dilost-hañv or autumn

the central section today – all the hard work has paid off
this is a unique flower – two tone
it is the only one on this dahlia to be like this – a mutant?
Euonymus Phellomanus ? Last year it did not do this, now it is freer it thrives
last night we had some rain
the prevailing wind off the atlantic brings watery autumns here at Traou an Dour
the coypu has been munching our lotuses
we informed the mairie and they sent some trappers
the pears will have finished their primary fermentation tomorrow – we will harvest the apples in the orchard and put them on to brew. Guess I’ll be making plenty of apple sauce too….
Hesperantha coccinea ? the river lily. Last year we had only two flowers…this year they have really gone for it.

The Web of Life and Pampas

This morning we have had a heavy dew. There is not a breath of wind and the sky is blue. Because the sun is starting to dip lower the reflections in the pond will get better.

There are a lot of spiders…

just dripping….

some of the droplets are diffracting the sunlight to give minute “rainbows”.
on the yew hedge
how can a spider’s web make you thirsty?

The Coypu and The Bentonite

Picked up 30litres of bentonite cat litter this morning to plug up the other side of the coypu burrow.

The burrow is in the bank I am standing on and water drains through it towards Le Jaudy which is to my right.

Took off the top layer of turf and found this:

There is a kind of U bend and a tunnel nearer the top. Both are about 50cm long.

This is me stuffing small stones into the tunnel and ramming them in with the rod to my right.

Next, the bentonite it should expand to around three times its volume when wet, it should stick together and agglomerate.

I pour it in and quickly ram it in by hand before it can absorb any water.

Multiple layers pressed in by hand and mixed with gravel.

Some clay rich soil to finish off…

Fingers crossed…so far no new signs of leakage.

Future Schools of Meditation and Cwm Pennant.

Way back in november 2007 I visted the Cwm Pennant outdoors centre near Llanfihangel-y-pennant.

The lease was up for sale by Hillingdon Council but because there had been a lot of strange funding mechanisms the legal situation was complicted, the ongoing use of the centre was also regulated by the National Lottery funding. The council had also pissed off the locals who operated the kitchen and the office due to the uncertainty. Because I had a Cymru sticker on my car, I was welcome. We got talking and when they found out that some of my relatives were from a nearby village, the people were very helpful.

The idea was to take over this outdoor centre and turn it into a conference / retreat centre pointing towards an esoteric school.

The accomodation was rudimentary…

but the location beautiful…

A friend and I wrote a business plan, but when I did the cash projections even with some optimism it was not really viable…

Plage de Trestraou

Tide is out these boats do trips around the seven islands…

pastel beach huts…

you can tell by the way I walk…stayin’ alive…

reflections in a wave

trippy sand… man

what submarine deal? A long way to sail in a dinghy

at full tilt…

beautiful impermanence

no vaccination certificate, no coffee for you!! This is 2021 don’t you know…

After the Deluge…

Le Jaudy has returned to a lower level…
last night it kindly brought us some firewood…
the bridge is about one metre wide…so this twig is big… a lot of force
the water must have been 40-50cm higher than the bridge… step very gingerly over…
taking care in case the bridge is dodgy and damaged
the far bank was complelety submerged – the leaves show the high water mark house side…this is the highest level yet.

the river flowed down here beside the pond at a depth of ~30cm.
If this happens later in the year it sweeps the oak leaves away for us

Saw Some Zürich Number Plates…

On the way taking the bamboo to the tip today I saw a car with Zürich number plates. This is unusual we get a lot of VD, VS and the odd GE but this is the first Zürich plate I have seen. It makes sense for the francophone cantons to visit. Of course, most people from Switzerland are very adept at language.

Coincidence or thematic linkage to my dream?

I have been following the threads from the thesis which point at Annie Besant, Jiddu Krishnamurti and to Giordano Bruno. These naturally led also to Rudolph Steiner. I was astounded to learn that Steiner had given a series of talks a Penmaenmawr in 1923!! There were rumours that Besant was the reincarnation of Bruno and for a while Krishnamurti was touted as the voice of the World Teacher. Besant spoke on the subject of Bruno at the Sorbonne!!

I seriously thought about teaching in a Steiner school and later at one founded by Krishnamurti. I got close enough to have a pre-interview interview at the Steiner school. It was a tad freeform for my liking, but the people were very nice.

It seems the theosophists played a major role in the promulgation of ideas and the promotion of education, several large auditoria, including the Holywood bowl are down to them, apparently.

It seems wherever one goes the foibles of the human personality and interpersonal politics are to be found.

It has been interesting re-visiting these spaces.

Back at home…

The river has risen nearly three feet in under an hour and the runoff from Menez Bre will still be on its way here…chances are the bridge will be submerged before darkness falls.

It has been nice to have some thunder and lightning…

But please can you ease up on the rain for a bit?