Wider Perspectives

It is said that Bodhidharma spent nine years staring at a wall doing Zen. As such he is often depicted as having no eyelids. I have spent the best part of today and some of yesterday staring at walls and filling them with thriller, no sorry not that, filler. The kitchen is due for installation on Monday and there is a bit of a race to get it ready. Tomorrow the sandpaper orgy begins. Because some of the walls will be behind units, there is a temptation not to do them to such a high standard. We shall see how we go. Although we won’t be able to see them, I will know if I have skimped.

I like to think that I am capable of seeing wider perspectives and in many cases, this has been found to be true. Many people think they have a wide perspective, when they don’t. The INFJ is a big picture thinker and they include people in the big picture not just systems. I have heard it said that INFJs can be visionary, like Martin Luther King. “I have a dream…” That dream is closer to fruition now, but still a way off.

It is slightly odd, that I find myself here, isolated. Given the potential that briefly shone 20 years ago, it seems an unlikely outcome. There was no way of predicting it. People have not been all that nice to me over the years, which if I am just an old git, possibly alcoholic, taking his retirement, is not so significant. I have been at the end of pointy fingers on many an occasion.

From time to time I post up the words of my second ray brother, aka The Tibetan. As I write this, I am in triangulation with he and another of our ashram. I am an affiliate. There is no reliable way that you can tell if I am pulling your leg.

As a thought experiment apropos of wider perspectives, if I say that I have taken more than the sixth, what would that mean to you? Would that alter the significance of me finding myself here in “exile”?

If you have been slagging me off, would that snippet of information change anything?

Could you even begin to appreciate what might be transpiring?

See I like to think outside the box…and as a bit of a closet philosopher I like thought experiments.

Is there only The One Life in which we are all interconnected or are we all separate very important ambitious self-advancing stable geniuses?

Bodhidharma Pacifies the Mind

Bodhidharma sits facing the wall. His future successor stands in the snow and presents his severed arm to Bodhidharma. He cries: “My mind is not pacified. Master, pacify my mind.”

Bodhidharma says: “If you bring me that mind, I will pacify it for you.”

The successor says: “When I search my mind I cannot hold it.”

Bodhidharma says: “Then your mind is pacified already.”



Mumon’s comment: That broken-toothed old Hindu, Bodhidharma, came thousands of miles over the sea from India to China as if he had something wonderful. He is like raising waves without wind. After he remained years in China he had only one disciple and that one lost his arm and was deformed. Alas, ever since he has had brainless disciples.


        Why did Bodhidharma come to China?

        For years monks have discussed this.

        All the troubles that have followed since

        Came from that teacher and disciple.