Wake Up and Snooze

I have over the last eighteen months or so speculated that the pandemic is by way of an urgent wake-up call for humanity. Whereby many countries and leaders in particular were / are unwilling to face reality.

What has the pandemic taught us? It has taught us that we are all interconnected and interrelated. There is only ONE humanity. What happens on the other side of the globe impacts on this one. If someone catches a dose in China, it can end up in Patagonia, or Alaska. We are hesitant to learn this most obvious of lessons.

If we keep all the vaccines for ourselves and become complacent “we are so very double-vaccinated and therefore immune and safe” yet allow the virus to sample the mutation hypersurface elsewhere on the globe, the virus boomerang is in motion.

This silo thinking, we are all right Jack, foxtrot off you the poor, the unloved and the malnourished.

Instead of being global the mantra “charity begins at home” has shown where the hearts {?} of humanity truly are at. Smug justification…perhaps.

People don’t want to hear the wake-up call. They want to go back to what it was like and clock up the air miles getting basal cell carcinomas from too much sunshine on the beach. They want their air-miles green beans from Kenya. They want to press the snooze button.

It is the same with climate change.

If you are ambitious and acquisitional in your orientation you over consume and as a consequence you as an individual are directly and personally responsible for your part in global warming. If you “need” a new car, a new ‘phone, whilst the old ones are still functional, what does that say? It says that although you may worry about climate change, you don’t really give a toss. You simply MUST consume because everyone else is doing it. It may not occur to you that you are being hypocritical.

It is all down to China…if they stop their emissions, we shall all be OK.

Where exactly do you think that many of the components of your precious mobile ‘phone were made?

Is it the Falkland Islands or Vanuatu?

Our global notion of “reality” has again shifted these last few days. A bunch of low technology geezers with beards have outlasted the highly trained and ultra-high technology dudes.

It is strange in the UK people say that they don’t want immigration and yet they participate in regime change, invasion and destabilization. The home secretary, anti-immigration, has had to waive some of this for our “friends”. Is one not causative of the other?

As a whole I think that much of humanity wants to have its cake and eat it.  It is not thinking clearly as this is an illogical premise.

It is not ready to wake up, the hand is over the snooze button and maybe if we go back to sleep for another decade somebody else will have sorted the problems out.

How many more fires, how many more floods, how many more food-based humanitarian disasters will it take? Must the death toll rise to tens of millions before we as a vampiric species wake up and are brave enough to see dawn?

Can a Strongly Materialistic Society Stop Global Warming?

In my honest opinion, I doubt it very much, so no.

We may like to kid ourselves that our ingenuity will allow us to continue to exploit the planet and accumulate things. Our little tweaks here and there, might slow things a little. There are just way too many human beings, and we are such greedy bastards. The mantra is more, more, more. We must have the latest gadget phone thingy so that we can share fatuous software optimised photos of consumption with each other in a competitive keeping up with the Joneses manner.

“Look at me I flew to the Maldives so I can post a picture of myself in a £200 bikini.”

“I went to St Barts and wore a Rolex”.

This competitive consumption is a root cause of global warming. This acquisitional urge is an underlying malady. When will humanity understand the meaning of “enough”?  What is this elusive noumenon?

“Greed is Good” quoted the Wolf of Wall Street and Uncle Boris.

If humanity fails to learn from the current situation the simple lesson that it is One Humanity, One World and in a very real sense One Life, what will happen? It will continue to lurch from crisis to crisis until it destroys the planet completely. What we see now are but the subtle and minor harbingers of crises to come. These a like the appetizers.

We can bemoan our ruined wine harvest, berate the government for inadequate flood defences and insufficient firemen and water to put out the blazes. Where will the money come from? There is not much left in the coffers due to Covid.  

Or we can recognise that the change starts at home and actually do something about our orientation towards life. Ease off on being such vampiric consumers sucking the very blood out of the earth.

Humanity imagines that it can have its cake and eat it. No need to change, consume, consume, consume. There is always tomorrow.

I was joking with the wife that I might invest in a Dutch dyke building and land recovery company. That should provide revenue until the world burns and drowns.

In thirty yeas time I probably will not be here.

What will 2050 look like?

I’ll wager living on this plant will be much harder by then.

We are simply unwilling to imagine it. We must have our fortnight in the sun.

Unless insatiable humanity learns the meaning of enough, we are up shit creek, in a barbed wire canoe, without a paddle!


Most continue to cost up the solar panel arrays.