The Astounding Omniscience of They

If you want to be free, then you will need to think for yourself and then learn to trust that and what your heart tells you.

You many need to do this against a backdrop of the astounding omniscience of they. This means that you might be at the sharp end of group opinion. It is not a comfortable place.

This relates to the “Making Plans for Nigel” theme, a favourite theme of mine. Other people gather together and make plans for what to do with Nigel. They imagine that if they present Nigel with a fait accompli, he will be happy and go along with it. Of course, they have not consulted Nigel whilst they are making plans for him, so it is by way of an intrigue. He has been excluded and thereby plotted upon. This never occurs to them, it lies outside their astounding omniscience.

Group mind deems itself wise and all-knowing, this is because like-minded people share a similar approach. Because there is little dissent within a homogeneous group, it imagines that consensual accuracy is in fact wide ranging and accurate. A little careful thought suggests that homogeneous groups are limited to the conceptual abilities to be found within their homogeneity. Although they may imagine themselves capable of thinking outside the box, the box is pretty small to start off with. So even if they manage to get outside the box it is still close to the box.

There is something comforting about the consensus of a group. Because of that it deems itself to be righter. From within the group it seems OK to recruit into it or inflict opinion upon those outside it. They imagine themselves attractive and to have a gravitational pull.

If you want to be free, then you have to be mindful of this draw of group-mind. It can be difficult to maintain clarity in the light of peer pressure. Group-mind is volatile and can turn in an instant, sometimes on others. And group-mind once moving has more momentum, thereby it is difficult to stop or resist. It takes some character to not get caught up in group-mind. That primitive urge to belong to some tribe or other is strong. External people will always consult the tribe before the individual. This means that the astounding omniscience of they, is the more widely accepted. They say a lot of things.

If you want to be free, then you will need to think for yourself and then learn to trust that and what your heart tells you.

The Problem of Clone-think

When many people of roughly similar mentality get together, they tend to attract others of similar mentality. What results is an aggregate of people who start to exhibit Clone-think. The cloning isn’t perfect but all diversity in thinking tends to fade. The problem is that clone-think is self-reinforcing, because there is no diversity of view clone-think deems itself inviolably accurate. It doesn’t occur that clone-think is a property of institutionalisation. Everyone who does not have clone-think is simply wrong and badly so.

It is nigh on impossible to get through to the mind of anyone who is caught and held fast in clone-think. The membrane surrounding clone-think is not permeable and the aggregate of clones has a high mass and therefore inertia. Because of this, if it is moving in one direction it has terrific momentum and cannot be deflected from its “chosen” course. Clone-think is right and that is the end of that! How dare you question the unfailing omniscience of clone-think!

Clone-think is property of group mind.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever encountered clone-think?

Am I a part of a group that may have this problem of clone-think?

How would I know?