US priest: Exorcisms on the rise as demons now haunt victims by text

This is from the New York Post

“American exorcist,  Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, claims that demons are tech savvy and send text messages to their victims.”

This was the Evil One, all right.

As Monsignor Stephen Rossetti watched the man in front of him, he saw his blue eyes turn yellow and the pupils shrink down to mere dots. They looked, Rossetti said, precisely like the eyes of a hissing snake.

But the monsignor knew what it really was: The man’s altered appearance convinced him for a fact that the man was possessed by a demon.

Another time, a man’s entire eyes turned jet black, recalled Rossetti. “This doesn’t usually happen but when it does, it is very startling — it is obviously demonic,” he said.

Battling demonic forces is regular duty for Msgr Rossetti, a Catholic priest who worked in two parishes in the Diocese of Syracuse for five years. Now based in the Washington, DC, diocese, he and his team perform up to 20 exorcisms each week, liberating people — and homes — from what he calls “demons and satanic evil.”

And, the 70-year-old told The Post, exorcisms have “grown exponentially” in the past decade or so. The United States, wracked by discord and a moral crisis, is “demonically oppressed.

Do You Believe in Exorcism?

The Catholic church, if I am correct, still has some exorcists. I seem to remember some mention of Islamic exorcists. There will probably be a Jewish equivalent. Then we have the shamanic ridders of evil spirits.

If you are sat in a nice well-lit apartment with all your electronic gizmos, the notion of exorcism might seem far-fetched. You may turn on Netflix and watch a scary film on the subject. For a moment you may feel a well scripted fear. On the way to bed the floorboards might creak, just a little.

If you and I were around a fire in the middle of a forest, surrounded by the sounds of the night, your certainty may waiver. Should I then start the mantra of exorcism what would you do, what would you think? If something, in you, started to react badly to my words would you believe in possession then?

If you need an exorcist, where would you find one, what qualifications might they have?

What traits make for a good exorcist?

Do they do personal development planning and accreditation?

In this 21st century of ours is it primitive to imagine that we can be targeted by evil, possessed by an entity? Do we really know for sure?

If I chant the charm of making, what if anything, might transpire?

Anál nathrach,

orth’ bháis’s bethad,

do chél dénmha

Causes of Obsession.

October 9, 1919

One of the activities ahead of the occult student is the study and the scientific observation of this matter. We have been told in various occult books that obsession and insanity are very closely allied. Insanity may exist in all three bodies, the least harmful being that of the physical body, whilst the most enduring and the hardest to cure is that of the mental body. Insanity in the mental body is the heavy fate that descends upon those who for many incarnations have followed the path of selfish cruelty, using the intelligence as a means to serve selfish ends and using it wilfully, knowing it to be wrong. But insanity of this type is a means whereby the Ego sometimes arrests the progress of a man towards the left-hand path. In this sense it is a disguised blessing. Let us deal first with the causes of obsession, leaving the subject of insanity for another day. These causes are four in number and each responds to a different treatment:

  1. One cause is a definite weakness of the etheric double, in the separating web, which like a piece of relaxed elastic permits entry of an extraneous entity from the emotional plane. The door of entrance which is formed by this web is not closed tight, and entrance can be effected from without. This is a physical plane cause and is the result of the maladjustment of physical plane matter. It is the result of karma, and is prenatal, existing from the earliest moment. Usually the sufferer is physically weak, intellectually feeble, but possessed of a powerful emotional body which suffers and fights and struggles to prevent entrance. The attacks are intermittent, and more frequently attack women than men.
  2. Another cause is due to emotional reasons. A lack of coordination exists between the emotional and the physical and when the man functions in the emotional body (as at night) the moment of re-entry is attended with difficulty, and opportunity exists for other beings to enter the physical vehicle, and prevent its occupation by the real Ego. This is the most common form of obsession, and affects those with powerful physical bodies and strong astral vibrations, but with weak mental bodies. It leads, in the ensuing struggle, to the violent scenes of screaming lunatics and to the paroxysms of the epileptic. Men are more subject to this than women, as women are usually more definitely polarized in the emotional body.
  3. A rarer kind of obsession is the mental. In coming days as the mental body develops, one may expect perhaps to see more of it. Mental obsession involves the displacement taking place on the mental levels – hence its rarity. The physical body and the emotional body remain as a unit, but the Thinker is left in his mental body, whilst the obsessing entity (clothed in mental matter) enters the two lower vehicles. In the case of emotional obsession the Thinker is left with his emotional body and his mental body but with no physical. In this latter case he is left with neither emotional nor physical. The cause lies in the fact of the over-development of the mental, and of the relative weakness of the emotional and physical bodies. The Thinker is too powerful for his other bodies and disdains their use; he is too interested in work on mental levels, and thus gives opportunity to obsessing entities to assume control. This, as I said before, is rare and is the result of lop-sided development. It attacks women and men equally; it principally shows itself in childhood and is difficult to cure.
  4. A still rarer cause of obsession is definitely the work of the dark Brothers. It takes the form of snapping the magnetic link that attaches the Ego to the lower physical body, leaving him in his emotional and mental bodies. This would normally result in the death of the physical body, but in cases such as these the dark Brother, who is to use the physical body, enters it and makes connection with his own cord. These cases are not common. They involve only two classes of people:

Those who are highly evolved and on the Path, but who through some wilful shortcoming fail for some one incarnation and so lay themselves open to the evil force. Sin (as you call it) in the Personality of a disciple leads to a weakness in some one spot, and this is taken advantage of. This type of obsession shows itself in the transformation that is sometimes seen when a great soul suddenly plunges on an apparent downward path, when he changes the whole trend of his existence and besmirches a fair character with mud. It carries with it its own punishment, for on the inner planes the disciple looks on, and in agony of mind sees his lower vehicle dishonoring the fair name of its real owner and causing evil to be said of a loved cause.

The little evolved, weakly organized, and so unable to resist.

The Kinds of Obsessing Entities

These are too numerous to mention in detail, but I might enumerate a few.

  • Discarnate entities of a low order awaiting incarnation, and who see, in cases one and two, their wanted opportunity.
  • Suicides, anxious to undo the deed and to again get into contact with earth.
  • Earth-bound spirits, good and bad, who from anxiety over loved ones, over their business affairs, or eager to do some wrong or to undo some evil act, rush in and take possession of cases one and two.
  • Dark Brothers as aforesaid, who avail themselves principally of the third and fourth cases already cited. They require highly developed bodies, having no use for weak or unrefined bodies. In case three the weakness is entirely relative, due to over-accentuation of the mental vehicle.
  • Elementals and subhuman entities of a malicious nature who rush in on the slightest opportunity and where kindred vibration may be felt.
  • Some of the lower devas, harmless but mischievous who, from sheer freakishness and fun, enter another body in much the same way that a child loves to dress up.
  • Occasional visitors from other planets who enter certain highly evolved bodies for purposes of their own. This is very, very rare…

Let me now give you some of the methods that eventually will be the first attempts at cure.

  • In the first type of cases, those due to physical plane weakness, the stress of the cure will be laid first on building up a strong physical body in both its departments, though especially the etheric body. This will be done in future years with the direct aid of the devas of the shadows (the violet devas or devas of the ethers). The strengthening of the etheric web will be aided by means of the violet light, with its corresponding sound, administered in quiet sanitariums. Coincident with this treatment will be the attempt to strengthen the mental body. With the strengthening of the physical body will come longer and longer periods of freedom from attack. Eventually the attacks will cease altogether.
  • When the cause is lack of coordination between the physical and the emotional vehicles the first methods of cure will be definite exorcism by the aid of mantrams and ceremonial (such as religious ritual). Qualified persons will use these mantrams at night when the obsessing entity may be supposed to be absent during the hours of sleep. These mantrams will call the real owner back, will build a protective wall after his re-entry and will seek to force the obsessing one to stay absent. When the real owner has returned, the work then will be to keep him there. Educative work during the day and protective measures at night for longer or shorter periods will gradually eliminate the evil occupant, or unwanted tenant, and in the course of time the sufferer will continue to procure immunity. More anent this can later be given.
  • Where mental obsession is involved the matter is more difficult. Most of the first cures achieved in the future will center around the first two groups. Mental obsession must await greater knowledge, though experimentation from the very first should be undertaken. The work will have to be done mostly from the mental plane by those who can function there freely and so contact the Thinker in his mental body. The cooperation of the Thinker must then be procured and a definite attack conjointly made on the obsessed physical and emotional bodies. During the night much of the work in the first two cases of cures will be done, but in the latter case the Thinker has to win back his physical and his emotional bodies as well, hence the exceeding difficulty. Death often eventuates in these cases.
  • In the severing of the magnetic cord naught can be done as yet.


Excerpted from:

Letters on Occult Meditation – Letter V – Dangers to be avoided in Meditation.

By Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul

Are You in Need of a Full-Blown Exorcism?

If you have a mind to, you might look at the previous post on the Nature of Magic and you could ask if you are Slytherin or Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. I suspect that at one level many have a hankering after one of these houses, if only for fun.

The basic question is are you a USER of people and do you discard them when they are no longer of any USE in advancing your will, your ambition, your desire?

If you are honest enough to answer this truthfully it will advise you as to which path you are on. The path of self-obsessed personal and materialistic advancement or the path of return, the path of soular inner tuition.

Are you a brother of darkness, motive and ambition or are you a brother of light, of freedom and a star-child of Aquarius, a magical being of the universe?

On occasion I have been known to take the piss, just a little, and what the wife and I have noted is that when we mention the E word, exorcism, people do not know how to react, what to do. Maybe it is down to the movies, but for some reason that word gives people the heebie-jeebies, rational scientists included in the sampled data set.

So, if you are on the darkened path and under the power of the dark adepts, the dark brothers, what are you going to do? If you use others, they might be using you. So, what are you going to do? Fall deeper under their influence? Or seek out a white magician who could perform a full blown exorcism so that you could have temporary respite, perhaps sufficient for you to close the furrow, the path, by which you let them into your mind?

Shut the front door, so to speak. Because after all it was you who invited them in over the threshold.

Who are you going to call?

Are You in Need of a Full-Blown Exorcism?


Sometimes we meet another who “sees” straight through all our bullshit.


And when His eyes

pierced me

and my melancholy cloak

of regret


At my side

the legion

of all my little deaths

now claustrophobic, pressing


Each razor slice

of my heart

cut deep by my own will,

they seeped a tear


The gauze of pretence

those secrets dressed

the unstitched wounds

naked, stark and naked


And my ghosts

walk ever with me

my compadres

my fiends and spectres


Not enough soap

nor water

to be clean again

not ever


What exorcism

might yet banish

these phantoms

of word and deed?


And His eyes said

love only love

and he passed to me

a single key


Writ thereupon

a single word

and in gold;