La Maison Dieu – Triskélion Dream 05-05-2011

During the night there was a spectacular lightning and thunder show. First a couple of flashes then two huge flashes so bright that they could be seen inside a curtained room through closed eyelids. The thunder of the first flash was extremely loud and right on top of us. The second one was a few seconds away. It was totally energizing.

Then the visual Image of Liberation Through the Power of Intent – La Maison Dieu

I had a short dream and then dream after dream of La Maison Dieu, over and over. The notion was it was not for me. I was even composing poetry about it in the dream.


Now I am like Jason Bourne. I have been asleep and bighting my tongue. It is sore and bleeding a little though I am unconcerned by this. Ahead of me is a wheel shaped like this.

The arms are of an iridescent deep red and an iridescent gold.

I am attached to the wheel, and it is a part of me. The wheel starts to revolve, and I merge with the wheel moving through space and time, spinning.

Le Bateleur – Tarot 1 – Fluidity

The translation to Magician is a bit of a stretch I think it means juggler {?}.

This Tarot card corresponds to the Jewel of Awareness fluidity. I think it fair to say that I am a fairly fluid being, certainly my mind and my interest are capable of switching subject quickly. But fluidity means a little more than flexibility it means in many ways Dao and going with the flow of life not trying to force. It means respond and not react.

If you look at the card here the chap has all his tools, his skills and abilities laid out in front of him on his table and when faced with a problem(table) or a decision he might be thinking what shall I use from my skill set? How best to proceed.

In his left hand he holds either a wand or as I prefer to think of it a flute, perhaps a magic flute, Die Zauberflöte. The coin in his right hand may be about to disappear up his sleeve. One can imagine him leading a stream of rats or children as he dances through the streets of Hamlyn.

Here is a verbalisation by Theun Mares.

It is also the card of the Westerly Dreamer, the female dreamer in the West the place of the Dreamers in Space. It is the card of facing the unknown and to do this with rigidity can only end in disaster. One has to be fluid with what life and the universe sends for us.

On and off these last few days I have been “getting” this card breaking through…

La Maison Dieu – 16

On and off this morning I have been “getting” tarot 16, la Maison Dieu.

This verbalisation is by Theun Mares

There is a feeling of comeuppance or reckoning in the offing, but this is not insofar as I can tell, pertaining to me.

Yesterday we had some thunder but as yet no lightning, the dreaming symbol for intent.

I can feel it, intent, universal intent is on the move.

I love lightning and I have yet to see the childhood electrical storms of Mt Isa beaten.

I am also getting a growing Dune vibe.

Something is shifting.

2020 Numerology {Written pre-Covid}

Each year in December I like to look at the numerology of the upcoming year. He is my first pass.

{File date 13-12-19}

The first thing to note is the symmetry:

20 repeated and therefore doubly important.

20 is the light jewel {honour} which is made up of 2 {humility and understanding sometimes destiny} and 0 {absolute freedom} it is also two cycles of ten. The start of a new cycle or one coming to a close? Again repetition implies signficance. We need to have humility and understanding in the context of freedom in order to achieve honour. Arrogance will not wash. It is written in the book of destiny. Zero indicates a commencement of journey, le mat, the fool. The tarot card judgement is pretty hard-core.

2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4

4 is the light jewel {stability} in order to achieve stability, there has to be correct balancing of the tensions, dynamic tensions. 

If stability is not achieved, we get – 4 which is inertia, which can lead to death -13 { 1 + 3 = 4 }

There will be tensions in trade negotiations, these need to be balanced.

So, we could have stable movement forward or utter paralysis. In the absence of honour {– 20}  inertia { –  4}. Arrogance and pig-headedness leads to inertia, dishonourable behaviour – inertia.

Looks to be an interesting set of numbers.

Secret Garden / Princess Dream 4-3-21 – Worked Up

Here is this morning’s dream, it was very vivid.

I am walking in our current garden {open areas – freedom or fear of taking the gap to freedom maybe greenery = need for practicality} as it is and stumble upon a wooden door {possibility} in a stone wall {barrier?}. The door does not exist in our physical plane garden. I reach down into the pocket of my combat trousers and take out the set of keys {Answer(s) or solution to}. I try the keys in the lock and one of them opens the door {the keys work}. I step through the door {the possibility opens up} and close {noted} it behind me.

I am now in a magnificent Italianate garden, {beautiful open view of the world – freedom?} with stonework, and beautifully created flower {beauty or need for} beds. It has the feel of northern {north not significant as it was my added description} Italy, of Lago Maggiore. There are carved stone flowerpots and trellises with flowers {repeated beauty} growing over them. Up ahead is an ornate building which seems unoccupied, the wooden shutters are closed {fancy view of the world, fancy but closed}. I go up to that building and again try the keys {Answer(s) or solution to}. The door {possibility} opens and I enter. I open {open the view of the world, let some light in} the shutters, and this reveals a well-appointed ground floor appartement {view of the world} which now looks out onto the sea {life in general}. I understand that we own this. It is a part of the property we purchased from Mr T. {Mr T’s name rhymes with Tarot and whenever he pops up so does some Tarot related theme.} I think we might be able to rent this out. I might also be able to write here.

I see a door {possibility} which appears to lead nowhere. I again try the key {Answer(s) or solution to} and it opens on to an ornate staircase. I climb the staircase {the need to recognise and eradicate separativeness ; or need to reconcile apparently opposing concepts} and there is another well-appointed appartement, bigger and grander than the one downstairs. I find a room laid out with a drawing table, for technical drawing. On it is a very fine white {peace of need for peace} cloth envelope. I pick this up and see that there is a message {literally some kind of message a bit like a secret mission which is an indication of destiny??} inside for me. It is written in blue {humility and understanding and occasionally destiny} copperplate {sense of elegance} and I decide to open it later. I look around the apartment and see that Mr T. {tarot} has left many catering supplies from the party he gave just before he departed.

I hear a knock on the apartment door {possibility}. I go down to investigate and it is the estate agent who is showing around a potential client. The estate agent is female, my age, and has with her a young beautiful woman with long dark hair {In the past my dreamer used to a appear as a woman with long dark hair but she was always my age. Dreamer??}. The agent is explaining that because of the pandemic she isn’t doing rentals but if we discuss things with the owner, we might be able to agree on something. I nod in agreement.

I show them to the room where the supplies are. The young woman now has a young boy with her, a toddler. I offer him some chicken crisps {not real food} at which the woman says no he mustn’t. I find some grapes {personal power}, and these are ok. He eats {desire for spiritual nourishment} a few. The estate agent has left. The young woman kisses {need for strength or lack fear of strength, the sense is that she needs strength from me} me on the lips, and I pull away. I say that I am married.

I spend the night with the young woman in the same bed as her and the boy. I am naked {I have no clothes, no self-image or view of the world.} and they are clothed. As dawn{new} approaches, I go to the window and look out over the see. I put on a pair of skimpy underpants which have the word FREEDOM {noted and it was upper case} written on them. Out of the window {vision or idealism} I can see the seashore {life in general}., the sea and some rocks. I see a bright orange/red blob {cunning / need to be shrewd mixed with violence of need to fight? Not sure colour is the point here} unfurl its wings like a phoenix {mythical beast = power or magic}. It flies {desire for freedom, opportunity for freedom} over to near the window. The bird like object lands and amidst the feathers it has the face of a black {totality need for wholeness} man. It asks me if I am with “the princess” {nothing derogatory about this the man is protective of her and she is royal to him}. I say yes because now I know that that is what she is. He says that all will be well and that I must first come with him.

I go to leave and again the princess tries to kiss {need for strength or lack fear of strength, the sense is that she needs strength from me} me. I pull away. Although I am tempted, I know that to have sex {heterosexual sex is desire for intelligent cooperation / fear of domination there is a sense of cooperation but the time is not yet I have something to do with the phoenix dude first} with her is not the reason she has found me. She asks me will I return to them. I say that yes but first I must go.

Dream ends.


“In ancient Greek folklore, a phoenix (/ˈfiːnɪks/; Ancient Greek: φοῖνιξ, phoînix) is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some legends say it dies in a show of flames and combustion, others that it simply dies and decomposes before being born again.”

When I awoke, I was taken to this image which I took while having a fire ceremony over a decade ago.


First comment when taken with yesterday’s dream with the electrical discharge it is safe to hypothesise that power, the spirit, the nagal is up to something.

Second comment the circumstance of us buying “the big house” in the village from Mr T. were mightily full of various synchronicities. I am still waiting to discern the purpose behind the purchase which was the smoothest one I have ever made.


There is a strong sensation of timing to this dream.

By accident I will stumble upon a possibility which I have the solution for. This opens the door to further possibilities. This will expand and beautify my view of the world in several stages via further possibilities to which I also have a solution. I may have to open someone else’s mind.

I will be left a clue to my destiny. It is possible that I will meet someone who has need of me and is fated so to do. {There are other things that Mr. T has left us a legacy yet to be revealed.} There is a lot to do with freedom in this dream, in the sense that I have it.

Power has something instore for me which I need to cooperate with.


Ancillary question:

Am I to rise from the ashes in some way?

dephlogisticated air

People are dying because they don’t have enough dephlogisticated air or in other words oxygen.

Oxygen has eight as its number and the most common isotope is 16 it is about 20% of the atmosphere and you can buy cylinders online.  Medical grade is not cheap.

8 is the jewel Harmony (though conflict) so a lack of harmony causes death.

Tarot 8 is la Justice

16 is liberation through the power of intent the tarot card Maison Dieu.

The oxygen molecule is 32 which is the dark jewel disharmony.

32 Disharmony

Active Shortcoming: Inertia
Behaviour: Anarchy, nihilism, discrediting, slander, gossip, interrupting
Passive Shortcoming: Entropy
Behaviour: Apathy, indifference, carelessness, negligence, slothful, confusion, laziness

Quite a potent mix of numerology


I was really struck when I saw people queuing to get their tanks re filled in south America. They being poor, were trying to look after their loved ones at home.

Because I know how to handle gases, I could fit a regulator and the like. It will be a quick learning curve.

So COVID is showing us all the signs of inequality. We will have vaccine inequality for sure.

And those mutants will keep on coming.



In the, for now, rich countries the new vaccines will probably just about keep pace with the mutants.

There will be a lag.

Might be wise to buy some pharma shares… hmnn…

Difficulty breathing is the dreaming symbol for lack of personal power. In this sense it is accumulated vitality from following a spiritual path or in other words, knowledge.

Because of the ice, the road outside is ultra-quiet. The groovy icicles are groovy.

At last they have stopped going on about the light at the end of the tunnel, if only for a short while..

Now they are complaining about holidays again…

Lantern Jack

Dank tendrils of

a misty miasma

caress the land

somehow, ill at ease


Padding soft across

all the shaven fields

haunting the crows

out gathering seed


Jack-o’-lantern lights

the marshy bogs at night

homesick as he patrols

the cusp of all the twilight


Between the copse

and the meadows

playing hide and seek

with memories


Ready or not

here he comes

deep in the furrows of time

ploughed and furled


Collecting the flints

and chalking deeds

haunting the daylights

out of all the living


He flickers in between


a faerie, pixie light,

torches in the breeze


Close the windows

lock the doors

lest he blow

dream-dust in your ears


Reaping wheaten loaves

the catcher in the rye

bakes drum rolls

in a timpani oven


Palming dream grains

in his cauldron fingers

blowing dragon breath

upon fading embers


To ease the Phoenix

the ashes out

teasing the tears

of a forlorn dawn


Jack is abroad

with his magic sack

sprinkle, sprinkle, all

dreams to twinkle


Hush the rush

the lantern comes

to plant seeds

in the clouds of thought


His pantry always full

unscrews the jar

kept many winter through

and places the dreams


In his magic flute

to key finger threads

upon the duvet downs

that still doze, dozy


Jack-o’-lantern lights

sleepy hollow

and starts their dreams

their dreams for tomorrow


As he tip-toes past

he checks off the names

from his shopping list

granting each a single wish


Now with the call of dawn

the reeds and peat

whisper him back to bed

and lay down his weary head


For Jack must again dream

his pantry full

and pack his sack

before the mist will call and pull


For lantern Jack

there is no rest

must sow all those dreams

from his magic sack.


What cards are “in play”?

I have been feeling this one for quite a while, it is for those who pooh-pooh the virus.

It, for sure, is  in play know.

This is the one where karma makes us kneel for our arrogance and conceit. Our economies are in free fall..all that money being lost. The crown of our self importance knocked off by nature.

You reap what you sow. Many are having painful dis-incarnations at this point in time and there will be many more to come.

This it the card par excellence of lock-down and confinement.

This is the jewel of awarenss honour. How many are being found wanting? If you believe in heaven and hell, then those who are leaving us, face their judgement. For me personally this is a karmic card. Karma “judges” our actions and then responds.


Le Pendu


here doing a jig

inside my Ikea closet

I can dance my Sirtaki

my individual Hopak


no-one knows I am

redacted, erased

for all eternity

just hanging around


I can shake my rattle

jingle my bones

play with my sockets

click all my joints


this my ossuary

my living tomb

my self created

flat pack womb


spider web secreted

in dank dusty caverns

under the carpet

swept out of sight


my stainless steel

is shiny and hip

it will not rust

in that I can trust


what bold explorer

might stumble on

with his LED light

to give me a fright?


one day