Past Life Recall and Akashic Records

In a previous post about the Akashic records the Tibetan is suggesting that when a being has essentially rid itself of astral / emotional and physical / etheric polarisation and is largely mentally polarised, perhaps in higher and abstract mind, they should be able to access the akashic records of their previous lives. And do so accurately. He does warn that the records, contain many illusory, emotive and glamoured forms. So, people who might think they are accessing their records may be largely kidding themselves. You might even be able to get a purveyor of snake oil to access these records for you to have something to talk about over dinner. I often wondered why so many people claim to be reincarnation of famous people like Genghis Khan or Jesus. Very few say, “I am the reincarnation of a 17th century cobbler called Smith. I died from tertiary syphilis which I contracted from a penny whore.”

I mentioned earlier in the blog that there was a time ~2003 when I got what appeared to be overlay of my life as a Buddhist monk whilst walking down Upper Tulse Hill in London on my way to work and only a few hours before I would be lecturing 100 students on Chemical Reaction Kinetics. There are number of ways of interpreting this, genuine past life recall, accessing of the Akashic records or simple hallucinatory psychosis. The thing was I was perfectly able to get on a bus, board a crowded tube train and alight at South Kensington. Despite the overlay I was in control and not freaked out.

Because by this stage I had come across the notion of past life recall, thanks to Théun Mares, I settled as the most likely hypothesis that this was indeed some spontaneous past life recall from what was mooted to me later as two previous Buddhist priest / monk incarnations.  Later at a Shinto shrine in Tokyo, Japan and never having knowingly done it or seen it before, I enacted a cleansing ritual much to the surprise of my Japanese colleague and interpreter. This suggested that one of my Buddhist lives was perhaps Japanese. It explains maybe why I have been drawn to things Japanese since I was about 17 {kyokushin karate}. These can at best be chimera like things, insubstantial. Nevertheless, these chimeras may explain certain latent propensities.

If my interpretation is correct, and that is a big if, then I do have some measure of recall from three of my previous lives with reduced recall from two others. There are some partial fragments from one a very, very long time ago, too.

Generally, when one reads the Tibetan one gets a sense of a measured, detached and highly intellectual being who is both eloquent and clear. In Toltec terms I would bet that he is a Scholar by predilection and a Scholar on the second ray, giving him double whammy Scholastic tendencies.

In the past I did in states of elevated awareness attempt to “find” these akashic records and unless I am kidding myself, I did. I reasoned that there was little point in trying to do this as it was a) showing off and b) distracting from liberation. Once I had gotten sufficient glimpse so as to sense the truth in what the Tibetan writes, I jacked it in.

If you asked your common or garden physicist, they would be unlikely to believe in the akashic records or even for many past life recall. Though if they changed field from condensed matter physics to string theory, they might say in my previous incarnation I was a condensed matter physicist.

What do you reckon might there be a permanent record of every action deed and thought somewhere?