dilost-hañv or autumn

the central section today – all the hard work has paid off
this is a unique flower – two tone
it is the only one on this dahlia to be like this – a mutant?
Euonymus Phellomanus ? Last year it did not do this, now it is freer it thrives
last night we had some rain
the prevailing wind off the atlantic brings watery autumns here at Traou an Dour
the coypu has been munching our lotuses
we informed the mairie and they sent some trappers
the pears will have finished their primary fermentation tomorrow – we will harvest the apples in the orchard and put them on to brew. Guess I’ll be making plenty of apple sauce too….
Hesperantha coccinea ? the river lily. Last year we had only two flowers…this year they have really gone for it.