Many English Are Reincarnated Romans

“I say Senator what is it that the bally plebian masses want?”

“I don’t know Caesar, what do they want?”

“They want games, lots of games. Gladiatorial games here at The Colosseum in the very heart of Rome. I shall give them games to cheer them up. They will love Caesar forever after that. I will have their eternal support”.

“Do you mean European football at Wembley sir?”

And thus in came to pass in the year of our Lord 2021, the second year of pandemic, Emperor Boris the First held gladiatorial contests at the holy shrine of Wembley in the hope of winning a piece of metal, to put in the sacerdotal cabinet. He let the plebian masses use their own judgment on sanitary matters. And the ale flowed freely all across the land.

I seem to remember The Tibetan writing in the early half of the previous century saying that many of the English were reincarnated Romans which might explain the desire to rule and have empire, also the obsession with Latin the educational curricula.

Vide supra.

Rome built an empire and that fell into decay, its influence waned, decadence crept in.

Is history repeating itself?



 pleb [pleb]


(pejorative) [plebeian]     plébéien m, plébéienne f

it’s not for the plebs    ce n’est pas pour n’importe qui !

 (UK, informal & pejorative) [vulgar person]     plouc m


the plebs    la plebe




The plebeians, also called plebs, were, in ancient Rome, the general body of free Roman citizens who were not patricians, as determined by the census, or in other words “commoners”. The status, of being both plebeian or patrician, was hereditary.

The precise origins of the group and the term are unclear, but may be related to the Greek, plēthos, meaning masses. The term then became more widely applied through the Conflict of the Orders,[2] a struggle for political rights between the plebeians and patricians. By 287 BC, plebeians had eliminated their political disadvantages in relation to the patricians. In the later republic, the term referred instead to citizens of lower socioeconomic status and, by the early empire, referred to non-aristocrats (not senators or equestrians).


Urban Dictionary


Short for plebeian. Someone with very basic, boring, or generic taste. They have no interest in the artistic value of things.

“Hey have you ever seen a Lars Von Trier movie?”

“Lol who’s that? He’s got a weird name. My favorite movies are Despicable Me and Ted. Also, wtf happened to Shia Labeuf? He was doing cool action shit and then he, like, started failing at life and doing boring movies.”

“Wow, you’re such a pleb.”

Someone who uses google translate over urban dictionary.

…that pleb just tried to google tranlate weeb…

Lower class of citizens – inferior, common.

Originates from ancient Rome where patricians were elite, plebs middle and lower class but above slaves.

That’s the humor of the plebs.

Actually defined as a member of a despised social class, a commoner, a member of the plebs of ancient Rome. Also low-born, undisinguished, vulgar, and my personal favourite: vulgar-looking.

Other words with similar meaning: Scrut, Townie, Kappa-Slapper, Rude-Boi, Scum, Greb, Scav, &c.

What’s red and orange and looks good on Plebs? … Fire!


Merriam Webster


Definition of plebeian

1 : a member of the Roman plebs

2 : one of the common people

plebeian adjective

Definition of plebeian (Entry 2 of 2)

1 : of or relating to plebeians

2 : crude or coarse in manner or style : common

Recent Examples on the Web

While the plebs are busy navigating the perils of ride sharing in 2017—should I #deleteuber? does Lyft still require fist bumps?—the überrich have problems of their own.

— Henri Gendreau, WIRED, 18 May 2017


Reverso Dictionnaire

pleb      (British) 

*, pejorative 

      n   (=lower class person, prole)   prolo    m   *   

 a pleb like me.       

 us two little plebs       

plebs  npl 

the plebs      la plèbe 

snobs talking down to the plebs 

Plebs n. plèbe

the plebs


la plèbe


‘pleb’ également trouvé dans les traductions du dictionnaire Français-Anglais


n. plebs


I were in pursuit of a pleb…

J’étais à la poursuite d’un prolo…

The pleb’s after his tip.

Il veut son tuyau, le prolo.

And even when he does pass over, he might prefer to spend it with that filthy orange… pleb.

Et même mort, il pourrait vouloir rester avec cette… sale… prolo… orange !

Come on, you pleb.

Viens, le prolo.

The pleb always swallow this European waffle.

Les prolos avaient toujours ce blabla européen.

Holidays are scraps left to the pleb.

Les vacances, c’est des miettes pour les prolos.

Thierry Meyssan: For Alexander Hamilton, his fear of the «pleb» and his desire of setting up a US oligarchy equivalent to the British gentry were like an obsession.

Thierry Meyssan: Alexander Hamilton était obsédé par sa hantise de la «populace» et sa volonté de créer une oligarchie états-unienne équivalente à la gentry britannique.

A girl from a good family can never be dishonored by a villainous little pleb like Pompey!

Une fille de bonne famille ne peut jamais être déshonorée par un scélérat de petit plébéien comme Pompée !