Spiritual Problems

I have long held the notion that some problems or things which need resolution are completely intractable to conventional quasi-political solutions or methods. They do not have a “material” solution.

Whatever it is they are, they cannot be “righted”.

For me it is very stupid to imagine that apologising for a massacre done by a previous government {for example} goes any way to righting a wrong. This kind of problem cannot be solved. The rancour caused must ripple out and will in the fullness of time damp.

Some problems arise because of lack of moral fibre and as consequence cannot be solved using a method which in turn lacks moral fibre. The American notion of giving someone a pay off does not solve the problem it plasters over it. The insult remains. Giving someone some cash and getting them to sign a non-disclosure agreement does not prevent the cause and effect of karma. In fact, this not facing up to, makes it karmically worse. It amplifies the karma.

There are many people who would disagree with my point of view.  They may think, “as long as we can get away with it everything is just dandy.”

We are seeing this sense of entitled corruption playing out currently in British politics. Not many people are talking about moral compass; they are talking about getting away with it or cash, they are concerned that a fellow politician is not punished for his misdemeanours. It is the old, one rule for them and quite another rule for us mentality.

There are some problems that can only be solved by spiritual means.

I mentioned earlier in the blog that I had a long depressive episode, in which I was not a happy bunny. Later on, I worked in pastoral care and spoke at length with many people who also were unhappy / ill. I saw this as karma. I was paying off my karmic dept for being miserable, for making other lives miserable, by helping others with their misery. This is an example of what I mean by a spiritual solution to a spiritual problem. In this putative case my karma.

I suspect that there a whole host of problems simmering all around the globe, when all it would take to “solve” them is to find some moral fire and sufficient courage to enact it. Because people lack the spirit to do this these problems fester like open sores.

People do not like to be inconvenienced even if that darned inconvenience is the truth…

I am not sure that I have verbalized this very well, it is related to another theme “things people don’t like to hear.”

I said earlier on in the blog that in my opinion stopping global warming is impossible within the paradigm of continuous economic growth. We may cross our fingers and hope but how is the world economy going to continue to grow without producing ever more heat?

There will have to be some kind of catastrophe to reverse this growth mantra…

I’ll see if I can dream up a better example of a spiritual problem…

Moral Compass

This is prompted by the one rule for the plebs and a totally different rule for US {we are not at all entitled, honest} behaviours enacted by the Tory cabinet. FFS if the esteemed health secretary had not noticed the CCTV camera before, he is as sharp as a pound of butter on a hot summer’s day.

OK let’s grope my aide in a Whitehall corridor…. what a great idea.

What a genius!

Thank God the UK health system is in such a safe pair of hands just like her ass.


moral compass


moral compass (plural moral compasses)

(ethics) An inner sense which distinguishes what is right from what is wrong, functioning as a guide (like the needle of a compass) for morally appropriate behavior.

Synonyms: conscience, moral sense

(ethics) A person, belief system, etc. serving as a guide for morally appropriate behavior.

(archaic, ethics) The full range of virtues, vices, or actions which may affect others and which are available as choices (like the directions on the face of a compass) to a person, to a group, or to people in general

Cambridge Dictionary

moral compass

a natural feeling that makes people know what is right and wrong and how they should behave:

Some people believe that the increase in crime shows that society is losing its moral compass.


moral compass

an internalized set of values and objectives that guide a person with regard to ethical behavior and decision-making:

 a rebellious teenager without a moral compass.

Urban dictionary

Moral compass

Term referring to the inner feeling someone gets when deciding whether or not something is right or wrong.

Our moral compass is far different.

The mind-set that a person is in when making a questionably moral decision.

Them: She cheated on me! Should I cheat on her?

Me: I don’t know. What does your moral compass tell you?

Is Evil and Old-fashioned Concept?

I am going to make a statement which is accurate, I think, which might not be WOKE.

There is a higher percentage of bastards in the world today, than there has ever been before.

What do you think, is this an accurate statement?

The per capita bastard rate in increasing.

Not sure this one is correct but the prior one is probably true.

Society in the West “accepts” much more variance in lifestyle and life choice nowadays and it can be argued that the moral compass is damaged if not broken. Just think back even 30 years ago, a prime minister would not have been able to bring his unwed partner and illegitimate baby into #10.

The 80s have a lot to answer for in propagating the “greed is good” mantra. People do a lot more shagging around before getting married. The divorce rates are high, there are some pretty convoluted familial circumstances as a consequence.

“Mummy why can’t I have two daddies and two mummies like Jessica has?”

Being vane and selfish, self-obsessed even, seems to be all the rage. People follow profoundly shallow people on social media and become their fans and wannabes.

People talk openly about getting revenge, we have the new “ideal” of revenge porn.

There is a lot of envy and coveting, advertisers like to stimulate this to sell stuff.

People are often looking for the hack, the shortcut.

The Donald the leader of an allegedly Christian country, and he himself a “Christian”, was saying America First. He also told a few Porky-Pies and in the same breath said I will pray for.

{I made a perhaps Freudian slip in the spelling of prey, which I subsequently corrected.}

I was brought up as a lose kind of Christian. Christian as opposed to Abrahamic morals made sense to me. But pretty much all of the above, our progress, is at odds with what I once understood as Christian values.

Do we no longer care what is moral so long as we can shag who/what/when we like?

Revenge, greed and covetousness; are these properties of light or of dark?

Are they in fact slightly evil?

Or is Evil simply and old-fashioned concept that no longer applies / exists in our current “age of enlightenment”?

I am in no way claiming to be an Angel for I am not, obvs.