Isabella – Manipulation – Attack Dreams 31-11-21

Here are last nights dreams they are separated by an interlude of being awake.

The first dream is set in London, somewhere close to the centre. In the room next door to me there is a panel of science academics sat around the table. They are going over applicants for a job as a University Physics lecturer. There are more than seven of the academics. The room in which they are seated is grand as is the table and chairs. They are a mix of men and women the men are wearing suits and the women are smartly dressed. It is all very English. They are all my age or older.

They call me in from the next room and say that they want to offer me the job. This surprises me somewhat because I have not applied for it. They say that the salary is £30,000. That sounds very low to me for a university in London. In the dream I note that 30 is the dreaming symbol for manipulation. They say the reason that the salary is small is that the job comes with an apartment as part of the salary. Where is the apartment? It is in central London near Down street which I know to be near Downing Street. I ask is there any previous coursework. They hand me a folder of lecture notes which I skim through, and it does not look too tricky. I think that I can do this job.

They say that they will get the previous incumbent to show me the flat in central London. I am introduced to Isabella who is a talk dark haired Mediterranean women about twenty years younger than me. Her hair is long, and she has a flowing black skirt and dangly silver earrings. She leads me off to Down street. When we get there the normal passenger lift is broken so we have to go around the back to use the big goods lift.  We get in and she hands me a large old-style key of steel. Which I put in my left trousers pocket. She says that she lost the job because they did not like her blog content. I say that she should perhaps read my blog.

She and I stand facing one door. I turn and look into her eyes. They morph into swirling spiral flames for a second. She is unsure if I have noted this. Several other people mostly young men get into the lift. One of the men, a muscular eastern European, puts his hand on my shoulder. I brush this off. The lift doors close and we start to move upwards. Halfway to the flat the Eastern European man stops the lift and opens the double doors. He then proceeds to jump out of the lift onto the car park several floors below. After him three waves of young men also jump out of the lift. Some land safely, others pick up minor injuries and a couple die. Isabella and I look down at the carnage, close the door and proceed to the flat.

I know it is late and that my flatmates in North London won’t be able to get in because I have the key to that flat as well. I take the key out and open the door. I step into an ornate hallway. The man from the lift is there and he says that I owe him money to get out of the contract. He reckons that I owe him £100. I say that I do not. He says that he will not let me go until I pay him or join him. He pulls out a knife and asks if I have ever played stabby stabby. No. He then tries to attack me and stab me with the knife which he is holding in his right hand. He is a lot younger and fitter than me. I catch the top of his hand and apply kote gaesh. Which sends him swirling through the air and leaves me with the knife in my right hand. I go over to the window and through the knife out.

He continues to attack me bare handed. I wrestle him to the floor despite the fact that he is fitter and stronger than me. Using my favourite Judo choke hold I choke him out and he becomes unconscious.

I awake briefly, exchange a few words with the wife and fall back to sleep.

The wife and I are staying at a cliff side villa near an azure blue sea. At the end of the garden is a path out to a ledge in the cliff side. It is just wide enough to sunbathe on parallel to the cliff. The wife and I venture out onto this cliff. I sit down and she lies down. I have a small fishing rod and cast out a bait into the azure blue sea some 20-30 metre below. I can see that some fish are interested in my bait. Some have a nibble; another fish pops its head out of the water and looks me directly in the eye. Soon the bait is gone. I go back into the villa and the wife moves to where I was seated. In the refrigerator I find some snacks which are yet to be cooked. They comprise some beef mince and some cheese in a sort of meat ball. I bait my hook and leave the baited hook and fishing line on the grass in the garden. I go back inside for a glass of milk. When I come out some wasps or bees are on the bait and are dragging the fishing rod around the garden. I call the wife to see this phenomenon. She comes off the cliff edge and watches too. She is alarmed by this.

We move away from the wasps, and she finds a part of a dream catcher on the floor. She picks this up and reunites it with the other part which is hanging from a eucalyptus tree. We explore the garden and find a small statuette of a witch with “traditional” pointy hat. It is about one foot tall. I pick it up and suddenly it morphs into a full-sized woman dressed entirely in black with a full black flowing skirt. I know this witch to be Isabella. She is trying to embrace me so that she can do some evil to me. She follows me around the garden, appearing to fly. She has a series of hat pins in her hat. I snatch one of these hat pins and as she flies at me one more time, I make it grow in size. I then impale her directly through her heart so that she is fixed by the pin to a tree in the garden. I know that she is done for and resolve to do some protection “work” on waking,

Dream ends.

* Yesterday the plumber alerted us to some Asiatic Wasps close to the house.

Manipulation and Mess

There is a certain kind of person who enjoys trying to get others to do their bidding, not by intelligent and adult discussion / persuasion, but by simple manipulation. I have thematically referred to this earlier in the blog with the “I am only making plans for Nigel” theme. I have been on the receiving end of some of these “cunning plans” through the years in which things have been discussed for me, without my inclusion, and then presented to me as something of a fait accompli. There is a certain kind of person who would maintain that this is good management practice, I would say that it is quasi-forceful manipulation.

It Toltec terms this is defined as sorcery.

As such sorcery is a much more common practice than people believe. It does not need a wand, or a mantra, or a magic potion. It is simply trying to get others to do bidding in a deceitful, underhand, leveraged and forced manner, that for example might be a carrot or a stick. Or it could be putting a horse’s head in someone’s bed to make them an offer they cannot refuse.

If the intended manipulatee doesn’t allow themselves to me manipulated in can precipitate an almighty mess. Something which the manipulator might be unable to clean up. They do not for one minute imagine that they have to clean up the mess.

For example, I have no idea how I might be able to help the plumber get out of the hole he has dug for himself. It is not a huge hole but if he continues to dig, it could get very deep quite quickly. If he does not know it is a hole, there is a problem.

I mentioned earlier that I worked in pastoral care and was able to negotiate people credit, or benefit of the doubt, if they were struggling when it came to examiner’s meetings. Most people were straight but there were a few who tried to pull a fast one. In one case I ended up speaking to specialist police officers who were asking me for a hint as to whether to close a case or not. I drew their attention to the fact that the alleged incident was timed exactly with exams. They dropped the case.

In the pastoral care role, I had to deal with a whole number of messes most of which arose from attempts at manipulation in one way or another. Many students had been messed up by parents. You might be surprised how many parents got divorced the moment junior went away to university. They had been putting on a show for junior, who sensed this and had it proven to them by circumstance in the first term at university. People can justify a whole bunch of stuff AND imagine that it is wise and intelligent. We will stay together for junior.

In the case in the video previous, Uther wanted to dip his wick so to speak and then with the help of Merlin manipulated things. This kicked of a whole chain of events subsequently. For one night of wick dipping a massive and ongoing mess ensued.

It seems to me that I might over the next few days or so delve into the practises of sorcery or in other words, manipulation.

It is an area of human folly that gives rise to many of our television programmes, from Dallas to East Enders.