Tales of the Unexpected

I’ll kick this off with a supposition.

Many people might profess that things pertaining to the occult such as ritual magic are not real and are poppycock. There are no such things as ghosts, djinns, fairies, demons and the like. Further they may think that occult means satanism. Yet even though these things are “not real” the very same people would shit a brick if they were in the same room as me doing a pentagram-based meditation.

There would be a gap between their opined opinion and how they might respond to an actuality.

This “imaginary” ritual magic is taboo even though a form of ritual magic exists in the law courts where the practitioners dress up in ceremonial robes and wear wigs, striking their wand {hammer} on the gavel. What about the opening of Parliament, is that not ritual magic personified?

In the UK there was a TV series called “Tales of the Unexpected” which I used to lap up as teenager. This was because the fun was largely in guessing the “unexpected” twist way ahead of its reveal. I used to refer to it as tales of the totally expected. Once one had a little of the mind of the writers it was pretty easy to predict which way a plot would evolve.

This series got Tarot a bad name.

People have loads of associations about things which they have never in themselves experienced. What is natural for a seventh ray personality like mine is mildly alarming for other types. They might think it freaky Friday.

Some might fear even touching a book by Aleister Crowley lest the devil take their souls. Many do not walk under ladders. Although many deem themselves “rational” many are way more superstitious in private then they would like to show in public.

As a youngster I was an avid consumer of the horror genre, read every book in the library on witchcraft and voodoo. I am a Harry Potter fan. I’ll wager that J.K. Rowling has some seventh ray in her make up as did Tolkien.

The seventh ray is incoming and now a vast swath of humanity has grown up with a seventh ray entertainment influence.

What may result is unexpected, millions or billions even, falling under the influence of the seventh ray. What will happen as this influence starts to manifest more widely…

We will move away from the bipartisan sixth ray idealism influence; communism versus capitalism, religion versus materialism, science versus religion, into something hopefully new and way more synthetic.

I luckily enough cannot guess the ending to this one.