The Coypu and The Bentonite

Picked up 30litres of bentonite cat litter this morning to plug up the other side of the coypu burrow.

The burrow is in the bank I am standing on and water drains through it towards Le Jaudy which is to my right.

Took off the top layer of turf and found this:

There is a kind of U bend and a tunnel nearer the top. Both are about 50cm long.

This is me stuffing small stones into the tunnel and ramming them in with the rod to my right.

Next, the bentonite it should expand to around three times its volume when wet, it should stick together and agglomerate.

I pour it in and quickly ram it in by hand before it can absorb any water.

Multiple layers pressed in by hand and mixed with gravel.

Some clay rich soil to finish off…

Fingers crossed…so far no new signs of leakage.