Not Neurotypical

I am not neurotypical, I know this for a fact, because I have measured my own brainwaves with a frontal lobe EEG (Electroencephalograph). Perhaps it might be better to say I am no longer neurotypical, though I don’t know if I was in the first place.

Like many INFJs I am quite fond of quizzes especially psychometric ones.  These are my results for the Aspie quiz:

A few weeks after my cancer operation I went to see a psychologist specialising in autistic spectrum clients. She was one of the few to do adult screening that I could find. I answered her lengthy questionnaire before my visit. I used the word impeccable quite a number of times in my answers.

She was a good friendly interviewer and we had a great chat. The outcome was that she was pretty certain that I did not have Aspergers’ and wasn’t really exhibiting spectrum like behaviours.  She thought that I might have an Unrelenting Standards Life Trap.

I did the quiz and bought several books on Schema Therapy. I am pretty convinced that I do not have this problem. It is a fair way off the mark. I like to do things properly when I have the time. I have high standards regarding integrity, authenticity and dislike people scheming and plotting. I do take my achievements for granted, they are not all that important to me. What is next, is usually my question. I like novelty.

As an INFJ, I make values based decisions  which can be very surprising to others. What is more these decisions are often irrevocable. For example once you have landed on my “wanker pile” there you will remain until strong evidence to the contrary is seen.

My temperament is NF. Read this above, sounds pretty good to me!!

What Temperament are you?

How do you make decisions?

Do you have the unrelenting standards life trap?