This morning the lady at the place where we were registering for Breton classes heard where the wife hailed from and said that one can fly direct from Brest to there. Implicit in this is a tacit assumption that she may indeed wish to not only ‘phone home as per ET but go “home” too.  Now I am assuming that she, the Breton lady, is fond or at least attached to family and that she was perhaps projecting this sense of familial devoir. Alternatively, she might just have been making conversation.

I’ll make a statement or two.

In the last year I have had only one “social” SMS message to our shared ‘phone.

In the last five months I have had two “social” email exchanges comprising one email each way.

I have had no “social” telephone conversation in the last eight months, not one single ‘phone call.

I cannot remember the last time I spoke with anyone “socially” on the telephone, it could be over five years or more.

I have had no Skype, Zoom or whatever exchange, either, during this eight months’ time frame.

I have not met anyone {other than the wife} face-to-face for “social” purposes in over a year.

I have had only one such meeting in the last 18 months.

I’ll make a tacit assumption that many of you will find this hard to believe and even imagine that I am making this up for dramatic purposes.

Do you think that I am telling the truth? Is it even possible in this day and age?

I’ll make another statement I have not spoken on the telephone or had any face-to-face meetings with any of my former colleagues for over 12 years. If they claim to have spoken to me and hence perhaps for me, they are lying.


What do you assume from all of the above?

What are your tacit assumptions?

Genetic Discrimination – A Possibility?

I have been speculating a little on the future. The future as dramatized in Logan’s Run {see a couple of posts back} seems quite contrary to what is happening in the west. We might call this the Grey Crisis and no I am not talking about aliens a.k.a. the grays. The population is ageing and as a consequence the medical bills are rising, soaring even. We can say that our generation not only foxtrotted up the planet but now we want the “youth” still in work to pay for our health and social care too! To my eyes they have every right to be pissed off with us.

We could have a schism along the lines of age.

We, the ageing, still have some power and the dystopian imagination could have some kind of old fart vampirism where we, the old farts, are plugged and plumbed into a “youth” to keep us alive in some bizarre form of pseudo-symbiosis.

This afternoon we were up at the hospital for the wife to get an X-ray. For once it was my turn to wait outside in a covid secure way. I got to watch the comings and goings. There were a lot of greys {vide infra}. We were still close to the bottom of the age range of the clientele. And when we metaphorically said au revoir, I knew we would be back there and with an increasing frequency.

If you think about it genetic discrimination is already here, it is called racism and/or anti-ginger sentiments.

That kind of discrimination does not need a PCR test. Never before in human history has humanity taken so many PCR tests. We have become quite accustomed to them. I had one. People also do DNA testing for tracking down ancestry. The child support agency in the UK does paternity testing as a matter of routine before chasing either the actual or supposed fathers for maintenance payments. Genetic medicine is here. Any close blood relative of mine has an enhanced risk of colon cancer. People with certain genes have a higher chance of breast cancer and some choose prophylactic mastectomy. Your genome contains many pointers at your putative futures.

If you are, for example, a competitive and ambitious person and you believed that your genetic make-up might offer you an advantage in a job interview then it is not beyond the bounds of belief that you might submit to the collection of your DNA. There could be a “black market” in pre-interview DNA testing. Recruitment consultants or head-hunters might scan DNA databases to find the ideal candidate. If you were appointing say a proto professor to bring in a large and continuous amount of research income, you would not want one who would croak it late forties, before her most revenue generating years.

If you were offered a, let’s say £250k job, and as a part of the recruitment process you had to submit to DNA profiling, would you go for it?

Science fiction can point at future realities…

Never before in human history has humanity taken a so many PCR tests…they could become even more common in years to come.

A conspiracy theorist might say covid was a pretext for mass DNA testing and profiling…I very much doubt this is the case.

We already have biometric passports and now vaccination passports…

What a brave new world we live in…

The Surveillance Culture

This morning as I lay have awake, I began to wonder,” exactly where is the world headed?”

A large American sate has just passed laws enabling everyone to openly carry a handgun and to forbid abortion past six weeks offering a bounty to anyone reporting someone intending to abort. To my mind this is illogical. If life is sacred enough to ban abortions surely it is also sacred enough to ban guns. But this is typical of the insular blindness and lack of self-awareness in the USA. It does not care what the rest of the world thinks of it. It seems to me that the USA is on a downward spiral.

The legislators in Texas are encouraging neighbours to spy on each other. Will we be back to the days of the wild west when wanted posters for a woman seeking an abortion are put up around town and bounty hunters get deputised to capture them and bring them in on a horse? Will it be OK to lynch a woman for wanting an abortion in the fullness of time?

People already spy on each other like never before. There are these camera doorbells, dash cams and in the UK ANPR cameras. I remember a time when the tactics of the Stasi were frowned upon here in the west, where a party member might live in an apartment block and people would grass on others to them.

I have a T-shirt which says, “GCHQ always listening to our customers”. From time to time it draws a wry smile from others and in so doing it identifies them as British and/or Information Technology workers. One guy in Malta, actually slowed his car down so that he could read it better.

We have shit loads of data.

At the time of Christ, the world population is estimated at 190 million, at the time of Buddha 150 million. Now it is getting close to 8 billion. That is a humongous amount of data, especially given that many of that number have smartphones and even computers.

If you look at this GIF, what do you see?

I see a world blowing up like a balloon which sooner or later will burst.

To my eyes there is an inevitability we must sooner or later have a mass dis-incarnation event of considerable proportion. The black death in the 14th century did for a fair percentage of the population.

We can monitor climate change with an accuracy hitherto fore impossible. But that is what we like to do monitor and surveillance. Do we do anything? Well not much. There is a lot of handwringing, but do we ease up on the materialism personally, no. The government will sort it out…

Blavatsky wrote at a time, world population ~1.5 billion, when the ideas about the world were changing very fast. London was a hotbed of exploration and people {those with money} were interested in a whole bunch of stuff. I think that the degree of interest has waned partially due to the opiates of Netflix and Amazon. In America we have the polarisation of an advanced scientific society and the ardent believers of the Abrahamic version of “Christianity”. We have “Christian” fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalists at loggerheads. Both perhaps claiming divine inspiration.

Science has perhaps, at least for now, won the science or religion debate. As a consequence, humanity is in a cul-de-sac of concrete mind and thereby lower manas. It says I like it here; it makes sense. I am NOT going to let my soul drive the vehicle.

It does not take a genius to note the number density of natural disasters is on the up. From the point of view of the sustenance of life we have been “lucky” Sars-CoV-2 has been relatively benign and not all that transmissible. A change of a factor of ten upwards of either or both of these would have truly decimated the world population and economies. The deaths from hunger and war could have gone sky high.

I see this as a warning shot by the planet to us.

But we are so complacent watching and keeping things under surveillance. When then do we reach the critical point, the point of no return? Certain leaders were very reticent about initiating lock downs. That same reticence is being shown in respect of climate change. People want to be popular and not draconian.

When will it be too late?

Will we have a governmental review as we try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world?

Will there still be elections to win and parliamentary seats to be had?

Some Speculations Arising From The Blue Books

I’ll start with a statement. Insofar as I can tell I am reasonably happy with the notion of reincarnation; it is entirely consistent with my own personal experiences. I am unable to provide any proof other than anecdote for this core belief of mine. When I shuffle off this mortal coil, I figure I’ll find out. In terms of a sense making narrative incarnating over and over in order to learn and evolve, makes sense to me. When one has learned all that is needed, the incarnation ceases.

I have been “told” in a vision that this is my very last incarnation here on this planet.

I’ll raise a problem. Given that all incarnate human beings have their waking hours anchored in meat {carne} there will be some limitations imposed on what the mind can do whilst manifested in a meaty and sluggish shell. It is difficult for humans to imagine a non-meat state of consciousness. Most people are badly beset by the “brain” below the belt in any case.

However, if one learns to stretch the Antahkarana and Sutratma it is possible for the awareness to leave the form via the crown chakra temporarily without the cessation of incarnation. Therefore, there might exist a non-carnate awareness or consciousness. Unless I am kidding myself, I have done this.

In the blue books Bailey and Khul outline a very wide-reaching world view, which goes far beyond any other that I am aware of in terms of scope and range. To fully assimilate the ~60cm of bookshelf length, written on air mail paper, I would argue is beyond the ken of the vast majority of humans and this includes me. {I think it fair to comment that I have an above average intellect.} The work develops an expansive model covering many aspects ranging from cosmology, psychology to theology and magic.

It suggests that in our time the spiritual hierarchy is starting to move out of the subjective and into the objective, wherein several will take on the meat so to speak. The work suggests that the New Testament is essentially a story, a narrative, about initiation, which as a narrative rings truer than some geezer sent down to save humanity from its sins. {The wife asked why don’t the teach you this in church?}. It says follow me, or in other words get your arse onto the path of initiation. It dispenses with the archaic notion of a vengeful, jealous and patriarchal God. It does not suggest that there is a white bloke with a beard sat on a cloud. It intimates that Deity is more akin to an elevated state of awareness than any being malevolent or otherwise.

The work suggests that one / the biggest bugbear for humanity if the fear of death. Death is a natural process and is not to be feared, rather think of it as the transition from meat-bound to subjective.

It uses the model of rays or colours to describe, with some considerable efficacy and a measure of prediction, the behaviours and attitudes of humans.

We might think of these rays as an emanation from a source. Prior to the emanation these rays are not differentiated. Once they have started to materialise there is the first differentiation which in turn is followed by a second. One becomes three which becomes seven. It is only a model to help one get one’s head around it. Once this process of differentiation begins there are many more differentiations. There is the final differentiation which produces the individuating identity or in other words the causal body. This is what causes what might be termed meat-rental or birth. This individuating identity is the origin of I or me, which becomes even more separative at the level of personality.

At very high levels we are all minuscule parts of The One Emanation, The One Life.

This individuating identity has considerable longevity and is only shattered at the fourth initiation in which the process of differentiation is reversed, one then has a series of at-onement(s) as the journey back to the source begins in earnest. Because the state of consciousness needed to do this is elevated it has been denoted Father. But that state of awareness cannot have gender, per se, because gender and dangly bits are properties of meat. I and my father are one can be translated as I have now attained a more elevated state of awareness than the one I used to have.

The work outlines a triangle like structure with nine degrees of planetary initiation. The number of beings who are initiates of high degree are far fewer than those of say the first or second initiation. It further outlines accepted disciples, disciples on probation and those on the path of approach. There is a general humanity which has yet to approach. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy was published in 1957 and this suggests that such a process is already underway by at least some 60 years. It suggests that many initiates will be coming onto this, the physical plane. Implicit in the time lag it means that some are already here. The work goes on to suggest that when a being takes an initiation of higher degree on the physical plane it is a really big deal for the whole of humanity. The work suggests that the process of externalisation will be beset with problems as the initiates adjust to a more exoteric and thereby meaty way of living. They will walk amongst us, and we may or may not react badly to a being who is unlike your normal or average Joe or Joanna.

Khul intimates that he received the energetic impulse of the fifth initiation as an old man in 1875 and he is still writing books mid last century.

The work suggests that the Planetary Hierarchy is linked to another one in the system of Sirius.

Khul states numerous times that there are things which he does not yet have knowledge of. He mentions ancient records written in Senzar and does H.P.B.

The purpose of the blue books is in part the launch of the Ageless Wisdom as the basis of a New Religion and to seed the Aquarian Age. The idea is that in the fullness of time humanity will elevate its awareness up the ladder towards a buddhic or intuitional beingness. The notion of which surpasses the comprehension of the multitude at this point in time. The timescale is not specified.

I think it fair to say that humanity has changed vastly in 2000 years. What does the next 2000 hold?

All initiation has related to it a point of crisis, humanity is facing some kind of initiatory process. I’ll speculate that the upcoming point of crisis for humanity is likely in the first instance to be climatic and that this crisis is way closer and will be more profound than anyone thinks. This crisis could, in the second instance, precipitate a war largely due to increased scarcity of planetary resource.

Do We Re-invent The Wheel?

This is prompted in part by my look into some Stoicism quotations yesterday.

If for example you were educated in the British public, or in other words private and fee paying, school system it is likely that you will have had considerable exposure to the classics, Latin, and Greek. As such because of this kind of programming you would be more open to the words of the Greek and Roman philosophers than say those originating in the Indian subcontinent or the far East.  You may even imagine that the Roman and Greek philosophers were presenting original ideas. It would not occur to you that they might, if stoic, be plagiarising Vedic or Buddhist thought. It would not occur to you that there has been a rebranding of someone else’s ideas so as to gain kudos and fame.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that those in Greece had exposure to the above ideas and Zoroastrianism as well. Yet there is a tendency to laud those who have geographic origin closer to home. The Greek philosophers were great!! What about the Persians, and dare I say it, Iranians?

I’ll posit that the basic philosophises of not being greedy, not getting angry, trying to understand that opinion is just that and that perception is that and not ultimate reality have run through history and are simply being recycled and rephrased time and again. Those unaware of their historical origins think these ideas are new, but they have been resident thought forms for millennia. It they are written down in Swedish or German or French they sound different, but the essence does not differ.

A wheel remains a wheel whatever the name.

It does not take a brilliant logician to state that greed causes unhappiness and suffering and cannot ever be truly stated. Logically greed is not a good thing, yet the planet is positively swarming with greedy and avaricious people, who therefore by definition are also illogical.

The basic wisdom even at the level of common sense is ageless, it is just recycled and repackaged down the ages. This wisdom pertains to the human condition with all its peccadilloes. The knowledge of science and engineering grows, the wisdom pertaining to the quirks of humanity does not. This is because although our knowledge and intellect are on the move our behaviour as {anti} social beings is not evolving as fast and by a long shot.

So, when someone says something along the lines of,” the best kind of revenge is not being so petty as to seek revenge” it is not radical nor modern it is just recycled and rephrased.

Wisdom is wisdom even if it is over 2000 years old!

Yes, humanity does reinvent the wheel and by this I also mean the wheel of rebirth. In not learning the lessons one remains tied to the wheel of rebirth…. a wheel is wheel whatever the language.

Materialism and Spirituality

There are today three major human trends: First of all, a trend towards a spiritual and free way of life; secondly, a trend towards intellectual unfoldment; and lastly, a potent trend towards material living and aggression.

At present, the last of these innate tendencies is in the saddle, with the second, the intellectual attitude, throwing its weight upon the side of the material goals. A relatively small group is throwing the weight of human aspiration upon the side of the spiritual values.

The war between the pairs of opposites – materialism and spirituality – is raging fiercely. Only as men turn away from material aggression and towards spiritual objectives will the world situation change, and men – motivated by goodwill – force the aggressors back to their own place and release humanity from fear and force.

We are today reaping the results of our own sowing. The recognition of the cause of the problem provides humanity with the opportunity to end it. The time has arrived in which it is possible to institute those changes in attitude which will bring an era of peace and goodwill, founded on right human relations.

These two forces – materialism and spirituality – face each other. What will be the outcome? Will men arrest the evil and initiate a period of understanding, cooperation and right relationship, or will they continue the process of selfish planning and of economic and militant competition? This question must be answered by the clear thinking of the masses and by the calm and unafraid challenges of the democracies.

On all sides the need for a new world order is being recognized. The totalitarian powers are talking of the “new order in Europe”; the idealists and thinkers are unfolding schemes and plans which vision entirely new conditions that will bring the old bad order to an end. There is a constant demand for the Allies to state their peace aims and indicate clearly what adjustments will be made after the war, because a vision of the future world policy will help humanity through the present crisis.

Excerpted from:

The Externalization of the Hierarchy – Section II – The General World Picture

by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Kuhl

This written something like > 80 years ago.

Has there been progress?