with exaggerated care

I unclasp my hands

and offer them

palm up, outstretched


the dove thus released

soars off

it feathers the dawn



my left hand raises

finger to thumb

the mudra perfect

release the seal


emanate that jewel


in the lotus womb



the radiant flow

of compassion


in unconditional heart


Om mane padme hum

I offer you

Om mane padme hum

Om mane padme hum

Lost Marbles Dream 1-12-20

I had a restless night because my knee was playing up. I took paracetamol and ibuprofen and managed to nod off sometime after 3:30 am.

I am on a large grassy area in front of some kind of low-rise apartment block. I am naked but wearing trainers. In my hand I have a small string bag full of marbles. In the dream I understand that my nakedness is a metaphor for having nothing to hide. Various people try to chase me and catch me so as to send me to a place of “safety”. Each time someone tries to get hold of me one or two marbles escape from my bag. They think that I need to go to Samaritans because I am a suicide risk. The men who are trying to chase me are not so quick as me and they are easy to evade. The number or marbles in my bag remains constant despite it shedding a few. In the dream I know that this is a metaphor for people thinking that I have lost my marbles because I do not think like them, whereas I am in fact in full possession of my marbles and it is just their mis-perception.

I escape from the grassy field and am now jogging freely along a street in a city at night time. I am not sure where I am but can see what looks to be a high street up ahead. I know that there will be signs there so I jog off in that direction. I run past two small yappy dogs. They bark around my ankles and try to bite me. So, I lash out at them with my leg. {I do this in real life in bed, my leg moves suddenly and painfully}. This warns the dogs off and I carry on.

I see an open space with a large shipping container covered in a tarpaulin. I pull myself up onto the shipping container and check my string bag of marbles. It will be a good place to rest. In the morning I lower myself down off the container thinking, that given my bad leg, it was not such a good idea in the first place. On descending my leg hurts but is not too bad. Out of curiosity I open the container up and walk in. On the wall at about head hight a small white circle is painted. I understand that this is a target where those about to be executed by firing squad stand to be shot. This is where people who oppose those in power get “shot”.

In one corner I can see D who is dismembering some apparatus and what looks like an old oven door. He has a handle in his hand and is intending to throw it away. I understand that I am amongst those who are to be “shot”, gotten rid of. Someone hands me a six way crosspiece of UHV vacuum kit, it is shiny and has a pair of windows on each axis X,Y,Z. “They” want to know if I know what it is. I take it off them and have a look. I can see that the windows are very slightly damaged because they have had a deep UV excimer laser passing through them, this leaves a ghostly imprint. I can see the sample and know it to be a nitrogen vacancy centre diamond sample to be used in quantum experiments. I say this. “They” are surprised.

So, prompted I sit down in the lotus position and adopt mudra in my left and right hands.  I begin to chant softly “om mane padme hum” {the jewel in the centre of the lotus}. After doing this for some time “They” do not know what to do so they say that we are free to go and that we will not be “shot”. I motion to the others in the shipping container that we had better leave before they change their minds. Which we do.

Dream ends