Recapitulating Through My Journals – Temptation

I have just gotten to where I “trashed” my 130,000-euro job and the dream that instigated that process.  One journal was almost entirely full of the meditation thought form building.  The next is full of dreams pertaining to the petty dramas of day-to-day life and hardly any meditation notes.

It is just possible somebody from the space agency contacted my old employers and “had a word about me”. It is a small world.

In the meditation journal it suggested that I am somehow on the line of Avalokiteśvara, there is some flavour of this in me.

In my journal I make the hypothesis that this job with its large salary, kudos and fancy lasers to play with was by way of a temptation for me to turn away from the spiritual and back toward the material. Given that we were in the act of downsizing house to save rent money, it was pretty well timed and well designed. The not accepting the job had a number of knock-on effects in the material world.

Way back somebody told me that my predilection was Dreaming Man of Action. But I started getting loads of 18s and the wife dreamed of me being severed and I did have one very unpleasant energetic experience. Whilst I was recovering from this, moving house in the snow, the shit started to hit the fan on the material plane.

So given that and the tricorn hat dream I started a new hypothesis that I am indeed a three-pronged philosophical nagal who is also a dreamer. I am pretty out there from time to time.

It is not entirely beyond the realms of possibility. I had been trying to live life in a way that someone else suggested.

These themes of temptation run continuously for much of my adult life and by and large I have resisted temptation fairly well, not always I might add, but usually the big ones.

Only eight A4 journals to go and I’ll be up to date.

Interestingly in 2008 I had a vision of living near a river and of the Breton countryside. Oh yeah and a blue, red and black Triskelion, which kind of links across to the three-pronged nagal hypothesis.

Watkins Books…

I enjoy book shops and libraries. I have spent many a happy hour in the libraries at University College London, The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Chemistry Department library in Bern. That was back in the days of paper. Do you even remember paper? I was a librarian’s dream, particularly in Bern. I got her to source multiple inter library loans and photocopies. There is nothing that a librarian likes more than to be helpful! They like to be detectives. She was very good and {obvs.} efficient.

I bought my two additions of The Secret Doctrine here at Watkins Books in Cecil Court, London. My mini-statue of Avalokiteśvara was sourced near opposite. I had a long discussion on the chemistry of patinas with the shop owner.

Anyone delving into the available knowledge should pay a visit if they can. It has a really nice feel.

I first went there in 2000. I felt slightly naughty. A scientist visiting an “occult” bookshop. Luckily I was not struck down by lightning.

I used to visit about four or five times a year.

Yah, that is one of the few things I miss being here…I’ll have to search for a French equivalent, there must be one, somewhere…