The Problem of Clone-think

When many people of roughly similar mentality get together, they tend to attract others of similar mentality. What results is an aggregate of people who start to exhibit Clone-think. The cloning isn’t perfect but all diversity in thinking tends to fade. The problem is that clone-think is self-reinforcing, because there is no diversity of view clone-think deems itself inviolably accurate. It doesn’t occur that clone-think is a property of institutionalisation. Everyone who does not have clone-think is simply wrong and badly so.

It is nigh on impossible to get through to the mind of anyone who is caught and held fast in clone-think. The membrane surrounding clone-think is not permeable and the aggregate of clones has a high mass and therefore inertia. Because of this, if it is moving in one direction it has terrific momentum and cannot be deflected from its “chosen” course. Clone-think is right and that is the end of that! How dare you question the unfailing omniscience of clone-think!

Clone-think is property of group mind.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever encountered clone-think?

Am I a part of a group that may have this problem of clone-think?

How would I know?