Towards Freedom – Temporary Concluding Remarks

I have used the term temporary to offset the meaning of concluding, for in a relative universe the idea of a finite end is a bit off. And as this is a work in progress, it is unfinished. In this pamphlet I have introduced something of an overview, I have been scant on detail and general in approach. I am making no claims of originality, nor am I saying that these are the teachings of some “master” or other. They were not given to me by any disincarnate being. If you are familiar with Buddhist teaching, then you might notice some similarity to “The Middle Way”. You may notice a flavour of other “teachings”. This pamphlet is a verbalisation and aims at being somewhat contemporary. I have steered clear of words used in various traditions, but cannot do so entirely. Language is limited after all.

In attempting a general approach, I have made thematic reference to the challenges on the road towards freedom. It differs by individuality yet shares some commonality. As an overview it might be generally applicable. It cannot be exhaustive. Hopefully it is of interest and of use.

It is currently envisaged that this pamphlet is the first in a series.