Science Does Not Know What 95% Of the Universe Is

From the Dark Energy Survey:

“Ordinary matter makes up only about 5% of the universe. Dark energy, which cosmologists hypothesize drives the accelerating expansion of the universe by counteracting the force of gravity, accounts for about 70%. The last 25% is dark matter, whose gravitational influence binds galaxies together. Both dark matter and dark energy remain invisible and mysterious, but DES seeks to illuminate their natures by studying how the competition between them shapes the large-scale structure of the universe over cosmic time.”

This morning I have been delving into a few of the papers on Arχiv released by the Dark Energy Survey. It is a truly staggering amount of work of a highly complex nature. They are using the phenomenon of gravitational lensing to estimate the amount and clustering of dark matter. Here is a Hubble image of dark matter distribution. It is a simulation based on a model.

Dark energy causes the universe to continue to expand and helps prevent the big crunch. We are in a day of Brahma where the universe is manifesting and not in a night when it has fallen back into pralaya. Unless I am mistaken science does not know what dark energy or dark matter are. It can infer that they are there according to our current models of the universe.

Modern science has an internally consistent view of how the universe came into being but not why, for what purpose.

Toltec “cosmology” suggests that the universe is one big experiment in which the spirit, Nagal {analogous to Brahma?} wanted to learn about itself. It was sitting there in the void, started to stir, perhaps a little bored and then decided using the “force” of intent to separate the known from the unknown and thereby matter from out of the primeval void.

{Quantum physics allows particles to be created and annihilated via ladder operators.}

The flow of creation is time, space, energy, matter, in this “cosmology”. Where matter is clustered energy. E = mc squared and all that. The direction of time is macroscopically one way thanks to entropy.

Toltecs maintain that the entire universe is pervaded by this “thing” called intent and it is this which drives. There is universal intent and more personal intent, and this lies aback all action.

If I have understood it correctly the “evidence” for dark energy and dark matter mounts. Which means I guess that science is getting more certain of their existence but still is largely clueless as to their nature. “It”, “they” exist but we don’t know what “it”, “they” are.

Is this suggesting at some time in the future a paradigmatic overhaul? Or with some elastic and a few extra “factors” can the current models be extended.

If dark energy “clusters” into dark matter, we shall then get the big crunch.

Brahma can put on his pyjamas and have a snooze.

Are dark matter and dark energy debris from a previous manifestation of a universe, one in which the laws of “physics” were different?

Sun Tzu or Laozi {Lao Tseu}

Who is best Sun Tzu ot Laozi?

Which of these speaks to you?


The ancient adepts of the Tao were subtle and flexible, profound and comprehensive.

Their minds were too deep to be fathomed.

Because they are unfathomable,

One can only describe them vaguely by their appearance.

Hesitant like one wading a stream in winter;

Timid like one afraid of his neighbours on all sides;

Cautious and courteous like a guest;

Yielding like ice on the point of melting;

Simple like an uncarved block;

Hollow like a cave;

Confused like a muddy pool;

And yet who could quietly and gradually evolve from the muddy to the clear?

Who else could slowly but steadily move from the inert to the living?

He who keeps the Tao does not want to be full.

But precisely because he is never full,

He can always remain like a hidden sprout,

And does not rush to early ripening.

Positivity, Negativity or Equanimity?

I’ll make a statement to kick off:

We live in times where black and white thinking is common, and where thought is polarised.

I’ll raise a question:

Can polarised thinking ever be entirely accurate?

A long while ago when I used to do small group personal development facilitation, I was more than a little surprised at the levels of negativity in young capable Ph.D. students. These were able to find holes and faults in just about anything, there was also a high level of cynicism. They were young, smart, healthy and yet they were largely negative. They had loads of reasons why not and not many why to. From one particularly negative group I got my favourite piece of feedback:

“Alan’s ability to find a positive from and in any situation began to get a tad irritating.”

This cloud of negativity seems to be the human default. It seems people prefer to complain about everything. Many moan about prices, lock-down, the government, the weather. Not many of the moaners live in Gaza in the sights of Israeli jets, nor in a Syrian refugee camp, or in Dafur. This negativity saps the will to joy. Few realise just how good they have it, they take so very much for granted. People feel entitled and somehow owed by the universe or society, they believe in the notion of “rights”. Ask a starving refugee what non-binary gender means…it would prefer a bowl of rice.

If one has the negativity virus then one needs a positivity antidote. But one might be careful not to overdose otherwise one ends up in hyper over hyped bullshit land.

I used to advise Ph.D. students doing job applications to be a little more American in their approach but not to go too far as that would not be palatable to British tastes.

To be overly positive can set oneself up to fail, because over positive is idealistic. When ideals are not met one can crash and burn. It is easy to see the positivity-negativity yo-yo in action. We have oscillating quasi bipolar behaviours.

What then is the answer? To gently strive for a balanced objective and non-partisan perception. A perception not coloured by emotions or prejudices, a perception not overly up or down, a state of equanimity.

“Just like this.” Is a notion in Zen but it does not pertain only to Zen, it is accepting reality as actually is. Strangely to my eyes humanity often struggles with the simplicity of reality and rarely has emotional equanimity. Humans are hooked on what I call the heroin of complexity. Humans have a lot of preferences and when these are not met, they get to whinge, moan and complain. It would be rare for someone who likes to complain to imagine that the luxury they are complaining about might be taken away. Balanced perception would recognise that they are pretty damn “lucky”, a bit of frustration is a whole lot better than starvation.

The mid-point between polar perceptions is often more accurate, there are shades of grey. The world is more nuanced than the adamantly held and professed views of many.

Am I Simply an Inappropriate Being?

This poses a very simple question, exactly who gets to decide, decree, define and enforce what is and is not appropriate?

Is it the mythical THEY?

Do they get to issue an omniscient decree?

This notion of being appropriate is easily “defined” in terms of function. A chocolate teapot is not appropriate for making tea, neither is an ashtray on a motorbike of much use.

The word used in a social context is all about social conditioning and social norming. The notion of appropriate is time varying.  The Sex Pistols were deemed inappropriate by some, but they sure made life a whole lot more interesting. They would have pulled down statues just for fun and not because the geezer in the statue had a slave once a couple of hundred years ago.

Apparently it is appropriate to send dick pics and post pictures of oneself in a painful looking micro bikini online. But it is not appropriate to have had a colonial history, that must be wiped from the historical record. What exactly are we celebrating with this bizarre modern imagery?

Is it appropriate for someone with over sixty papers in the physical sciences literature to be discussing shamanism and meditation? Is that just too darned inappropriate for the taste and liking of the we look down the nose brigade?

“We don’t do that sort of thing old chap. It is just not cricket.”

Many people have their own notions as to what is and is not appropriate and then they try to ENFORCE it on others. They try to condition them into some kind of herd or shoal mentality. If you err you get nudged back or excommunicated.

This leads to the question, is the notion or inappropriate a permanent or impermanent thing, ergo does the notion have any reality whatsoever? Is it simply an illusion which exists only in the minds of men and women and every other being across the entire gender spectrum?

Are people simply arguing about made up shit?

Is Exoteric History Complete and Accurate?

If you read the post previous, allegedly written telepathically by amanuensis in 1945 and by a being who took the fifth initiation in 1875, it is possible that you might imagine it as being somewhat made up. Yet there is something compelling in the style of writing and choice of words that points at a mind of some considerable intellect and capacity aback its construction. This is no woolly David Icke.

Hitler’s gang, his crew, his squad, were dark adepts, skilled at manipulating minds. They were evil embodied.

This raises a question; can you be sure that your mind has not been “impressed” either by a dark adept or a white one?

If you like power, you have a furrow already ploughed into which seeds might easily be sown.  Much like the metaphor of Faust and Mephisto.

There may be more to this world than meets the eye. There may be things going on about which you are wholly unaware, yet you remain convinced of the extent of your knowledge and the accuracy of your cognitively assembled world view.

We are taught that there were two world wars. But the Tibetan says only one. The punitive treaty at the end of the “first” world war was an act of war and revenge. This prompted more war and revenge.

History apportions fame and kudos to people for various discoveries, when in fact the inspiration, the intuition, might have been “assisted” and in a manner in which the assisted being is totally unaware.

Since the Tibetan wrote that piece the world has changed, and many more countries are nuclear capable. This raises the probability of the release of millions of souls from their current forms and in a global manner.

Humanity continues to profit from the energy of fission. That is separation. It has yet to develop an economic fusion source. This is perhaps because mankind is still grossly separative in outlook.

The pandemic has shown the prevalent ME FIRST attitude. Again, it highlights the rich and the poor, the greedy and the needy. Vast swathes of people have already dis-incarnated and in a very unpleasant manner.

Do you think;

  1. That even the exoteric recounting of history is accurate?
  2. That there may be esoteric forces at play beyond the veil of “fact” based history?

Why is Knowledge both Exoteric and Esoteric?

We can now take up the question next in order, which was worded: “Why do we consider certain aspects of knowledge esoteric and other aspects as exoteric?”

The answer to this practically involves the realization that some knowledge deals with the subjective side of life, and the other type of knowledge with the objective side; that one type of knowledge is concerned with energy and force (hence the danger of undue hasty revelation) and another with that which is energized. Therefore it will be apparent that until the faculty of ascertaining subjective information is achieved, whole ranges of facts will remain outside the scope of the consciousness of the majority.

As we have been told, the goal of evolution is the attainment of consciousness on all planes; owing to the small evolutionary attainment of the race only the physical plane is as yet in any way brought under conscious control. The knowledge which deals with that plane, the information which is concerned with densest objectivity, the sumtotal of facts connected with the five lower subplanes of the physical plane are (from the occult standpoint) considered exoteric. During the next two races the other two subplanes will be mastered, and the entire mass of knowledge concerned with physical and etheric matter, with energy, form and experience on the physical plane, will be easily available to man, and concern only his five physical senses.

Information and knowledge of the life evolving through the forms will for a considerably longer time be considered esoteric, as also will the apprehension and comprehension of the matter aspect, and the laws governing energy on the astral and the mental planes. This is stated in connection with average man, the rank and file of humanity. Objective or exoteric information is largely that obtained or ascertained by men in the Hall of Learning by means of the five senses, and by experiment. Experiment in due course of time and after many cycles of incarnation is transmuted into experience, and this produces eventually that which we call instinct, or the habitual reaction of some type of consciousness to a given set of circumstances, or of environment. These two factors of the senses and of experimental contact can be seen working out in the animal and human kingdoms; the difference between the two exists in the ability of the man consciously to remember, apprehend, anticipate, and utilize the fruits of past experience, and thus influence the present and prepare for the future. He employs the physical brain for this purpose. An animal likewise has an instinctual memory, apprehension, and an embryo anticipation, but (lacking mind) he is unable to adjust them to circumstances in the sense of prearrangement, and lacks the capacity consciously to utilize, and thus reap, the benefit of past events, and to learn from experience in the manner which a man does. The animal uses the solar plexus in the same way that a man uses the brain; it is the organ of instinct.

All that can be acquired by instinct and by the use of the concrete mind functioning through the physical brain can be considered as dealing with that which we call exoteric. It is thus evident how the range of fact will differ according to:

  1. The age of the soul.
  2. Experience developed and used.
  3. Condition of the brain and the physical body.
  4. Circumstances and environment.

As time progresses and man reaches a fair state of evolution, mind is more rapidly developed, and a new factor comes gradually into play. Little by little the intuition, or the transcendental mind, begins to function, and eventually supersedes the lower or concrete mind. It then utilizes the physical brain as a receiving plate, but at the same time develops certain centers in the head, and thus transfers the zone of its activity from the physical brain to the higher head centers, existing in etheric matter. For the mass of humanity, this will be effected during the opening up of the etheric subplanes during the next two races. This is paralleled in the animal kingdom by the gradual transference of the zone of activity from the solar plexus to the rudimentary brain, and its gradual development by the aid of manas.

As we consider these points, it will become apparent that the esoteric aspects of knowledge are really those zones of consciousness which are not yet conquered, and brought within the radius of control of the indwelling Entity.

The point to be emphasized is that when this is realized the true significance of the esoteric and the occult will be appreciated, and the endeavor of all KNOWERS will be to draw within the zone of their knowledge other units who are ready for a similar expansion of consciousness. In this thought lies the key to the work of the Brotherhood. They attract by Their force into certain fields of realization and endeavor and by that attraction and the response of those human atoms who are ready, the group soul on the upward arc, or a particular center of a Heavenly Man, is coordinated.

In the same way the animal is brought at a certain stage into the zone of influence of the lesser sons of mind – human beings who are the elder brothers of the animals, as the Masters of the Wisdom are the Elder Brothers where humanity is concerned. So the interlocking proceeds and the division of responsibility.


In the Secret Doctrine we are told that there are seven branches of knowledge mentioned in the Puranas. – S. D., I, 192.

Correspondences can here be worked out in connection with:

  1. The seven Rays, the Lords of Sacrifice, Love and Knowledge.
  2. The seven states of consciousness.
  3. The seven states of matter or planes.
  4. The seven types of forces.
  5. The seven Initiations and many other septenates.

The Gnosis, the hidden Knowledge, is the seventh Principle, the six schools of Indian philosophy are the six principles – S. D., I, 299.

These six schools are:

  1. The school of Logic – Proof of right perception.
  2. The atomic school – System of particulars. Elements. Alchemy and chemistry.
  3. The Sankhya school – System of numbers. The materialistic school. The theory of the seven states of matter or prakriti.
  4. The school of Yoga – Union. The rule of daily life. Mysticism.
  5. The school of Ceremonial Ritual. – Religion. Worship of the devas or Gods.
  6. The Vedanta school – Has to do with non-duality. Deal with the relation of Atma in man to the Logos.

The Gnosis or hidden knowledge is the same as Atma vidya, or Theosophy, and includes the other six.


Excerpted from:

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Section Two – Introductory Questions

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul

Transmutation, Transformation and Transfiguration

There is a human tendency to read things verbatim or dead letter or face value only. The extent to which one has this tendency depends on personal preference and psychological orientation.  To some extent educational training plays a role too. As an INFJ with dominant introverted intuition, I tend to miss the dead letter interpretation on occasion, this is because I am nearly always looking for deeper meaning and a metaphor can provide for me what might take several paragraphs of descriptive text to explain.

It amuses me slightly to image someone working with 20 pounds of antimony in a furnace in his shed. One of the main criticisms people have of the bible stems from an insistence on a dead letter interpretation. People read “the gospel” in a dead letter way. I have speculated that given when it was written the vast majority were illiterate, it is in fact full of metaphors and other narrative devices. People like to argue the toss and nit-pick about their own personal face value interpretation of text.

The Tibetan describes the first three initiations as Transmutation, Transformation and Transfiguration. This is a very alchemical way of explaining. Alchemy to my eyes is not trying to turn base metal into gold, rather it is about transmuting one’s shortcomings into a more helpful set of behaviours. Mares says that the warrior’s path is a path of the three Ts as above. If you look at the degree of change implicit in the language, it starts small and gets bigger.

The alchemical transmutation changes one’s beingness, the transfiguration transfigures which sounds like a whole order of magnitude more radical. Within the scheme of the Tibetan, the third initiation is considered the first “proper” initiation and is indicative of final liberation. After the third it is only a few more lifetimes before the causal vehicle is “blown out”.

Given that human minds are trained in school to compare and contrast, to use ratioing or so-called rational mind we are trained to pick holes in things, to find fault. Searching for holism is discouraged and my even be seen as wishy-washy. We are trained to justify our answers, this tendency for justification has allowed humanity to participate in some truly heinous acts.  

{Everyone is doing it, I was only following orders, there is a precedent.}

I can read alchemical texts from a basis of a degree level understanding of modern {relatively now} chemistry and the periodic table. I don’t imagine myself ever trying some of the frankly dangerous sounding experiments. If one reads Hermetica, attributed to Hermes Trimegistus there is a whole lot of sense in parts. It can be enjoyable to read things and not want to argue the toss and be “right”. Just let it flow over and enjoy someone else’s train of thought.

One of the first things to transmute is to change closed, dogmatic, I am right mind to a more open enquiring and non-concluding mind. There does not have to be a conclusion. This goes against everything we are taught in school. There must be a summing up and a conclusion.


Explain to me why there must be a conclusion, explain to me why there must be a right answer. Justify your answer.

The Messenger Problem

This morning I am finding myself in a similar space to one I knew way back, when I decided to become a vegan. This space pertains in a sense to degree of hypocrisy.  We are all, whether we like to admit it or not, hypocrites to a degree.

Back then many people were soapboxing about how virtuous they were in being vegetarian. Yet they still ate cheese, eggs and some even imagined that eating fish was OK. I am a pescatarian. WTF. Many said that they were vegetarian because they did not like to eat animals, or harm animals, yet they wore leather. What they professed differed from their habit. Now when strict vegan evangelical, me, pointed out the fallacy of their logic and their mild hypocrisy it went down like a lead balloon. All that hot air was just some hot air to make them feel holier than thou compared to an omnivore.  It was an excuse to soap box.

If one does not like to hurt animals, then the logical conclusion is strict veganism.

As an aside it is also the most environmentally friendly way of living.

The problem with bearing messages that people do not like to hear is twofold. They will not be listened to and you get metaphorically shot.

If I had a pound for every time I have been shot as the messenger, in one way or another, I would have enough for a very fine meal with wine at a top of the range restaurant. People have complained to others about me pointing at truth, others have sought to get revenge or tried to hurt me, simply because they did not want to hear the truth.

So, imagine a situation in which some person is alleging that they care deeply for the environment, saying how terrible it is that there is global warming, how bad China is in terms of emissions. Imagine me asking them,

“Do you use your mobile ‘phone and for how long each day?

Where do you think the components in your ‘phone come from?

How many kilograms of carbon dioxide are you creating by your use of your mobile ‘phone?

Which do you prefer no global warming or chatting to your pals on the ‘phone?”

They might say that it is OK because everyone is doing it. They might be very annoyed with me if I asked these questions and particularly so If I asked them in front of their pals, their audience to whom them often hold court about the environment. They might try to get even as if it is some competition of point scoring.

This is the messenger problem.

If I say to you that mobile ‘phone use is environmentally hostile, would you listen AND take action, or would you try to justify your extensive creation of carbon dioxide and ignore what I have said?

Is Covid a Metaphor for Deforestation?

This is prompted by an article in Les Echos.

« Les poumons de la planète sont au bord de l’asphyxie

Qu’ils soient verts ou bleus, les puits de carbone et de régulation climatique se dégradent inexorablement. Leur mécanisme pourrait même se retourner contre l’équilibre atmosphérique global. »

This is a pair of years in which we heard the phrase “I can’t breathe” and when there is a shortage of oxygen, dephlogisticated air, where people have died struggling to breathe in their hundreds of thousands. A year in which the lungs of the planet, Brazil, have continued to be scorched and where the death toll of not breathing is very high. The leadership has done little to prevent deforestation and pooh-poohed the virus. It is a time of floods and fire. When the air has been filled with smoke.

As we stop the planet from breathing, is it stopping us from breathing too? Have a taste of your own medicine you nasty, greedy human beings. See what I feel like when I can’t breathe.

Is it our knee on the neck of the planet?

On the way back from the supermarket I suggested to the wife that we buy a dephlogisticator just in case. As the oxygen content in the atmosphere drops, we might be in dire need.

I don’t think we are paying sufficient attention to what the planet, the universe, is trying to teach us!

It seems people can only see the light at the end of the tunnel, so that they can get back to “normal”. Have drink in a bar and go on holiday. What we don’t perhaps realise is that the light is a TGV {Train à Grande Vitesse} heading in our general direction.