Excerpted from:

The Mabinogion, tr. by Lady Charlotte Guest, [1877], at sacred-texts.com

{My dad used to work at her family steelworks in Cardiff. Whenever we go to Palacret and see the weir, I am reminded of this.}


IN times past there lived in Penllyn a man of gentle lineage, named Tegid Voel, and his dwelling was in the midst of the lake Tegid, and his wife was called Caridwen. And there was born to him of his wife a son named Morvran ab Tegid, and also a daughter named Creirwy, the fairest maiden in the world was she; and they had a brother, the most ill-favoured man in the world, Avagddu. Now Caridwen his mother thought that he was not likely to be admitted among men of noble birth, by reason of his ugliness, unless he had some exalted merits or knowledge. For it was in the beginning of Arthur’s time and of the Round Table.

So she resolved, according to the arts of the books of the Fferyllt, to boil a cauldron of Inspiration and Science for her son, that his reception might be honourable because of his knowledge of the mysteries of the future state of the world.

Then she began to boil the cauldron, which from the beginning of its boiling might not cease to boil for a year and a day, until three blessed drops were obtained of the grace of Inspiration.

And she put Gwion Bach the son of Gwreang of Llanfair in Caereinion, in Powys, to stir the cauldron, and a blind man named Morda to kindle the fire beneath it, and she charged them that they should not suffer it to cease boiling for the space of a year and a day. And she herself, according to the books of the astronomers, and in planetary hours, gathered every day of all charm-bearing herbs. And one day, towards the end of the year, as Caridwen was culling plants and making incantations, it chanced that three drops of the charmed liquor flew out of the cauldron and fell upon the finger of Gwion Bach. And by reason of their great heat he put his finger to his mouth, and the instant he put those marvel-working drops into his mouth, he foresaw everything that was to come, and perceived that his chief care must be to guard against the wiles of Caridwen, for vast was her skill. And in very great fear he fled towards his own land. And the cauldron burst in two, because all the liquor within it except the three charm-bearing drops was poisonous, so that the horses of Gwyddno Garanhir were poisoned by the water of the stream into which the liquor of the cauldron ran, and the confluence of that stream was called the Poison of the Horses of Gwyddno from that time forth.

Thereupon came in Caridwen and saw all the toil of the whole year lost. And she seized a billet of wood and struck the blind Morda on the head until one of his eyes fell out upon his cheek. And he said, “Wrongfully hast thou disfigured me, for I am innocent. Thy loss was not because of me.” “Thou speakest truth,” said Caridwen, “it was Gwion Bach who robbed me.”

And she went forth after him, running. And he saw her, and changed himself into a hare and fled. But she changed herself into a greyhound and turned him. And he ran towards a river, and became a fish. And she in the form of an otter-bitch chased him under the water, until he was fain to turn himself into a bird of the air. She, as a hawk, followed him and gave him no rest in the sky. And just as she was about to stoop upon him, and he was in fear of death, he espied a heap of winnowed wheat on the floor of a barn, and he dropped among the wheat, and turned himself into one of the grains. Then she transformed herself into a high-crested black hen, and went to the wheat and scratched it with her feet, and found him out and swallowed him. And, as the story says, she bore him nine months, and when she was delivered of him, she could not find it in her heart to kill him, by reason of his beauty. So she wrapped him in a leathern bag, and cast him into the sea to the mercy of God, on the twenty-ninth day of April.

And at that time the weir of Gwyddno was on the strand between Dyvi and Aberystwyth, near to his own castle, and the value of an hundred pounds was taken in that weir every May eve. And in those days Gwyddno had an only son named Elphin, the most hapless of youths, and the most needy. And it grieved his father sore, for he thought that he was born in an evil hour. And by the advice of his council, his father had granted him the drawing of the weir that year, to see if good luck would ever befall him, and to give him something wherewith to begin the world.

And the next day when Elphin went to look, there was nothing in the weir. But as he turned back he perceived the leathern bag upon a pole of the weir. Then said one of the weir-ward unto Elphin, “Thou wast never unlucky until to-night, and now thou hast destroyed the virtues of the weir, which always yielded the value of an hundred pounds every May eve, and to-night there is nothing but this leathern skin within it.” “How now,” said Elphin, “there may be therein the value of an hundred pounds.” Well, they took up the leathern bag, and he who opened it saw the forehead of the boy, and said to Elphin, “Behold a radiant brow!”

“Taliesin be he called,” said Elphin. And he lifted the boy in his arms, and lamenting his mischance, he placed him sorrowfully behind him. And he made his horse amble gently, that before had been trotting, and he carried him as softly as if he had been sitting in the easiest chair in the world. And presently the boy made a Consolation and praise to Elphin, and foretold honour to Elphin; and the Consolation was as you may see:–

“Fair Elphin, cease to lament!
Let no one be dissatisfied with his own,
To despair will bring no advantage.
No man sees what supports him;
The prayer of Cynllo will not be in vain;
God will not violate his promise.
Never in Gwyddno’s weir
Was there such good luck as this night.
Fair Elphin, dry thy cheeks!
Being too sad will not avail.
Although thou thinkest thou hast no gain,
Too much grief will bring thee no good;
Nor doubt the miracles of the Almighty:
Although I am but little, I am highly gifted.
From seas, and from mountains,
And from the depths of rivers,
God brings wealth to the fortunate man.
Elphin of lively qualities,
Thy resolution is unmanly;
Thou must not be over sorrowful:
Better to trust in God than to forbode ill.
Weak and small as I am,
On the foaming beach of the ocean,
In the day of trouble I shall be
Of more service to thee than three hundred salmon.
Elphin of notable qualities,
Be not displeased at thy misfortune;
Although reclined thus weak in my bag,
There lies a virtue in my tongue.
While I continue thy protector
Thou hast not much to fear;
Remembering the names of the Trinity,
None shall be able to harm thee.”

And this was the first poem that Taliesin ever sang, being to console Elphin in his grief for that the produce of the weir was lost, and, what was worse, that all the world would consider that it was through his fault and ill-luck. And then Gwyddno Garanhir asked him what he was, whether man or spirit. Whereupon he sang this tale, and said:–

“First, I have been formed a comely person,
In the court of Caridwen I have done penance;
Though little I was seen, placidly received,
I was great on the floor of the place to where I was led;
I have been a prized defence, the sweet muse the cause,
And by law without speech I have been liberated
By a smiling black old hag, when irritated
Dreadful her claim when pursued:
I have fled with vigour, I have fled as a frog,
I have fled in the semblance of a crow, scarcely finding rest;
I have fled vehemently, I have fled as a chain,
I have fled as a roe into an entangled thicket;
I have fled as a wolf cub, I have fled as a wolf in a wilderness,
I have fled as a thrush of portending language;
I have fled as a fox, used to concurrent bounds of quirks;
I have fled as a martin, which did not avail;
I have fled as a squirrel, that vainly hides,
I have fled as a stag’s antler, of ruddy course,
I have fled as iron in a glowing fire,
I have fled as a spear-head, of woe to such as has a wish for it;
I have fled as a fierce hull bitterly fighting,
I have fled as a bristly boar seen in a ravine,
I have fled as a white grain of pure wheat,
On the skirt of a hempen sheet entangled,
That seemed of the size of a mare’s foal,
That is filling like a ship on the waters;
Into a dark leathern bag I was thrown,
And on a boundless sea I was sent adrift;
Which was to me an omen of being tenderly nursed,
And the Lord God then set me at liberty.”

Then came Elphin to the house or court of Gwyddno his father, and Taliesin with him. And Gwyddno asked him if he had had a good haul at the weir, and he told him that he had got that which was better than fish. “What was that?” said Gwyddno. “A Bard,” answered Elphin.

Preliminary Rules for Radiatory Healing

  • By an act of the will, after making your own quick, conscious alignment, link up as a soul with the souls of your group brothers. Then link up with their minds, and then with their emotional natures. Do this by the use of the imagination, realizing that energy follows thought and that the linking process is inevitable, if correctly done. You can then function as a group. Then forget about the group relation and concentrate upon the work to be done.


  • Within yourself, then, link soul and brain and gather together the forces of love that are to be found in your aura and focus yourself and all that you have to offer within the head, picturing yourself as a radiant center of energy or a point of vivid light. This light is to be projected upon the patient through the ajna center between the eyes.

Then say the following group mantram:

“With purity of motive, inspired by a loving heart, we offer ourselves for this work of healing. This offer we make as a group and to the one we seek to heal.”

As you do this, visualize the linking process going on. See it as moving lines of living light substance, linking you to your brothers on the one hand, and to the patient on the other. See these lines going out from you to the heart center of the group and to the patient. But work ever from the ajna center until instructed to do differently. In this way, the ajna center and the heart center of all the persons involved will be closely interrelated. You see here where the value of visualization comes in. It is in reality the etheric externalization of the creative imagination. Think this last sentence out.


  • Then use thought, directed thought, for a brief moment and think of the one you seek to heal, linking up with him, and focusing your attention on him so that he becomes a reality in your consciousness and close to you. When you are aware what the physical difficulty is, then simply recall it to your mind and then dismiss it. Forget now the details of the work, such as the group, yourself and the difficulty of the patient, and concentrate upon the type of force you are going to handle, which is, in this case and for the present, second ray force, the force of love. What I am here giving out is an adaptation of the second ray method of healing, arranged for beginners.


  • Feel a deep love pouring into you. Regard it as substantial light which you can and will manipulate. Then send it out as a stream of radiant light from the ajna center and direct it through the medium of your hands to the patient. In doing this, hold the hands before the eyes, palms outward and with the backs of the hands next to the eyes and about six inches away from the face. In this way, the stream which is issuing from the ajna center, becomes divided into two and pours out through the two hands. It is thus directed on to the patient. Visualize it as pouring out and sense the patient receiving it. As you do this, say aloud in a low voice:


“May the love of the One Soul, focused in this group, radiate upon you, my brother, and permeate every part of your body – healing, soothing, strengthening; and dissipating all that hinders service and good health.”


  • Say this slowly and deliberately, believing in the results. See that no thought-power or will-power enters into the stream of healing energy, but only a concentrated radiating love. The use of the visualizing faculty and of the creative imagination, plus a sense of deep and steadfast love, will keep the mind and the will in abeyance.


I would emphasize the urgent necessity for complete silence and reticence in relation to all healing work. Never let it be known by anyone that you are working in this manner, and never mention to anyone the names of those you are seeking to aid. Do not discuss the patient under treatment even among yourselves. If this basic rule of silence is not kept, it will indicate that you are not yet ready for this work and should discontinue it. This injunction is far more important than you can realize; for speech and discussion not only tend to deflect and dissipate force, but violate a fundamental rule which all healers are trained to keep, and even the medical profession on the physical plane follows the same general procedure.


Excerpted from:

Esoteric Healing – Chapter I – The Psychological Causes of Disease

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul

The Hooded Man

hunting echoes

in a canyon

with a ceremonial



wearing an overcoat

of shadows

belonging to

someone else


seeking a river’s tears

under a willow tree

being coy with carp

and an egret


wobbling with

the newborn deer

in ignorance grass

on poppy meadows


where remembering

brings no opium

not for ghosts

or djinns


counting cherry stones

piled in perfect balance

a heap of Sakurai

in the making


a sandwich of Satori

rice paper fine

and as delicate

as dew


the dawn chases away

echoes and shadows

and walks daisies,

petal footsteps in the stream


tickling toes between

washing scales

as the sunlight



the mists yawn

the trees sway

dancing mirror ponds

shimmer sequins


the stars stretch

their cosmic arms

teasing the hair

of night’s sky


and now even echoes

chime no more

Pie Jesu in the snow

as a lamb sings


frolicking with buttercups

and dents-de-lions

shorn of shadow coats

and now naked


no more soul

to clothe him

not now

not ever


the land of shadows

fades misty fast

without meals

or succour


and diamond eyed,

glinting galaxies,

he pulls up his cowl

the hooded man


… … hunts no more

Dancing with Ganesh 20-9-19

Still a bit shaky. I have just woken from my afternoon nap, which usually results from my midday codeine. Wow! That was the most intense dream I have ever had.

I arrive at the edge of a walled garden and am welcomed through a large gateway by an upright Ganesh. He has all the typical elephant features, but his gait is that of a human being. He is iridescent blue in colour and has a twinkle in his eyes. I am welcomed into his “humble abode”. He shows me around his palace gardens, gardens that are tropical and scented. There are flowers everywhere. The garden is filled with water features. He takes me to a partially covered courtyard which has red-brown gravel. The pieces of gravel are near perfect spheres. He sits me down and we take tea together brought by his servants. I understand that this courtyard is where he practises his dancing.

A group of Indian musicians file in and seat themselves on the ground. Ganesh signals to them and they start playing. He gets up and starts to dance. His movements are exquisite, and his hands alternate between mudras beautifully and each mudra is exact and precise. He beckons me and starts to teach me some steps of his dance. {In the dream my leg functions fine.} Slowly I get the steps and we are starting to whirl and circle. It is entrancing. He stops suddenly and takes a blue-metallic AUM symbol out of his tunic. He walks over to me and presses it on my ajna centre. Slowly it penetrates and dissolves into me. I am left with a tattoo like impression on my skin. Ganseh smiles radiantly and we continue to dance.

I look at my body and notice that it has somehow taken on the same hue as Ganesh, which pleases me greatly in the dream. He laughs, at my surprise.

I awake with a start and my first instinct is look at my arms. They are not blue. They are lightly tanned and freckled with a few bruises from all the needles. It takes a while to assemble the reality of the room. I get up and go outside to smoke.

River-Buddha-Key Dream 24-11-19

This morning I woke up at 5am and got up for some coffee. I was contemplating that some people are very intractable and insistent. I had the visual image of two armies entrenched as per the first world war. It was an image that portrayed the utter futility which human beings are capable of, they dig in and fire at each other. I went back to bed just before 7am and had this dream.

The dream starts here in Brittany. I get in my car and drive onto the quatre voies heading south. I take the first exit which leads up a hill to vast expanse of pristine tarmac. I get out of my car on my crutches and walk around the tarmac which I understand to be a car park for busses. It has only just been built and is entirely empty. I am at one edge of the tarmac and I can see a path leading off into a housing estate of sorts. At the other side of the car park a group of men appear with large dogs. They are heading towards me. I decide that I had better take the path, which I do.

The men are mildly threatening and one of the dogs is let off the leash. I am now part of the way down the path, the dog catches up with me and instead of growling it is playful and happy. It is a kind of Labrador based mongrel and is extremely friendly towards me. When the men see this, they relax and pass me saying “bonjour”. I carry on along the path and come to a crossroads of paths. There two men there say to me that I should take the path to the right, but I know I must take the path to the left because it heads towards the river. If I follow the river it will lead me home.

I follow the left path through the housing estate which is made of small stone cottages with tiny but immaculate gardens. The path leads me down some steps to a paved path next to the river which is flowing gently. I follow the river upstream. Soon the path is blocked by a school. I decide to walk through the school to find the path which I can see leads away on the other side. I enter the school and am at first nervous because schools don’t like strange men walking in off the street. Inside I can see that it is a school partially dedicated to the handicapped, so being on crutches is OK there are provisions for wheelchairs.

Inside the school hall everyone is sat down for Christmas lunch. There are Christmas decorations and the staff and students are jolly and eating. I approach the head teacher who is at a table with some disabled students, one with Polio callipers and another young girl who has the exact same crutches as I do. They are speaking in Welsh accents and somehow, I am now in Wales and I know the river very well. I say to the head teacher that I am following the river and have taken the short cut through the school. I motion towards the door leading from the school hall which leads out onto the path. The door is chained shut and has a padlock. I ask If she might open it. She searches everywhere on her person for the key.  The little girl say that “Mavis” has the key and that she is in the office. She points me in the general direction.

On the way to the office I come across a quiet secluded waiting area with chairs. I sit down and begin to meditate. I generate a visual image of a Thai style seated golden buddha which is very shiny and complete with aura. I hold the image in my mind and then let it permeate me. I then project this thought form via my ajna centre into the minds of people from my past. Again, and again I pulse out this thought form. Next, I generate a golden reclining buddha. In the dream I lie on the floor and let this permeate. I then project this reclining image as before. 

I then get up and go to them office, where I find “Mavis”. She is a tall, young welsh woman with dark hair and her identity badge on a lanyard. Around her neck is string with a bunch of keys. I explain the situation to her, and she is very chatty and welcoming. We progress to the hall and to the door. She goes to open the padlock. It is now open. She is somewhat surprised that it did not need to be unlocked. She pushes open the doors and I go out onto the path. I say goodbye and the girl with the crutches waves at me.

The path along the river is now wet and it is starting to snow, which makes the scene more Christmas like. I continue along the river taking extra care with my steps on the snowy path. Around me the world is busy Christmas shopping, but I am focussed solely on the river path.


The dream ends.