Notions of Reality

What do you reckon are your notions of reality the same as mine?

If you look at the post previous, you will encounter what might be termed the foundation blocks of my notion of reality. I’ll wager that it differs from the vast majority of human beings on the {this} planet. This is simply because they believe in the collective view, the socially conditioned and therefore quasi-acceptable norm.

I have stopped the world, gotten off the merry-go-round so to speak. I am not so dizzy anymore.

To see me walking down the street I look like any other mid-fifties geezer, a bit beaten up like an old car and maybe more meaty than most. I can talk to you within the context of your collective view, about the weather, the rugby, coronavirus and the times. I could even do some physics or chemistry.

I can join you temporarily in the madness of the dream.

If you assumed that I thought like you, perceived the world as you do, you would be foisting your “world lens” in your mind onto my abilities to perceive and assimilate what is transpiring.

Fundamentally there would be {probably} a massive assumption gap, between what you assumed was going on and what was. You would not believe me even if I told you this.

We could debate who is the craziest, me or you. It would possibly be more important to you that you want to win this debate, I might even let you think that you have won. I could acquiesce to the infallibility of your Spock like logic.

Because I do not care if you deem me crazy or whacko.

If someone removed one of the foundation blocks of your notions of reality, it is possible that you would become anxious and bewildered. If they took away another, your whole house of reality could come tumbling down and you may metaphorically {or in reality} crap your pants. You might imagine you were having a bad trip.

I can, should I so deem, be ultra-sensible and act like a high technology entrepreneur, I might even shave and put on a suit.

What do you reckon are we on the same page, in the same book or even the same library?

Early Morning Thought Streams

Another restless night, it can be difficult to get comfortable with the pin in my hip. For whatever reason I continue to get “subjective breakthrough” pertaining to people from my past. On occasion I get this for people I have not yet personally met. I know who they are, I can put a name and a face to them. I don’t even know if some of them are still alive.

It is very odd, and it is as if they are indeed talking about me, that how my situation does not look “good” for them.  Given my background, how come I am here, retired on a small pension at my age? I should be somewhere else doing something else, I have been wasted.  My potential has not been realised. Something has gone wrong, I am an anomaly, an outlier data point, to be discarded.

Of course I could be imagining it. I am only perturbed in a minor way by it. I do not think about them and yet this “subjective breakthrough” happens. For instance, I am fully conscious of what I am doing such as cooking, typing or using a pump to remove the flooding in the basement, yet there they are at the periphery of consciousness. Somehow, I did not ought, things should not have happened. But they did and I am here, now, this morning. Why can’t they let it go? What is all the fuss about?

The narrative of how things ought to be and the reality are inconsistent, is that it, the crux?

I have been pondering how relatively minor changes in philosophy, can radically change orientation towards life. It does not take much, but drop clinging, ambition and desire for kudos and one becomes quite a different being. So different that it is hard for others to appreciate from within their own referential frame of the world. The values are not shared and somehow this impinges on the nature of assembled cognitive reality. If for example one likes to justify that then demarcates a kind of thought stream, an ersatz reality. If one thinks that justifications are made up and imaginary, then that demarcates an alternate “reality”. It is almost like a parallel universe.

A while back I was “told” in a vision that this is my very last lifetime here, that I will not reincarnate again. It was early in the morning; I was entirely sober and walking in the woods near Tring. Was that a schizoid delusion or was it a “real” vision? Who knows? I am sufficiently logical that I suspect many of the questions pertaining to life and death will only get answered at death and then perhaps forgotten. Meditation can perhaps provide a trailer or preview. For example, opening the crown chakra and stretching one’s consciousness outside the body, is according to some schools of thought, akin to the process of dying but the threads are not cut, merely stretched. One can pop back into the vehicle.

What is going down, in old London town?

My guess is that I will probably never know…

To conjure back normal

Outside the barricades

The masked avengers

Speak silver bullets

And magic wands

To conjure back normal


While corpses pile high

A daub of lamb’s blood

Won’t keep this angel at bay

All those kill joy

And Inconvenient truths


Unwilling to see

Ostriching in the sand

What happens when

The money runs out

And the mint stops to print


Is reality a problem?

Way too much real

For us to handle

Let’s spin until we’re dizzy

Upside, chin up old boy


Too much reality

Mummy, make it stop

Take that cup away

I will not drink

Its viral load


Outside the barricades

The masked avengers

Speak silver bullets

And magic wands

To conjure back normal

dharma of the day #7

be not fixated on perceived goals

whatever they may be

be thankful for the presents

already in your hands


the grass in the field next

is the same as this one

why peer ever longing over fences

when you already have bounty?


constant measuring with scales

makes cataracts for the eyes

the milky vision of which

is blinding to the awesome now

in all its magnificence


live mind-full and aware

of your state of being

for this can dress reality

in unfamiliar clothes

which do not actually fit


seek only the mountain stream

of clear and quenching calm

as fluid as a virgin brook

into which no palms have entered

be as nascent as a five year old

and as full of wonder


put aside the prison of pettiness

and soar on eagle’s wings

stretch out your being

so as to encompass

all the universe


learn the meaning of one

for you are one

and should you choose to see

you might be at one with all

all boundaries are constructs of mind


learn to ebb and flow

seek out the rhythm

and tap your toes to it

drum your fingers

feel the pulse of Dao in your veins


drop your shoulders

relax for the yoke of apparent burden

is what weighs you down

are you an Ox tethered in life

or a magnificent adventurer?


from time to time seek out silence

for there will you find treasure

amidst all the hubris

and hidden under leaves

to know silence intimately, enlightens


silence is a candle

which flickers in the core

to touch such as this

brings hints of eternity

with which to beautify the mundane


embrace silence, it is a friend

and most of all, a teacher

listen to his whisper

for he has much and nothing

to tell you


and when you hear nothing for

the very first time

you will be amazed and in awe

it is my wish for you

that you will hear the chimes

of nothing, profoundly


for this is the naked canvas

upon which you might paint

the tapestry of your life

full of sound, colour and movement.


Is There a Reality Vacuum?

I have been more than a little shocked by the goings on in London and the way that the “government” have been handling things. It seems to me that they are having / have had a marked unwillingness to face reality or truth. Everything must have some kind of positive spin and they will not admit to having made any mistakes. How can they learn if they do not acknowledge error? It is ridiculous that they do not imagine other people see mistakes and when they deny it, we haven’t made any mistakes, what does it achieve? It just makes them look both incompetent and liars. Is this denial and spin thing so endemic that people are reality averse? Who the fuck are they kidding?

I remember way back when one had to talk up research grant proposals so that they were shiny and sexy. I even did it. So, the habit to overegg, like some dodgy used car salesman, is part and parcel of modern ways. Why? We are doing a great job. Repeat said mantra and maybe you might convince yourself, but not others. Just exactly who are they trying to convince? Spin, spin, spin….

Is this denial of reality an epidemic too? Orange man in the USA is a stark example of someone who refuses to accept the obvious. He must be mirroring a more widespread behaviour, for us all. Everything is going to be OK. Claiming that the vaccine was his victory is off and by a long way. It is selective, science is great when it makes you look good, mistaken when it gets in the way of business and lobbying.

Fake news, faked images, photoshopped lives…spin, spin spin…

“Gee I am having a wonderful life, just look at my swimwear photo in a Santorini infinity pool…”

This show and tell, this packaging, avoids… allegedly a UK minister today said that they were not expecting a third lock down…WHAT… why not?

This complacency is almost unbelievable. We have turned the tide, we have “beaten” the virus, we have won, we have won the election, there was fraud…

My take is that there is a long long way to go and the economic fall out which people are not really acknowledging will be far reaching.

Must look at the upside…

I think that this little piece of packaged RNA still has quite a lot to teach us, yet…

Is There a Reality Vacuum?

Quantum and Esoteric Dreaming

A while back I developed a course for a non scientific audience to introduce some aspects of physics, quantum mechanics, dreaming, the diamond sutra, toltec concepts and those from esoteric philosophy…

I called the course “Quantum and Esoteric Dreaming”, QED.

There are some nice pictures and a few equations…

The idea was to question our notions of reality.

The slide pack can be found here: