Unstoppable Now

Well I have just received a letter from the Intellectual Property Office in South Wales. The preparations for the publication of my patent application are complete and it will be published on 25th November. I have an “A” designated GB publication number. That publication makes for the record and it will start to have an online footprint which is indelible. It is a self-written application without any legal input and filed under my home address, a small village in rural Brittany. There is no corporate or commercial entity associated, and I am without affiliation, an amateur application by an eccentric. The address of this house will be linked to that application, for ever.

Whether this is but a tiny, tiny ripple or is causative of something more substantive, remains to be seen.

I have a little over six months to pay the ~£150 for substantive examination, if I don’t do this the IPO will assume it to be withdrawn.

I know that there is massive worldwide interest in quantum optics patents, someone will read it, if only the title and the abstract. I will appear as a data entry in some spread sheets about patents, this one will be down as filed in France, so it will add to the French tally of patent applications in this area.

I had considered filing the patent in Welsh, but it was pretty complicated so to do:

“Apparatus to Produce Entangled Photon Pairs”

“Cyfarpar i gynhyrchu parau ffoton”

I can’t stop it now, it is unstoppable.

Less Than a Hundred Words

I guess that the word recluse now really fits. I estimated that on average, this week excluded, I say to people other than the wife, less than a hundred words a week in total. Several of these words are repeated, namely please, thank you and “bonjour”, they are transactional. It is a bit different to standing up in front of a hundred people to aid their sleep with chemistry lectures. So recluse, perhaps even eccentric recluse could be a descriptor.

This week we are exploring getting a kitchen fitted, this is complex enough in own language. But with a willingness and the universality of technical drawings we are managing to communicate. The sales pressure here is not so intense, which is a nice change. I still get the same reaction when I explain that I was a scientist. {I can visualize in 3d without the need of drawings.} Why does that piece of information about “scientist” cause people to jerk a little? Happy memories of school room “torture”, perhaps?

We are due a storm tonight, the first one of the season blowing in from the west. I like storms. Is this a metaphor for an incoming storm or is it simply a meteorological event?

This morning I had a little dream fragment in which I had to explain to a shopkeeper that I have never knowingly taken a selfie with a mobile ‘phone. I have participated in other people’s selfies. The explanation is in fact, fact. I have never taken a selfie. So maybe I will become extinct like the dinosaurs because there are no selfies of me. Therefore, I must not exist.

So, if I do not interact with human beings and there are no selfies, am I in fact a ghost and I just have not twigged it yet?

Hmnn… a strange line of thought…