Dharma of the Day #9 {mind}


absolutely certain mind

is already wrong

but in its arrogance

doesn’t yet know it


it is not possible mind

is infertile and sterile

it cannot conceive

it has had a hysterectomy


you are not “one of us” mind

demarcates the boundaries

laying barbed wire and mines

in order to abort nascence


terrified of the new mind

goes around the race track

many, many, many times

it takes no pit stops, to consider


joy of a child mind

is filled with awe and wonder

and is as fluid and mercurial

as can be, in so doing, it soars


full of rubbish mind

recycles old thoughts

seemingly endlessly

it makes Sisyphus’ life look easy


dogmatic opinion mind

cannot differentiate opinion

from garnered knowledge

it is a tad myopic


broad vision mind

swells on ocean tides

and ultimately touches the shores

of every continent

learn to lift your consciousness

out of the dark depths of your own anus

perhaps in so doing

you might see a new cosmos


there you might find

utter humility

and magnificent sensations

at the marvel of all creation!!



Permanence and impermanence

Are same thing

Constructs of mind


In absence of mind

There is no per or man

Nor emanation


Thing is not Atma


Mind exists only in matter

And it does not


If can be thought

Then it is not


Thought itself is substance

And must die


Thought is not Atma

Mind is not Atma


The point of

No mind and

No thought


Is close to Atma


Atma is both before thought and mind


… … … Come into being


… … …After they have passed


Progenitor and ineffable

Known but not yet known

Nevertheless aware


Atma is nascence

The urge of nascence

And the awareness of the process of nascence


Being in nascence


Not bliss-full and bearing robes

Or shiny-eyed and haloed

Nor ascended and God like


Atma is creation in the action of manifestation

Peaceful no, dynamic yes

Precursor of the Divine mouse

Clicking being-ness into …