Karma and Omnipotence

This is from a previous blog called Karmic Destination

The only constant in the universe is the inevitability of change. That change can take time. History teaches that all empires, even those which consider themselves omnipotent, eventually fall into decadence and complacency. It is not the enemy without which causes the fall, it is the wayward nature of human self interest and greed. This dynamic is played out for global empires whether military or commercial, local organizations or tribes and in domestic relationships. The lure of power and the competition for it, becomes a trap.

People paint omnipotence upon their houses and just like the World Trade Centre of old, that house will eventually come crashing down. History is littered with fallen empire. The lining of pockets and the hedonism of luxury, eat away at the fabric. People, feeling omnipotent rarely see it coming.

Even if they do, they simply pour another gin and tonic, light a cigar and shag themselves silly in the hope it will go away.

The Karma of imagined omnipotence is to have power taken away.

This may be sudden or slow and painful. The scale is global as well as much more local. Success inflates EGO and this bubble, must eventually burst. The hype, the world domination of Brazilian football, has just been grounded, and with a bang. The manager has been sacrificed on the altar. Yet it was not his EGO which brought about the downfall, it was the complacency of shared omnipotence.

The swelling of omnipotence can be found in the heads of many. It creates the illusion of invulnerability. Striving to dominate the world, the market, the minds of others, leads ultimately to downfall. One might succeed for a while but the medicine of reality is not easy to swallow.

The cure for omnipotence is humility; a draft not favoured by many.

Sooner or later, the universe responds to the human arrogance of omnipotence. Perhaps the most temporally powerful individual or our times, Adolf Hitler, learned this with the taste of almonds on his tongue. This individual who strove for omnipotence was fearful and rightfully paranoid. For all the tea in China I would not have his fate.

The lust for power and power over is a part of human learning. It needs to be transcended. There is nothing quite like power for breeding fear in the individual who possesses it. In spinning plates to borrow power over others, the individual colours their life. Power taken and not earned, exacts a terrible price. One can only spin plates for so long before the shit hits the fan. This is always messy!

Those omnipotent beings rarely see the shit coming and can be quite upset when it does come. They then sulk that it is not fair. The amount of mess that comes is in proportion to the lust for power. Few who create the mess, stick around to clear up after them. Not much is heard of omnipotent beings after their fall. They may still flex their muscles from time to time, yet they are weak and many laugh at them.

There are few things that humans cling to more than power.

This is the truth awaiting those who lust for power and in particular, power over. As their skills start to wane, they cling ever more desperately. This is true globally, nationally and in intimate relationships.

Am I invulnerable, even omnipotent? If my power, my position, were taken from me, what would I have left?

Karma and Complacency

More from an old blog that I called “Karmic Destination”, there is perhaps enough material there for a pamphlet or book.


I think it is a reasonable estimate to say that most adults have heard of Karma as it is mentioned in popular as well as spiritual culture. It is something of a “catch all” term and perhaps is seen as little more than the sort of thing people tell their children to make them scared and to make them behave. Having heard of and having been introduced to the concept, people are remarkably complacent about it. They consider themselves immune to universal law. Karma is something that only ever happens to other people and in many cases they trust their revenge to Karma. Even thinking this is a complete misunderstanding. To abnegate a concept once it has been introduced to you is Karmically unwise. Where there is ignorance the Karmic impact is less; where there is some knowledge and still no attention is paid, the Karmic impact is greater. People live as if they are in some kind of bubble in which their actions are immune, as if they are some special case where they can carry on their doll’s house lives.

This orientation towards the world is generative of Karma.

Once you have heard about and partially understood the concept of Karma, you need to start doing something about it! That is the way the universe works. If you carry on as if you haven’t heard about it, you are setting yourself up for some lessons. The time for complacency has passed as a veil of ignorance has been pierced. You cannot in all honesty say that you have not heard of Karma any longer. A passing examination of the proverbs and wisdom of just about any culture, has to it references to Karmic impact.

“As ye sow, so shall ye reap!”

Is just one of many examples. All cultures have sayings with the same meaning.

People being stubborn carry on regardless. The sense of urgency is lacking from their lives as if they believe they have all the time in the world.

Karma has more time than any human life. It is more patient, more persistent and never ever gives up. Doubt this if you wish. Karma will outlive your doubt and just as water wears away stone, it will set to work on you. I know where I would place my bet were I a betting man.

Karma wants you to learn. So it will continue to provide you opportunity after opportunity. In all true learning there will be discomfort. Complacency and learning do not go hand in hand. One has to step, hopefully wth full conscious will, into the learning zone. The more you resist, the harder learning is. Willingness makes the process both more pleasant and faster. 

So for example if you have stumbled upon this blog, it is Karma which has sent you here. You may read some articles upon Karma and it is already starting to work on you. It will not give up until you embrace it as a concept and start to learn how your actions are causes which effect both your life and the lives of those with whom you come into contact. Karma will show you, whether you like it or not!

When Karma is at work, it is not wise to be complacent.

Have I partially understood the concept of Karma, if so, why do I not use it to inform my choice of action, thought and speech?

Is Coronavirus an Agent of Karma?

A thing which is not actually living, and which is smaller than a human hair width by a factor of around one hundred is going “viral”. {We probably should not have invented this phrase.} It is propagating around the world like the latest trend or meme. Those countries in which it has not been respected have faired worse. It is infecting our computers (minds), there is no Norton or McAfee to keep it at bay. It a malware eating at our files.

People who have pooh-poohed have got a dose. Sir Boris The Most Decisive of Clarity City ended up at the O2 stadium so to speak. Orange man has been ousted by some tiny electrostatic time bomb bag of RNA and his unwillingness to listen to anyone other than his bigly genius hunches. Yup he did put America first and they are number one in the charts, he made ‘em great. Right now, several countries are movers and climbers, the UK will soon knock France of its current spot in the charts and become a top five hit, pop pickers.

People will kill their relatives because they want that Thanksgiving dinner and can’t go cold turkey on Xmas.

Like a teenage turtle it is starting to mutate into a ninja virus. But we must keep schools open even if it kills us all. Like van Helsing we now have our stakes, crosses, our precious phials of Holy Water {thanks to pharma}, with our medicinal garlic to keep the little bugger at bay. People keep going on about normal, forgetting the fact that elements of the economy will no longer exist. Right now, ‘tis winter and the virus is in the Northern Hemisphere, in a few months’ time it will head South. If it goes green, we will have SARS-Ninja-CoV-3. Sometimes art imitates life or predicts it.


It is really dangerous to get overconfident that the vaccine will cure the pandemic, because karma likes quirks of fate. Get all self-important, that karmic boomerang will be back quicker than a Terminator, hasta la vista baby.

The virus is getting many to “kneel”, which sounds a lot like karma to me. If we continue to mess up the planet it might well “retaliate” by manufacturing more surprises for us.

I think that this virus is an agent of karma, in that it does demonstrate quite well cause and effect. Procrastination causes death, will full behaviour causes infection. Sometimes karma teaches us by pain to ourselves, sometimes it takes away that which we love, but karma does eventually teach even the deniers.

We could learn or we could continue to imagine ourselves Masters of the Universe, Sovereign Lords over the most Beautiful Blue Planet full of tears (sic). Maybe we should listen to what the planet is trying to tell us…