Baby Coypu / Rangodin

This morning I was walking around the pond looking for fresh sign of the Coypu thinking there are no fresh turds. I got to duck corner and behold.

Two juvenile coypu huddling against the cold.

I had gone back into the house to get the camera….obvs..

I got closer and they plopped into the water and turned to watch me.

I backed off and they got out of the water and shook themselves dry. Here is one of them.

you can just see the water….

I went into the house to call the wife to go see…

She did and they were still there.

I came back out to get a few more shots…

They are cute…I am about 4-5metres from them with a telephoto.

..but we had to call the hunters to visit…with guns.

Early Morning Coypu Encounter

I was sneaking along the edge of the greenhouse to try to get a photo of some ducklings when this brown furry thing plopped into the water only a couple of metres away. It made me jump.

It swam into the middle of the pond and had a good look at me.

It then swam to duck corner and got out on the little rock there.

I saw something else moving off to hide in the reeds – junior.

Standing guard while junior hides.