Difficulty Accepting

Each morning we hear on the UK news some stuff about whether “Freedom Day” will go ahead or not. The number of cases in the UK per day are now roughly similar to those in France. The numbers in the UK are on the up, the numbers in France are on the down.

As I add each new data point from the UK to my fit, the quality of fit to a simple exponential growth gets better and better, the R squared is now above 0.74. It currently seems to me that there is a kind of inevitability, the growth in cases is getting “more” exponential, day by day. It is possible that certain people will have difficulty accepting this, if indeed it is the case.

When exactly does one act in the case of an exponential growth?

The UK vaccine minister read Chemical Engineering so at least he should be familiar with kinetics and exponents, not so those who read classics or PPE. That is the thing about exponential growth, it grows exponentially. There is no change in gradient it just looks shallow, slow, depending on how you set the axes on the graph.

This points at another theme in which people have real trouble accepting anything which is inconvenient. The willingness to accept is almost inversely proportional to the inconvenience. The more inconvenient something is the smaller the willingness to accept it.

The second world war is full of examples of this, the annexation of the Sudeten Land, the attack on Pearl Harbour.

There is this complacency thing. The big and powerful are nearly always more prone to complacency. The USA even after Pearl Harbour did not imagine the attack on the World Trade Center.

We were discussing how pandemic preparedness, currently a hot topic, will start to fade from the minds of politicians as they seek to curry favour of the electorate with their future fiscal spending plans. It will drop down the priority list in the fullness of time.

I remember the start of AIDS, that to an extent fell off the radar.

It seems people don’t wish to learn inconvenient lessons. They have difficulty accepting anything which might curtail those things which they want to do, even if there is a risk.

Yah, I think this is it. I’ll make a hypothesis and it is quite a firm one:

The difficulty of accepting some thing is inversely proportional to the level of inconvenience it brings.

Just look at climate change, we all kind of know it is happening, but we cannot yet, in truth, be arsed to do anything much about it!

The Karma of Secrets

The first thing to say abouts secrets is that they all in some way itch, they itch at being. The second thing to say is that secrets bind. Secrets also have a tendency to infect and cause fear in their purveyors. They nearly always generate new Karma to be worked with and sometimes, though not always, have a habit of surfacing at the most inconvenient of times. Some secrets are carried to the grave. Organisations, governments and people use secrets when they think it expedient. Avoiding a problem today often stores it up for tomorrow.

People are fascinated by secrets. Fascination binds.

This fascination is by way of a glamour and an attachment. Because most know that secrets are “naughty” they come with a certain salaciousness and a sense of privilege. Some how the possessors and purveyors of secrets are better than others, they are in the know, others are in the dark.

Exactly who is in the dark and who is in the light, is a moot point, often unconsidered.

From a point of liberation what is most germane is their binding conspiratorial nature. If you share a secret, you share the breath of that secret, you conspire and breathe it together. Whispers in the dark, keep you in the dark, for fear of light.

The two major causes of secrets are lack of impeccability and lack of courage. If you are impeccable there is never any need for secrets.

Anything, any act, which binds you, is not good for liberation.

I suspect that there is not a being alive who has never lied nor never held a secret, at some stage or another. It is the Karma, the Dharma, of holding a secret that needs learned from. There is nothing quite like real life experience to teach.

The cure for secrets is impeccability.

It is as simple as this. If you are utterly impeccable you will never feel the need to lie or hold secrets. You may not feel the urge to spill the beans on everything you know, yet if the time to speak on it comes, there is no secret, no attachment.

People are attached to secrets. Beings often cannot move past a secret. They are log jams in evolution.

Often the secret, held deep and hidden, is no way near as bad as people have built it up to be. Its revelation seldom causes a tsunami nor the explosion of the sun. Some secrets are bad and these eat and itch at the being all of their lives.

Secrets cause suffering!

It is a matter for each individual as to which secrets they keep. One could try airing a few of these to see if God strikes you down. Theory has it He knows in any case. Much of the suffering associated with secrets is SELF generated for the SELF is what keeps or shares secrets, so as to bolster its SELF IMAGE.

As I have mentioned before, Karma is for learning by and from.

Have I ever kept a secret? Have I shared secrets about others? What have I learned through this? What am I still learning from this?

Revenge and Karma

As far as I can tell, on our beautiful planet, there is only one species which engages in acts of “REVENGE” and that is, the human species. Revenge as a concept and a practice, is a human invention and one which appears to have remarkable longevity. It pertains not only to individuals but tribes, races and nations. If it serves any biological evolutionary purpose whatsoever, it limits the number of incarnate beings by wiping a number of them out locally and in great swathes, globally.

The major problem with acts of revenge is that they never solve problems or remove apparent grievance. Of all things Karmic, revenge is perhaps the most cyclic. Any act of revenge leads with inevitability, to further acts of revenge. Cycles of revenge propagate through years, decades and even centuries. A little thought on the matter will demonstrate with clarity that revenge, causes more revenge.

As a motif it is the stuff of novels, films, drama and art. It is odd that people want to get even. There is a peculiar salacious human desire for retribution. This perhaps is sourced in the Abrahamic dispensation underpinning a number of pseudo-religious schools of thought. Nothing is subject to greater justification than acts of revenge.

“They had it coming” says the omniscient God in the EGO of humanity as it tries, sentences and punishes other beings. As judge, jury and executioner it rubs its hands with glee as it carries out sentence.

Revenge generates Karma.

If you are unable to rise above this strange desire for revenge you will be trapped by it, perhaps forever. The fruit you partake of will be flavoured with anger and tinged with bitter hatreds. There is no spiritual nourishment in food such as this.

Within the cesspit of the mind of human EGOs lurks a morass of toxic thought. Were humanity to read the private worlds beyond the social veneer it would see a veritable never ending list of grievances and unpleasant thoughts, harboured there. There are many who would take a voodoo dolly of their imagined enemies and exact fully justified vengeance. This revenge might be physical, mental or sexual. Here amongst the baser and darker side of humanity some rather primeval desires fester and grow. The so called “civilised” human glorifies and justifies these to themselves. The vengeful being paints itself as a righteous one, bearing perhaps the fiery sword of God with which to smite down transgressors. There are few who see themselves as a zombie caught up in a never ending cycle of tit for tat, eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth. It is not very grown up nor evolved.

Such behaviour is not intelligent nor is it considered.

By thinking of and enacting revenge you are making a deposit in the Karmic Bank, so to speak. This is held in your account by the universe and it gains interest. It is by way of an accumulator. This bank stores across lifetimes and pays out a dividend from time to time, with interest accrued.

It is in retirement from the busy world, as the body loses function, that many fall back upon their investment account. Their physical power begins to fail as does mental acuity and despite the hubris, all become weaker and more feeble as the sands of time ebb away. The force and vigour with which revenge had been propagated wanes and the being, to a greater or lesser extent, becomes dependent upon the good will of others.

Here, having won many friends through acts of vengeance the being introverts and begins to see with eyes less clouded with anger, the price that revenge has exacted upon its life, both as a donor and a recipient. The scales of time are tipping and the scales of eye start to slip.

Revenge pertains to petty human EGO and not to SOUL.

Unless a being can listen to the emanations of the SOUL it is trapped by the petty whims of EGO. It is the Karma of all SOULS to struggle to overcome EGO. It is a battle in which the vast majority of humanity have a long way to go. Most SOULS are dominated and subjugated by the EGO vehicle into which they incarnate.

As the grip of the EGO loosens near end of life, it is that part of being which becomes ever more fearful. It knows it has skeletons in the closet and demons under the bed. The EGO fears the end of its malicious empire and does not wish to let go of its tyranny. Yet the deposits in the Bank of Karma cannot be spontaneously unstored at the whim of EGO. The bank makes payment as and when the universe advises.

The pressing apparent immediacy of revenge has lasting effects; ones which manifest at inconvenient times. The SOUL learns that it must strive ever harder to discipline EGO and it learns painfully. The SOUL being group conscious does not have revenge as a part of its make up.

Revenge is an invention of the petty human EGO.

This invention has caused untold hardship though millenia and although painted as glamorous, it is anything but. It is primitive and destructive. It has the maturity of sulky three year olds who do not get their OWN way.

The next time you feel the desire for revenge ask your self this;

“Who seeks revenge, is it my offended self-important EGO or the core of my being, my SOUL, the real me?”

Karma and Convenience

The first thing to say about Karma and the workings of Karma, is that the subject is truly vast and the permutations are close to infinite. This does not mean that one cannot make some pretty good generalisations. By and large most people are unaware of the forces of Karma in play during their incarnations. Caught up in the hubris they just see situations they like and situations which they do not. For most people the world is “unfair” and they feel victimized by it, so they appear to suffer. There are very few who do not like a good old moan. Some believe in luck or something equally superstitious. This comes in two flavours, good luck and bad luck.

Perhaps a more helpful way of beginning to think about Karma is to consider Karma to be a teacher. For it is by cause that we effect our lessons in life. By effect I mean draw out; from the root e out, into material reality , I make, facio. Caught up in bemoaning life, few accept that it is what they make it of and, of it.

Each birth brings with it something of a study programme, a Karmic textbook with which we are born, which can be called a fate. That text book has a broad lesson plan, some intended learning outcomes and is by way of a life long course in experiential learning. In other words there are some lessons you need to learn in a given life so that your learning journey towards your destiny can continue. Here the emphasis on need is entirely deliberate and is in contradistinction to want or like.

If you do not learn these lessons you will be stuck, perhaps for many lifetimes, until such time as you do learn them! You need and you must learn these lessons, sooner or later. If you try to put off these lessons you are made to experience increasing levels of discomfort until such time as you knuckle down and get on with your learning.

It is accurate to say that;

Karmic learning is rarely if ever, convenient.

This is the way in which Karma has set it up. It is only through some inconvenience or other, that lessons are learned. There has to be effort in order for learning to occur. True learning simply cannot be found on the shelves down at the supermarket of life.

If this were possible we would all already be enlightened beings, which obviously, we are not!

The quality and degree of Karmic learning is in direct proportion to the level of inconvenience. The more inconvenient the lesson, the greater the learning is or will become.

This means that the vast majority of humanity go out of their way to avoid Karmic learning as if it were the plague, rather than the key to the doors towards liberation.

You cannot have liberation whilst there is still Karmic learning to be done. It is not possible.

An intelligent being therefore seeks out Karmic learning as if his life depends upon it. This is because it does. If you still have learning to be done, you will be reborn!

There are no short cuts. Karmic learning will eventually take place whether you like it or not! The longer you try to delay it, the harsher the lessons become.

Therefore inconvenience is by way of a marker for the possibility of Karmic learning. Seeking out such inconvenience can sometimes, though not always, point you in the direction of learning. Under such circumstances and with the correct attitude towards learning, one can cooperate with , rather than frustrate, a fate for a given lifetime.

I say given because life can be veiwed as an opportunity for evolution or a curse. One of these views is constructive the other points towards misery and having the hump at life. Life if viewed as a gift is much the easier of living. Lessons approached willingly rather than sulkily, are all the more palatable.

If you cannot be bothered to be inconvenienced, you will not learn.

Your karmic lessons will remain unlearned, they will not go away. Their inevitability remains unaltered. It is not a question of if, rather when and in which manner. Petulance is not a travel companion which makes for a pleasant journey.

The choice of attitude is up to each individual.

What is your attitude towards learning?