Different Worlds

dawn walks

to listen to can yr afon

the river-song

with wood-pigeon tenors

in the bird-song choir


by the pond

air traffic control

for dragonflies

of iridescent blue


Le Jaudy,

lazy August

summer river now

home to fleets of boatmen


La truite,

she shimmers there

in the mid-day sun

as she dines




piles of patent papers

bulldog clipped

annotated in angry red biro


horizontal filing arXiv

cavity designs

and quantum hieroglyphs

scrawled in pencil


ordinary and extraordinary

the rays

a faint glimmer of fancy optics

and far away laser beams



in the shiny clear plastic chair

at the chrome and glass table

Chenrezig in his patinas

sat peacefully behind


as I make the mudra

of thumb to finger

and a-u-m

fills the room


the room disappears

there is only sound

and a mantra whiff of Himalaya

a-u-m, a-u-m, a-u-m