Mind “Haiku”

always tomorrow mind

loses today

and does so, forever


self important mind

bigger than eternity

smaller than the void


I am right mind

ticks all the boxes

misses the circle of life


justification mind

alters paragraphs

to fit prejudice


tight circle mind

obsesses whirlpools

a vortex, of doom


told you so mind

is confident in

its omniscience


busy mind, too full

is blind as bats

and deaf as posts


stress bunny mind

drives a car

like kangaroos


just like this mind

clear as a pond

reflecting truth


point before thought,

has no worries

ever, premature


pure wisdom mind

is mostly silent

and waiting in the forest


simple Dao mind

flows like a brook

an empty Raku bowl


impermanence mind

sees only

coloured sand in the wind


no mind, mind

knows eternity

and offers him only rice