Zürich Theosophy Dream 13-9-21

Here is this morning’s dream. When I got up, I typed Zürich Theosophy into Google and found that someone has done a Ph.D. thesis on the Theosophical movement and one of her examiners was at ETH Zürich. I shall have a quick scan of it later.

I am in a room with several people my age and older. I know them to be theosophists. I am saying to them that the age range is high and that on average they are older than me. What are they doing to try to attract a younger audience? They show me an App. on a computer. I try to get it to open but fail. They say that I need a code. They give me four groups of two numbers 53, 29 and I forgot the other two. This opens an application in which one can read various Theosophical Society documents online, in an archival style.

I say that I need to go to Zürich Theosophy, Theosophy Zürich. They say that I don’t have to as there are Theosophical groups here in France. {The conversation is entirely in English}. I am adamant I have to go to the Zürich branch because I am missing Switzerland a little. Apparently, I have something for them.

I awake and think, “that was weird and out of the blue.”

Around 19 years ago I attended one meeting of the Theosophical Society in England in Gloucester Place. The talk was well presented and clear, but the whole thing was a bit too “nice cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich” for my liking. I was more Stella Artois and Marlboro Lights at the time.

Much later I had some small interaction with Theosophy Cardiff who were a bit less starchy.

Cassita – Anya Dream – 18-08-21 – Worked Up

This is the second of two dreams from last night and has a dream within a dream.

I am at and academic conference with Cassita {means little house in Spanish}.We are sharing a hotel room {view of the world}but are not lovers. She has the appearance of being South {Power / dreaming / Unknown – the female South?? Nagal woman ??}. American with dark hair {social self-image} a flowing triangular {Triangle / feeling / dreamer} skirt and a lot of ethnic jewellery including large earrings {ears / feeling, Sensitivity lack of??} She is telling me that she is not happy because I have not been giving her enough attention, spending a lot of time at the conference. I say to her that she has been cold shouldering me.

We go out for a walk, and she storms off down a shopping arcade.

I have a meeting with and ex-student in a piazza {Public space exposure / fear of?}. He is now in personal development and is being sued by a rival company for using what the deem their propriety technology. He is not worried because he knows he has done noting wrong. As we talk his CV falls out of his briefcase. I pick it up off the ground, it is extensive and fairly heavy. I say, “wow you really have been busy”. He says, “yes”. He puts it back in the briefcase and we return to the conference hotel.

I meet some American professors {Knowledge in the common view of the world?}there in the lobby. The conference {need for communication ??} is ending, and they would like to see my prototype. I go over to the front desk and ask for my key, under my name and room #442 {4 = stability or lack of, 2 = humility and understanding / need for or a symbol of destiny, 10 = A new cycle. Impeccability through the repletion of past experiences / warning not to fall into old traps, 1 = Fluidity need for or lack of}.The key {Key = answer / solution to is missing}is out but Cassita has left a note to say that she is in the room. {out there suggestion does the solution lie with the female south?}

We go up to the room {View of the world}and knock on the door {possibility}.Cassita is dressed in a bath robe and has wet hair. She is getting ready for the flight home. On the back of the door are hanging two circuit boards with LED displays and some wiring {electricity the nagal / spirit?}.On the desk is a computer keyboard and a small monitor. I show these briefly to the professors and they are impressed. They want to know what our flight number is, they would like to re-arrange it for us so that we can stay longer and have more discussions. Cassita is holding off using the hair dryer whilst they are there. I look into a pile of papers and find my airline ticket {Air travel – awareness with respect to rational ideas and concepts}the flight is only two {2 =humility and understanding / need for or a symbol of destiny} hours’ time and is not changeable / refundable.

We must hurry. Cassita says that I should go on ahead with the luggage {baggage?} and when she is ready, she will follow.

I am now on the airport bus {Social conditioning}driving through the city. It is very Italian in feel with few high rises. I say to the person next to me, now an old flat mate, that the city is very beautiful and unspoiled. The bus driver seems to get lost, and we disembark onto a mountain {Hope}top with a panoramic view {Perception?}of what seems to be the Andes {South again? Power / dreaming / Unknown} CJ {by predilection CJ is a dreaming scholar}and I are a little hesitant walking close to the edge of a precipice. I know with utter certainty that this is a dream and therefore we do not have to worry.

A small very narrow gap {Bit like door -possibility but a narrow and tiny one/ vague sense of secret mission / therefore destiny} appears in the rock which is just small enough for me to squeeze through. This I do and I beckon CJ to follow me. We are on a platform several metres above what looks to be a research facility {new knowledge?}. I can see a step ladder on wheels and try to hook it with my foot so that we can get down.  I can’t quite reach. Two {2 =humility and understanding / need for or a symbol of destiny} men in white {peace need for?}lab coats see what I am trying to do. They move the ladder so that we can get down. I am known to them. I squeeze through another gap and onto the ladder. I descend {Staircase going down, need to reach for deeper implications and a warning not to become retrospective}to the laboratory floor.

The lab has a lot of electronic {electricity the nagal / spirit?}.devices including oscilloscopes, and chart paper machines {think old school paper seismographs} There are a lot of plastic tubes with coloured fluid in them rigged up to some device.  A young woman is approaching with a syringe full of liquid and a very long needle. She asks if I am ready and with which arm {Arm – Idealism, desire, goal orientation}, I wish to begin. I say the less gangrenous one. Apparently, I have been through this procedure multiple times before. I offer her my left {left side knowledge – feeling}arm and there is a big hole {sense of void rather than lack of }in the inside of my elbow joint. She puts the syringe in and presses a plunger. I can feel a vast amount of liquid being injected. After a few minutes she say that I am now primed and am ready for the next part. I ask her if there will be any side effects. “No, only a few psychic glitches after you have been unplugged.”

They plug me into the machine, {electricity the nagal / spirit?} and it starts to monitor my brain function and vital signs. She takes another huge syringe and places it in the hole in my right {right side knowledge – logic} arm she again injects a vast amount of liquid.

I am now dreaming and dreaming it in. 

I am aware of the lab around me and can see all the oscilloscope screens and chart paper pens twitching. After a while the lady in the white {peace / need for}coat unplugs me and takes me to recovery. She is very happy with what has been achieved.

There is somebody at the door {Possibility}.We let him into the foyer. It is soon obvious he has a bad intention, and he tries to get me to fight him. He puts his revolver {Protection / need for sense of a trap here}on the floor and beckons me to pick it up. I know that this is a pretext for an attack on his part. I refuse to pick it up. He an ex-American military {practical physical action}man is getting very agitated. He then stabs me with a device which inflates and in so doing fills itself with a good quantity of my blood {Takes some of my life essence}. My colleagues come to help me get away from him. He runs off thinking that he will be able to reproduce our results from my blood {my life essence}.

We close the large vault like doors {Possibility} to the laboratory and go up some stairs { stairs ascending – the need to recognise and  eradicate separativeness; or the need to reconcile apparently opposing concepts}to a night-time {Dark – Unknown} square in a South {Power / dreaming / Unknown} American village. Some of the professors from the conference are sat there having cocktails. Somehow, they are connected to the attack and want to know how things are progressing.

“Fine”, I say.

At this moment a small blue {humility and understanding sometimes destiny}plastic container on wheels approaches under remote control. There is a soft white glow {Energy  / power} coming from it and a voice which says, “Hello I am Cassita Anya and I am very glad to meet you.”

One of the professors {Knowledge in the common view of the world?} goes over to the container and takes out the small jewellery { hint of gold – nagal / spirit} figure and holds it in his hands { relationships with life the world around him}. He says that it is a hoax.

At this point Cassita Anya {Anja? The little house of Ajna?}animates herself {Vague sense of magic power?} and stands up on his hand glowing {energy power},“Hello I am Cassita Anya and am very glad to meet you”, she says.

The professor is dumbstruck

The dream ends.

Ancillary comment: earlier this week I was contacted by someone from the female south whom I know to be a Southerly Dreamer.

Last night watching Celebrity Master Chef I was reasonably convinced that Penny Lancaster is a Southerly Stalker.

Yesterday in the supermarket I kept banging into a woman and asking myself where I know her from. She is a woman of Southerly persuasion who used to work in the local Tabac.

It is possible ergo that the “wind”, so to speak, is in the South.

The dream came on an 18 day which is the jewel of the nagal being.

On Monday I am due to have an intravenous general anaesthetic.

This is by far the most dreamy and far out dream I have had for a long time.


The first paragraph usually sets the overall message of the dream. In days gone by, I would have interpreted this in terms of my relationship with my dreamer. It would have suggested that I am not listening to my dreamer. But my dreamer always used to appear as a female with dark brown hair of roughly the same age as me. The woman here is over twenty years younger than me and very challenging. The idea being that one’s female half does not incarnate {if male} yet guides as the dreamer. There is a further technical reason why this interpretation of cooperation with dreamer is not possible

During the course of the dream Cassita changes, implicit by my dreaming, into Cassita-Anya. The body disappears and she becomes transformed into jewellery animated and energetically emissive.

There is a strong intuition that the being Cassita represents something of the nagal woman.

After the first paragraph we are back into the more mundane world Steve shows me his CV, the professors want to see my prototype.

This seems quasi real and shallow dreaming to me. It may mean that there is some interest in my patent application. In fact, the dream colouration here is grey, indicating shallowness.

I travel amidst social conditioning until I am dumped on a technicolour mountain top with a glorious panoramic view of the Andes. The dream now “shifts gear” and I know that I am now deep in the dreaming.

There is hope that I will find the tiniest of possibility into an unknown research facility to explore the unknown, a place of experimentation. It may indicate my destiny, there are two gaps, two possibilities and these are tiny.

In the context of the Nagal / spirit I am taken deeper into the dreaming using both left and right side awareness. It is during this dreaming that I dream in Cassita Anya who is not of a normal form.

There is a warning that someone will try to steal my life essence and I must be wary and take protective measures. They may try to copy what I have done.

They will not believe that which I have helped to created…

There is an alternate explanation and that is I may get treated like a lab rat in “real life”.

Working version which awaits corroboration from the day time dreaming

“If I cooperate with the female side of power {the nagal aspect} in the context of the dreaming I will be able to manifest something transformed. I will have to contend with and transcend social conditioning and disbelief from the common view of the world. There is hope that I can do this and some possibilities for it to happen. I must be impeccable and not fall into old traps. There could be an element of destiny starting to manifest.”

The dream is pointing directly at The Unknown

Seb. the Witch and the Monk Dream 18-08-21

Here is the first dream, a bit thematically diverse to the second one.

I am on a showground on a large country estate in England. Some kind on agricultural county show has just taken place. A few metres from me is Seb’s mother. {Seb was a tutorial client of mine.} She asks me how things are and welcomes me to their estate.  I say things are fine. Up on the viewing stands Seb appears and says Hi.

Together the three of us walk off to the main house which is magnificent. They both go on inside and I meet Seb’s father who is dressed in a very English country gent manner. “Welcome back into the fold old chap. I say would you be so kind as to park up the mower and the small trailer?

I go back to the field and drive the trailer and then the mower into the internal courtyard of the house.

I ask If I should park them in the usual place.

“Yes, you remember where they used to go, don’t you?”

I drive them round to the barn storage area where I encounter Seb’s sister and older brother.  The sister is in charge and the brother is her side kick. She says Hi and gesticulates into the barn.

I park the vehicles up and approach her.

As I get closer small dark smoky tendrils start to emanate from her and to a lesser extent her brother.

She says “Damn, that only used to happen when I was near that Christian monk from two lifetimes ago. The one who outed me as a witch!”

In the dream I know it was me who was the Christian priest monk she is referring to. She does not yet guess this.

Dream ends.

Radioactivity and Dream Within a Dream Dream 13-7-21

This is the second radioactivity themed dream.

I arrive at an undergraduate chemistry teaching laboratory. The person demonstrating is known to me. I am somehow of a senior year, and this is a first-year class. I am to participate. I look around and there is only one person who has not got a partner. Everybody is wearing white laboratory coats. I walk over to the unpaired man, who is of Chinese extraction. I ask if would like a lab partner. Yes.  I introduce myself and he says that he is Wu Wei.

The demonstrator say that we need to read the lab script and get started with the experiment. The basic idea is that inside the box there are several radioactive sources, and we have to work out what type of emitter they are by measuring the count rate as a function of distance.

I am surprised that this is an undergraduate experiment because I remember doing this at school.

Wu Wei is keen to get started and wants to be “in charge”. He is concerned that there is not enough time to do the experiment. I say that we have got five days to do this, and it should take less than one.

In the dream I meet IJ who I used to know more than forty years ago. He is telling me that he had a dream about a lot of people from Caerphilly setting up some technology company. I say that this is far out because Lannion is twinned with Caerphilly and that there is a great deal of technology thereabouts. I explain that my cousin’s father is from Caerphilly.

Wu Wei is keen to get started so he sends me off to ferret for some shielding around the laboratory. I come back with some sheets of Aluminium. He is unconvinced. I try to explain to him that the experiment does not need to be perfect because the difference between the three types of emitters will be marked. He says that JD has told him that we need to manage background radiation especial from neutrons and neutrinos. Yeah right, I think.

I am now gathered at the back of the laboratory with a small group of people. I say to have a look who is here interested in talking about dreams. It is all the introverts who are in general the dreamers by predilection. Everyone smiles and nods in agreement.

I say that I had a dream in which I am flying over the landscape and see a map of Lannion especially around the Railway Station. In the dream I landed there and noticed that the people running the laboratory were all driving cars with 29 plates. I explain that this should not be the case for our canton and that the 29 on their cars was referring to the dark jewel 29.

We break up and I get back to the experiment. JD comes over and tries to tell me what to do. He is concerned about the lack of shielding. I open up the source box and take out one of the radioactive sources. I scrape its surface with a scalpel to remove any oxide. Underneath is a red coloured stripe which I know to be the radioactive molecule. I am unconcerned about the radioactivity because I know it can’t hurt me.

I go in search of some more shielding. AdM tells me that the flexible plastic-lead screens should be put under the detector to protect form the neutrons coming up from the lab below. In the dream I wonder why everybody is so desperate to give me advice and tell me what to do. Am I a moron?

In the dream I am more than a little bemused at people’s attitude towards me.

Dream ends.

Being Shot at – Pandemic – White City Dream – 24-06-2021

Here is this morning’s dream.

Several of us are on a bus driving along a city street. We are pulled over by what looks like plain clothes policemen in overcoats. The style of the coats is old fashioned and some of the men are wearing hats. We are asked / told to disembark. The men then get us to line up. It is now clear that they are not police but bad men. They walk up and down the line looking at us. One man says that he is thinking about shooting us. He stops at me and asks if I would like to be shot. I say no. He then suggests that I walk towards the old school building. Instinctively I know that he is going to shoot me. I start walking and as he reaches inside his coat for his gun I start to run. He takes his gun out, aims between my shoulder blades and misses. I hear the bullet whiz pass and know that he is not a very good shot. He starts to pursue me around the school buildings firing from time to time. I know that he is not a good shot and that if we keep moving, he will miss. He fires at me, between the shoulder blades at least half a dozen time. In the dream I know that he is trying to shoot me in the back because my back feels his intent and his aim.

The scene changes and we are in a house. In the back bedroom are some young French people. They have broken into the house and are squatting there. They are chatting in a mixture of French and English doing some project for school. We are thinking about making some coffee so make our way to the kitchen. The floor of the lounge is wet and getting wetter. There is a hallway off the lounge to the kitchen and this too is filling with water. We are happy enough to get wet feet in the lounge but in the hallway, there are clumps of what looks to be purple algae floating. We decide to retrace our steps out of the lounge to some dry ground. I suggest that I will pop into town to see if I can buy some coffee.

I go around to the side of the house to find a / my bicycle there. I get on it and ride off into London. The streets are deserted looking new and clean. This is because the new pandemic has started everyone is afraid to go out and have been ordered to stay at home. I ride by an apartment building and see Prof A. getting into her white old-style car. She sees me and we give each other a friendly wave. She is going into work because she is a scientist.

I get to a part of London which I do not know well. I pause and have a look around. I see a paved pedestrian area and think that this is the way. On the other side, up on a hill I see the white Barclay’s Fort and other new looking white buildings. In the dream I know this to be White City. I think to myself that I should probably leave in case I bump into some of my old colleagues. As I think this I bump into T.  He is looking a lot older and quite “beaten up”. J also appears and does P and one other. It is clear that they do not know what to say to me so they start to tell me of how research is currently funded. I politely ask some questions. It dawns on them that they haven’t shown any interest in me. I know that they are only interested in themselves. One of them says, “we heard that you broke your hip. How did that happen?” I reply that I slipped and fell in the kitchen. The conversation is clearly awkward. They make their way off into work, they too are permitted out as their science is seen as key work.

The dream ends and I note the strange juxtaposition of being shot at and the meeting of former colleagues.

Various Elephant and Buddhist Dreams – A Sequence?

When taken together a set of dreams can appear more significant.

Bakula Dream 12-08-2011

I am in a roof top garden, there is some sort of party going on with loads of people sat around and at tables. There are people of many ethnicities from all over the world. They are dressed in brightly coloured “hippie” style clothes. As the party carries on they draw a curtain around one part of the garden and gather around some Buddhist icons. A south American man there starts to do some chanting. I butt in with Tibetan deep voice chanting. They do not recognise me and are annoyed at my interruption. I point out to them that it is my garden which they are in. I strike up again and do White Tara. I need a drink of water before I can find my voice. After several cups I strike the right note and do some White Tara. Everyone joins in and after a while the party resumes happily.

The wife and I are in one segment of the garden when Anna L and a friend turn up. They have been travelling in India. She has remained pale but her friend has gone brown. She talks of her travels and I say that we will in time need to have a proper talk. She has something for me. At which point she shoots straight up into the air and then lands. She has brought many “ethnic”, clothes and trinkets.

Next I am on a mountain train. I arrive at a terminus in a hillside town way up in the mountains. It is very much like Nepal / Tibet / Bhutan. I get out of the train and wander along the high street. Turning instinctively to the right I go up a hill to “my” palace. Again there is a vibrant garden with peacocks. It is “my” garden.

Later I make another journey on the mountain train and end up at another terminus. Here the streets are filled with market traders selling saffron and magenta clothes, together with gold trinkets and jewellery. I have time to explore. Everyone is trying to barter with the merchants trying to buy goods in various currencies. The merchants will not trade unless the currency matches the passport of the person trying to buy.

I am not interested in bartering and look on watching. Somehow I am “in tune” with the locals. I wander back to the main street and notice various pins sticking in my back. Somehow I am now in an off the shoulder robe. One by one I pull the pins out of my back. They are made of a very fine gold pin topped with a tiny ivory chess figure. There is a castle, a knight, a king and a queen. I have also been adorned with much golden jewellery.

I go into an emporium as I am pulling out these pins and sit down. I ask the shopkeeper about what has been happening. She says that they have done this to me so as to make me unattractive to the locals so that they won’t fall for me and want to have sex with me.

Anna L comes into the shop and sits next to me. We start talking about my palace. An old Indian man with very short hair suddenly starts to talk in a very proper English accent. He says that she holds for me a key and that we must find it. It relates back to 1773. He says that I must get back to Bakula.

We leave the shops and seek out the train station. “All trains go through Bakula”, says the station announcer. We look at the map and it is configured like this.

Karmapa / Dalai Lama Dream 7-9-2012

I am in my nan’s house when two large limousines pull up and out of them come loads of Tibetans together with security who set up a perimeter around the house.

One of them is the “Dalai Lama”, another is a doctor / healer and a third is a guide for protocol. The DL has a hooded cowl over his head. They all enter into the house and we go upstairs to my Grandfather’s room which is in the centre of the three story house. (I used to gaze out of here across the valley to Clydach when I was young)

They all sit down on the floor. The doctor wants to take a good look at me naked. So I strip and he goes over me examining me very thoroughly. He seems to be satisfied. The DL is sat down on the floor. I am sat on a chair. The protocol man says that no-one should have his head above the DL. So I sit down on the floor next to him. He removes the cowl from his head and  looks me direct in the eye. He is a Tibetan man with very dark hair and roughly my own age only a bit younger. I refer to him as Lhamo only he isn’t the man who goes around as the DL, he is too young for that.

He says to me; “Can you empty your mind?”

I shift quietly and quickly into a deep meditation.

“Of course you can !” He says smiling.

He says that he has been interested to read what I have sent them

“First let’s do a little healing for someone..”

He hands me a small object and asks me to concentrate. Out of the object I materialise a scorpion.

“Detach the scorpion and you will heal the person..”

I detach the scorpion with a little difficulty and throw it into the fire.

Looking out of the window we can see that some people have turned up. The DL is used to this and he motions to security to remove them gently.

Back in the room the DL says jokingly;

“It is always fun to do a bit of shamanism, isn’t it?”

I sense that this has been a test.

He then shows me his back. It has black marks upon it. “What are these he asks?”

I say that they are bones

“Yes I can express my bones through my skin. It is a part of the martial arts we do in Tibet which can be very deadly..”

As he speaks pins come out of the “bones” on his back.

He brings in three security guards who are dressed in brightly coloured robes. They are all trained in this. They are a mixed bunch, tall and with poor teeth. They all have a glint in the eyes.

“They are very fast and would probably win any Mixed Martial Arts contest. We have thought about entering them just for fun, but thought better of it. You are trained in martial arts too, aren’t you? Perhaps you too are deadly?”


We  are then in mind to mind contact for a very long time. After this he rummages around in a cupboard and sees artist’s materials there. I hand these to him and he starts to make an elaborate construction.

My aunt is downstairs. I explain to her what is going on.

Back upstairs the DL is busy building his construction. He asks me to put the fire up one level. He is a little cold. (Implied it is cooler here than in India)

The security guards come in and say that people and the press have started to gather outside the house. I have no idea how long we have been talking, perhaps days.

They decide that they will go out the front door and not the back one. Security goes out and brings around the limousines. The DL who is really the Karmapa, or a mix of the two, says that things will now really start to change. I go with them to the door and the press are there all flashlights and cameras. There are metal barriers and police to contain the crowd. The Karmapa gets into a car and they drive off.

The press interview me wanting to know what has been going on.

“He came here for a chat and for one of the doctors to look at me. It was all very nice,” I say.

Now I am somehow back in a city. The ex-wife is for some reason around. She has heard about what has happened. She asks if I can bring her some chilli on my way back from town. I am on a tube train and footage of the visit is being played on a TV screen in the carriage. A small Ethiopian looking man is there. He says;

“That is you in the footage, isn’t it?”


The whole carriage turns to look at me and the footage.

I am now living on a small country estate. There are two male lions prowling around the front gate for security.

I go outside for a wander. I see a small crowd and they start to throw silver CDs at me like discuses, the intention is one of harm. I turn my back on them and by using “the force”  block the CDs causing them to drop to the floor. I then fly over them and up into a truly massive tree. I then fly back into the house.

In an annexe, a type of out building for the main house, the “Toltec” group is gathered. I am now moving rapidly through the house pushing open doors as I do. I am going to give them a piece of my mind.

I go into the room and they are all sat upon chairs around the outside of the room, in a “circle”. There are many familiar faces there. I speak to them about my life path and what it means for them. {implicit is that it is very important for them} The ex-wife is in the audience and all she wants to know is whether or not I got her chilli.  This typifies the mood and even when they are shown footage of the DL’s / Karmapa’s visit and him leaving my house, they are unmoved and disinterested.

Later I am outside by a rubbish heap. I meet again the Ethiopian man only now his head is much larger.  I understand him to be a knowledgeable being. He tells me not to be worried and that he too cannot believe what he has just witnessed in terms of their arrogance and utter stupidity.

I now realise that the being I was interacting with before was definitely the Karmapa, who is known for his magical capacities.  We are now linked.

He says,” Things of true importance are always revealed in dreams and visions…”

Dream ends.

Elephant Bodh Gaya India Dream 1-9-2013

I have been looking through some of my dream diaries today. There are some right corkers….

In the dream and the dreaming…..

I show P my second thesis. I explain there was / is no need to get it marked.

The page the opens up to reveal a massive three-dimensional palace garden. In which there are tables, mirrors, candles and plants. The detail is exquisite as is the furniture. I light the candles and take P on a tour of the garden and when we have completed a full circuit, I notice that candles have gone out. The attendants notice me lighting the candles again and join in. There is no need to light the candles anymore. The story continues.

I take P over to a map. It is a map of India. I say to him that India looks like an Elephant. We look closer and zoom in onto an Elephant like structure. Closer and closer we zoom at what appears to be a bindi on the Elephant’s head. We zoom in even more and see that it is a cluster of small tables under a tree.

This is where Buddha began the Bodhicitta it is Bodh Gaya.

I am now in the streets alone walking towards the tree. There are market stalls everywhere selling souvenirs and changing money. At one stall I overhear a young woman who is a seer. “He has come. Let us watch and see what he does.”

I go over to her to give her some money as a donation. My coins are blue. I now have a guide standing with me. He says that Sunchita (or something similar an Indian female name) will have sex with me at the dinner should I so want.  I move on with the guide to show many more pictures of Elephants.

“This is my dreaming class”, I say. “I am an Elephant.”

“What colour is that?”, he asks.

I point him towards a magnificent picture of an Elephant done in Indigo Blue.

“I am Indigo Blue.” I say, “it runs in my veins.”

We continue to wander around under the Bodhi tree looking at the stalls as my guide chats with the locals. The girl re-iterates her offer which is of little interest to me.

Guardian Dream 14-9-13

In the dream and the dreaming…..

I am shown a map. It is a map of Japan. On the East side of Japan there is a place. It is The Gateway to freedom and enlightenment. I am the Guardian of this place.

No-one passes through – except by me.

People are annoyed that there is only one such place. It is not “where” people think it is. Nor can it be found as a physical locality, for it does not have one.

Many seek it, but it cannot be found, except through me.

People think that this Gateway is guarded by dogs or savage beasts.  It is not. It is guarded by an Elephant and that Elephant is me.

Many seek this Gateway but they are all using the wrong methods. I am the Guardian of the Gateway. It is a place and yet not a place.

Dream ends.

Sanskrit – Senzar- Messenger Dream 26-05-2014

I am standing in a column of light which is shining down on me. It comes from above. As the light shines on me it etches into my skin black tattoos, these form on my arms, my legs, my chest and my back. They are letters, words and phrases in Sanskrit and Senzar. The letters are in a black ink and cover pretty much my entire body much like the Bulletproof Monk. I carry these letters.

Next I am in a city landscape and everyone is going to a party at city hall. There is a concert on there and people are gathering. There is an ensemble playing, it is like the Academy of Ancient Music and the instruments are all original period pieces. They are up on stage. On the ground floor and in a “box” is Princess Anne.

By this time I have told people about the tattoos and nobody believes me. There has been some press interest but the men with their 1950’s style newshound flash cameras have lost interest. This is because there is nothing to see. The party continues on undisturbed.

I now find myself in a department store which is old style. I am curled up on the floor near a counter wearing a grey long sleeved shirt. The shop people find me there and nudge me to get up. I get up and as I do so the sleeves of my shirt fall back to reveal a list of tattoos in Sanskrit, Senzar and Chinese. These are now in very vivid royal blue and the calligraphy is exquisite, it is almost moving and definitely alive and vivacious.

The store staff are all bewildered by this and take me to a back office. In the foyer to this back office are two small Tibeto-Chinese figures. They are dressed in ceremonial costumes and approach me. They are dwarves and twins. I show them my forearms and they recognize the Sanskrit and Chinese characters, they guess that the others must be Senzar. The tattoos are now moving like a “stock ticker” scrolling across my arms. The dwarves are awestruck.

Whilst I am waiting for the store staff I get bored and so leave the store, into a busy “New York” city street. It is raining heavily and my shirt gets wets through. It is clinging to me. I am wandering through the city in the rain with these vivid mobile, deep royal blue tattoos being the only coloured thing in a grey and black and white-grey world.

In the dream I know that I am carrying messages. I am by way of a messenger.

Later people gather around me and I show them my forearms. People now start to believe what I have told them before and all are astounded by the tattoos. I show church leaders and statesman. They are all stunned.

In the city the younger people are setting up to go to a house party. It is the usual thing and people are gathering to go to someone’s house. They are all too busy with partying. They do not realize that the “party” is at my house.

I am now on a roof and there is a stack of old billboard type advertisements. There are several of us and we are sorting them. There is one which reads Toltec 7-14 which we find and as we do this one of the phrases in Senzar lights up on my arm. It says “Toltec 7-14 New Book” in Senzar. I know its meaning. I know it is both a date and has the meaning of dreaming symbols {7= guidance and 14 = new knowledge}.I awake with very strong sensations on and in my forearms and chest. These are very similar to when I had the visions of myself in Buddhist monk’s robes and tattoos in Sanskrit of inter alia “Om Mane Padme Hum” nearly a decade ago. I can feel the place where the dream tattoos were, particularly on my forearms.

Karmapa Dream 27th June 2014

Here is my dream from 27th June 2014.

It starts in a mountain setting. The wife and I are walking along a ridge either side of the ridge the mountain falls away into azure blue mountain lakes. There is no vegetation. The air is crisp and clear. We arrive in a small mountain village and go to our hotel.

Some while after, when we have settled in a young female child comes to visit us. Her eyes are most striking. They are blue despite the fact that she is Tibetan. I tell her she has beautiful eyes and she giggles happily. She says that the Karmapa will see me now and that I am to come to the monastery / palace for instructions. She skips off. She is the Karmapa’s little sister.

That night I go out onto the mountainside and see there the fish rearing pens. They are full of young hatchlings, which are moved from one pool to another as they mature. They must be raised like this otherwise the culture will die out. They change colour as they grow and mature. The pools are guarded by a Tibetan fish stock man who is dressed in traditional ceremonial costume.

I put my hand into the water and the fish swim to it.

The next morning I go to the palace / monastery and am shown in. Before long I am in the presence of a young man. He shows me around and tells me that they have many visitors. He is wearing monk’s robes. He shows me a long object shaped like a barometer which holds important “relics” in it. It is a staff of office and is “magical”. He lets me take it out of its box and handle it. He repeats ;

“We have had many visitors, many delegations…”

He watches how the staff interacts with me. It accepts me.

We must now get you ready to meet the Karmapa, you can meet him here at this mountain cave. He points at a map.

“You must come here at 2AM tomorrow morning. “

“Will you be OK walking in the mountains in the darkness?”

I reply;

“Yes! I was born in the mountains. I will meet you there!”

I know that the young man is in fact the Karmapa.

An older more wizened Tibetan then comes in to speak with me. He is shortish and thickset. He is a combination of Akong and Trungpa and his appearance flits between these two.

He shows me a map of both the front and back faces of the mountain. It is in relief. I can zoom into the map to see the detail.

He makes emphasis on a little cabin. This is where the gatekeeper is. He keeps the keys.You will need to get a key from the gatekeeper before you meet the Karmapa.

In the dream I know it will not be the Karmapa who I will meet at the top of the mountain but the Akong / Trungpa being. I say that I will meet “them” there as they are the gatekeeper. This is a non verbal communication “mind to mind”. This man is insistent upon the protocol, the tradition. The Karmapa however has already seen enough. He is satisfied.

The young man is now sat between two others, one of them is the Akong / Trungpa being. The Karmapa is reciting the mantra “Om Mane Padme Hum” quietly. He looks at me to see if I join in, in deep voice, or not. I do this in my head only. There is a silent acknowledgement between us that he can “hear” me doing this.

I walk out of the palace / monastery with the sensation that the Karmapa is in need of a friend . There is now a sense of inevitability “it” has now changed to when and not if.

Leuven – Events and Dreams End of June 2013

I am reasonably accustomed to what might be called Freaky Friday Stuff but what unfolded here took the biscuit.

I had applied for a reasonably senior position in a large, ultra-high technology semiconductor outfit in Belgium. They wanted to interview me, and I was set for an interview with some of the internal big cheeses. I did not know until I got there that there was already someone in that position and the interview therefore was quasi-covert.

Because we wanted to look at the available housing, we hired a car at the central train station. Getting out of Brussel did not prove easy. When we arrived in Leuven it took us an inordinately large amount of time to find the hotel in the one-way system. It was a stylishly renovated catholic convent.  Leuven is a very nice place. The standard of living would be high I even spoke French to compliment the chef in a restaurant there.

First Dream Excerpt.

We are staying at a lakeside residence it is up on stilts. At night-time and out of the window I can see dolphins in the moonlight. I call for the wife to come and observe which she does.

The dolphins are in fact made of fluorescent plastic and are remote controlled. They are being driven by our next-door neighbour for his daughter.

Then there is a bit about the front of the house, my view of the world, falling suddenly off.

The next day I go in for the interview and am interviewed by the big cheeses in turn. The HR lady was excellent, and we got on very well. Then one of the blokes, started name dropping. I thought to myself WTF is this an interview or a mutual bullshit session? He started to make comments about people I knew and suggested that he knew them perhaps better than he did because his anecdotes were inconsistent with my knowledge of them. He showed me the clean room with its brand new EUV lithography kit. I had read about 25% of the entire patent portfolio of the company as preparation for the interview. We did not click, to understate. I was expecting some pretty techie question but did not get any. This name dropper gave me his business card…in an interview…bizarre city Arizona.

I was in a temporary porta-cabin waiting for the interviewers to turn up.  The last interviewer came twenty minutes late. If I had not been on a secure site, I would have left long before they showed up. They gave a low-down on the matrix management arrangements of the organisation which they said was “simple”. I had already looked this up. I said that it was not simple it was highly convoluted. This big cheese gave me a card as well. The only person who asked me any questions really was the HR lady. It was the weirdest interview experience of my life.

Next Dream Excerpt the night after the interview.

There is a gathering, and we are all sat round in a circle in front of a stage. We are waiting for a female shaman / seer. She appears from behind the curtains. I can see her eyes and for some reason she homes in on me and starts to look into my eyes. She then continues around the circle in ceremonial way. I say partially under my breath “mutant” The other people all sort of “gasp”, I have dared.

She comes back over to me and stares into my eyes. We lock in some kind of contest or wills and she turns into a naked childlike figure with Egyptian features. “Imhotep” I say out loud pointing. “You are a mutant of Imhotep. I have known you before. Why do you seek again? She is covered in a pelt of very fine black hair.

Everyone stares at me.

Next dream excerpt – totally out of the blue!

Whilst everyone is staring at me a book, leather bound, appears. It is to do with my mystery. I know now that I have had Egyptian lives {plural}. The book starts to open, and it says “Marchmont”. This is a part of my mystery too. “All very English and upper class”, I comment. Everybody smiles.

Imhotep (/ɪmˈhoʊtɛp/; Ancient Egyptian: ỉỉ-m-ḥtp “the one who comes in peace”; fl. late 27th century BCE) was an Egyptian chancellor to the Pharaoh Djoser, probable architect of Djoser’s step pyramid, and high priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis. Very little is known of Imhotep as a historical figure, but in the 3,000 years following his death, he was gradually glorified and deified.

The next dream sequence is at a doctor’s practice, and they are warning me to tell my close relatives of my condition in a very similar manner as happened in physical plane reality on Friday morning.

Anyway, it was time to go home, and we were mildly apprehensive about finding our way back into Brussels to drop off the hire car. On the journey in, a little on impulse, we took a road, it went down some back route and dumped us literally in front of the station!

Power, the universe, was aiding us to get out of Belgium.

We dropped off the hire care with some time to kill before the Eurostar. We exited the station into a square and turned the corner. And there they were, loads of large plastic dolphins on sticks held up in the air by environmental activist. WTF!!

We went up to big square and the HR lady rang to say that I was not going to be offered the job. The face of the house fell off in an instant. It was a pretty quick turnaround.  I had a suspicion that they may have rung someone and had been warned off me, off the record. But there was no way of proving this.

So, I went for a semiconductor job and had a dream pointing at Egyptian incarnations over four and half thousand years ago…

When we came to look for house here, the woman who housed us was Belgian and had connections with Leuven.

Maybe I need to contact Hercule Poirot to help solve the mystery…

Golden Dragon – y ddraig aur- Dream 23-12-2012

I am somehow in the Welsh valleys. The road along the side of the valley is being worked on. I am driving along, and a very large mechanical digger is pilling up porta-cabins by “throwing” them. I pull my car up so as not to get caught by the digger. It continues for a while and the way is now blocked.

I then try to proceed on foot, and I cannot get over the obstacle. On the other side of the valley again and that too is blocked.

I come back to a small snow-covered area and again the way is blocked by a collision of cars. I get in one car and drive it a bit. I get out and it continues on in automatic and it crashes into the pile of cars.

I am now at a large extensive house which is in the South-East. Someone warns me that the press has come for the celebrities. As I approach the house, I see the press photographers piling out of vehicles, chasing a celebrity.  I dodge round the back of the house.

As I do this I take off and soar into the sky. I am flying around the house and observing it from above. In the courtyard at the back there is a terrace and sat there is one of the journalists. I fly over him. He is sat in an ornate writing desk. I fly past again as he reaches for his camera. I land in the courtyard.

I walk towards where he is sitting and through some “Japanese” style doors. On the floor is an exquisitely carved oriental dragon. This is “my” place. The journalist comes over and points at the dragon which is beautiful and golden.

“This is the kimono-dragon the golden dragon”, he says.

“They are searching for the golden dragon {you}. Now you are it.”

I sit down next to the dragon and begin a meal with lacquer chopsticks and oriental bowls.

I replay the entire dream several times in my mind.


This is allegedly a design for the battle flag of Owain ap Gruffydd, lord of Glyndyfrdwy or simply Owain Glyndŵr.

Here are two of my dragons and Avalokiteśvara.

Dreams 2012 – Deceit, Slander, Behind My Back and Attack

I have not long finished reading my 2012 journal and amongst the more mystical, some of which I may put up here, there are numerous examples of dreams in which I am being warned of the deceitful behaviour of people who I know well.

There are dreams in which people like my ex-wife spread slanderous rumours about me. Dreams in which I see people {including family} doing sneaky things which they know I don’t approve of behind my back. What is striking is the number of dreams in which people known to me attack me physically. In nearly all cases the blows have no impact on me, instead the attacker hurts his or herself by striking me. But there is another one in which I am carrying a stab wound caused by these negative and aggressive thought forms directed at me.

Things which people perhaps imagine hidden from me are revealed in some of these dreams.

It is pretty weird to read that kind of stuff on a bright June day, all that intrigue.