Seven Ducklings and Tour de France.

Now that I have found my tinfoil hat and put it on I should be safe from any telepathic interplay from / with ascended Masters, it should protect me from aliens and 4/5G signals, though these are already weaker today because of the rain.

There is a lot of excitement locally because the Tour de France is starting in Brest and then the second stage starts up at Perros-Guirec on Sunday. It takes in some of the local landmarks.

There should be some coverage on the telly chez vous. We will probably not go up to watch because we have no idea how congested it is going to be. No doubt the local newspapers will be full of it. We will do our walkies tomorrow.

Something totally excellent has just happened.

I went out for a brief stroll by the pond and close to Le Jaudy I disturbed the female duck and her third attempt at a brood. The first one was predated, the second one had four and this one has seven tiny little wild ducklings. Quacking she led them off to hide in the reeds at the far end of the pond near where she had her first nest. I went inside to get the telephoto and the wife. By the time we got back out she had disappeared.

I had wondered why I hadn’t seen her for a while. Now I know, she has been sitting on eggs.

I think I’ll keep the telephoto on just in case she / they show up.

It is very nice to have a wild duck and her seven ducklings swimming on your pond.

Made my day.

And There Be Ducklings!

Earlier this year the breeding pair had their nest on our pond predated. They lost four eggs. After this we did not see Madame La Cane for a while. We did see Monsieur Le Canard and from time to time three adolescent males.

A bit later on we saw Monsieur et Madame swimming upstream on Le Jaudy during one of our walks.

Soon enough I began to see the lady-duck swimming in “the swamp”. Of all the ducks she has been the most chilled around us. Boy duck usually flies off.

The swamp is just the other side of our boundary fence and there is a path around the pond which passes between the pond and the swamp. The swamp is much more covered with trees and is more overgrown.

This morning whilst I was circumambulating I glanced over into the swamp because I could see something moving on the surface.

Most excellent news!

There was Madame La Cane with at least three ducklings swimming behind her.

Fingers crossed she will bring her brood for a swim on our pond at some time in the future.

What a nice start to the day…

The Odds on Ducklings…

…are shortening.

This morning I got a little fright. I was walking around our pond as is my custom. When I got to these reeds {photo taken in January} the female wild duck, took off out of them. She was no more than a couple of metres away from me. She landed in the pond and did not swim away. She stayed close.

I turned my back on her and slowly walked away, my heart slightly racing.

This looks like nesting behaviour to me, and it explains why Mr duck has been mooching around that end of the pond every morning. You can’t see her, but you can see him.

This means no more walks around the pond for a month and that should the brood hatch, their first swim will be in our pond.

The thought of wild ducklings swimming in our pond is very pleasant and mildly exciting.