Revenge as a Control Drama

I have been exploring the theme of messenger and some of the consequences thereof. If one brings factually correct and accurate news / opinion to someone who does not wish to hear it there are a number of behaviours which result, one of which is revenge. People lash out punitively so as to punish the messenger for a truth they do not wish to hear. They may seek to overcompensate and enact elements of revenge which are disproportionate. The idea is that the punishment will prevent the bearer bringing any more unwelcome and/or inconvenient truths. It will also somehow even the “score”.

A truth born out of love can evoke a revenge born out of insecurity, bitterness and hatred. That love can evoke hatred as a response speaks volumes on the orientation of many.

Some cultures have the notion of revenge as just and appropriate.

Others say things like “an eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind”.

It is clear to see that the notion of revenge is alive and well in the middle east as it was in the USA subsequent to 9/11.

Revenge rarely ends conflicts.

Revenge is a characteristic of poorly evolved Souls. The Soul has not infused the personality sufficiently and it is the often emotionally /astrally polarised personality that lashes out in fear and anger.

At the level of the Soul there is no such thing as revenge. On the buddhic plane there is no concept of separation. Most people do not have their consciousness there yet and are beset by all the pettiness and vindictiveness of a badly integrated personality.

When humanity has evolved sufficiently this whole notion of revenge will be seen as archaic, barbaric and primitive.

That time is not yet.

Anger Quotes

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.


Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.

Robert Green Ingersoll

Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.

James Thurber

Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you.

Austin O’Malley

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

Mark Twain

How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.

Marcus Aurelius

When a man is wrong and won’t admit it, he always gets angry.

Thomas Chandler Haliburton

A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green.

Francis Bacon

Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.

Mahatma Gandhi

How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him.

Frank Herbert

There was never an angry man that thought his anger unjust.

Saint Francis de Sales

Anger is the enemy of non-violence and pride is a monster that swallows it up.

Mahatma Gandhi

In many ways, anger is a misdirected plea for love.

Karen Salmansohn

Denial, panic, threats, anger – those are very human responses to feeling guilt.

 Joshua Oppenheimer

The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion.


Revenge and Karma

As far as I can tell, on our beautiful planet, there is only one species which engages in acts of “REVENGE” and that is, the human species. Revenge as a concept and a practice, is a human invention and one which appears to have remarkable longevity. It pertains not only to individuals but tribes, races and nations. If it serves any biological evolutionary purpose whatsoever, it limits the number of incarnate beings by wiping a number of them out locally and in great swathes, globally.

The major problem with acts of revenge is that they never solve problems or remove apparent grievance. Of all things Karmic, revenge is perhaps the most cyclic. Any act of revenge leads with inevitability, to further acts of revenge. Cycles of revenge propagate through years, decades and even centuries. A little thought on the matter will demonstrate with clarity that revenge, causes more revenge.

As a motif it is the stuff of novels, films, drama and art. It is odd that people want to get even. There is a peculiar salacious human desire for retribution. This perhaps is sourced in the Abrahamic dispensation underpinning a number of pseudo-religious schools of thought. Nothing is subject to greater justification than acts of revenge.

“They had it coming” says the omniscient God in the EGO of humanity as it tries, sentences and punishes other beings. As judge, jury and executioner it rubs its hands with glee as it carries out sentence.

Revenge generates Karma.

If you are unable to rise above this strange desire for revenge you will be trapped by it, perhaps forever. The fruit you partake of will be flavoured with anger and tinged with bitter hatreds. There is no spiritual nourishment in food such as this.

Within the cesspit of the mind of human EGOs lurks a morass of toxic thought. Were humanity to read the private worlds beyond the social veneer it would see a veritable never ending list of grievances and unpleasant thoughts, harboured there. There are many who would take a voodoo dolly of their imagined enemies and exact fully justified vengeance. This revenge might be physical, mental or sexual. Here amongst the baser and darker side of humanity some rather primeval desires fester and grow. The so called “civilised” human glorifies and justifies these to themselves. The vengeful being paints itself as a righteous one, bearing perhaps the fiery sword of God with which to smite down transgressors. There are few who see themselves as a zombie caught up in a never ending cycle of tit for tat, eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth. It is not very grown up nor evolved.

Such behaviour is not intelligent nor is it considered.

By thinking of and enacting revenge you are making a deposit in the Karmic Bank, so to speak. This is held in your account by the universe and it gains interest. It is by way of an accumulator. This bank stores across lifetimes and pays out a dividend from time to time, with interest accrued.

It is in retirement from the busy world, as the body loses function, that many fall back upon their investment account. Their physical power begins to fail as does mental acuity and despite the hubris, all become weaker and more feeble as the sands of time ebb away. The force and vigour with which revenge had been propagated wanes and the being, to a greater or lesser extent, becomes dependent upon the good will of others.

Here, having won many friends through acts of vengeance the being introverts and begins to see with eyes less clouded with anger, the price that revenge has exacted upon its life, both as a donor and a recipient. The scales of time are tipping and the scales of eye start to slip.

Revenge pertains to petty human EGO and not to SOUL.

Unless a being can listen to the emanations of the SOUL it is trapped by the petty whims of EGO. It is the Karma of all SOULS to struggle to overcome EGO. It is a battle in which the vast majority of humanity have a long way to go. Most SOULS are dominated and subjugated by the EGO vehicle into which they incarnate.

As the grip of the EGO loosens near end of life, it is that part of being which becomes ever more fearful. It knows it has skeletons in the closet and demons under the bed. The EGO fears the end of its malicious empire and does not wish to let go of its tyranny. Yet the deposits in the Bank of Karma cannot be spontaneously unstored at the whim of EGO. The bank makes payment as and when the universe advises.

The pressing apparent immediacy of revenge has lasting effects; ones which manifest at inconvenient times. The SOUL learns that it must strive ever harder to discipline EGO and it learns painfully. The SOUL being group conscious does not have revenge as a part of its make up.

Revenge is an invention of the petty human EGO.

This invention has caused untold hardship though millenia and although painted as glamorous, it is anything but. It is primitive and destructive. It has the maturity of sulky three year olds who do not get their OWN way.

The next time you feel the desire for revenge ask your self this;

“Who seeks revenge, is it my offended self-important EGO or the core of my being, my SOUL, the real me?”

Is Evil and Old-fashioned Concept?

I am going to make a statement which is accurate, I think, which might not be WOKE.

There is a higher percentage of bastards in the world today, than there has ever been before.

What do you think, is this an accurate statement?

The per capita bastard rate in increasing.

Not sure this one is correct but the prior one is probably true.

Society in the West “accepts” much more variance in lifestyle and life choice nowadays and it can be argued that the moral compass is damaged if not broken. Just think back even 30 years ago, a prime minister would not have been able to bring his unwed partner and illegitimate baby into #10.

The 80s have a lot to answer for in propagating the “greed is good” mantra. People do a lot more shagging around before getting married. The divorce rates are high, there are some pretty convoluted familial circumstances as a consequence.

“Mummy why can’t I have two daddies and two mummies like Jessica has?”

Being vane and selfish, self-obsessed even, seems to be all the rage. People follow profoundly shallow people on social media and become their fans and wannabes.

People talk openly about getting revenge, we have the new “ideal” of revenge porn.

There is a lot of envy and coveting, advertisers like to stimulate this to sell stuff.

People are often looking for the hack, the shortcut.

The Donald the leader of an allegedly Christian country, and he himself a “Christian”, was saying America First. He also told a few Porky-Pies and in the same breath said I will pray for.

{I made a perhaps Freudian slip in the spelling of prey, which I subsequently corrected.}

I was brought up as a lose kind of Christian. Christian as opposed to Abrahamic morals made sense to me. But pretty much all of the above, our progress, is at odds with what I once understood as Christian values.

Do we no longer care what is moral so long as we can shag who/what/when we like?

Revenge, greed and covetousness; are these properties of light or of dark?

Are they in fact slightly evil?

Or is Evil simply and old-fashioned concept that no longer applies / exists in our current “age of enlightenment”?

I am in no way claiming to be an Angel for I am not, obvs.

How Love Turns

In the Landnámabók

It is written

That Passchendaele cuts deeper

Deeper than the Marianas trench


Oceans apart


How quick the chilli-red anger

Turns to an icy chill

At Minus 273

And a strong wish to kill


Colder than ice


The dour Dewar of bitterness

Icing the cake an azure blue

Nitrogen at  number 77

And Helium at four point two


Siberian winds


Those glacier eyes

Give an Antarctic hug

The icicle tricycle

Now pulls out the rug


Never to rub noses


Isfjell smoulders deeper

Floating on the sea

Hiding regrets

From both you and from me


A heart in Cryostasis


All the bears in Svalbard

Have not enough fur

To ease out the thorn

under the skin that does burr


The saga is true


The price of ice

Is the tale held so firm

A story of ages

That makes the toes squirm


No more Happy Feet


How quick the chilli-red anger

Turns to an icy chill

At Minus 273

And a strong wish to kill


Colder than ice


Love turns to hate

As quick as a flash

On bergs such as this

There is no Titanic clash


A mouth full of Kumquats


The Tamarind tongue

Bends words to its will

Selling a story

Full of unctions ill


More dangerous than knives


The Lyrebird lives

Proud in its bower

And ruins the life

Of a most precious flower


I’ll show him


Cost is the price

Which he must now pay

I knew I’d get even

And now is my day


A pound of flesh


A plate served cold

No dressing, no sauce

Meagre and minced

He has no recourse


I have won!!


How quick the chilli-red anger

Turns to an icy chill

At Minus 273

And a strong wish to kill


Colder than ice

Sadam, Osama, Muammar?

Content warning: this might offend and contains bad language.

Revenge: A dish best served cold?


An eye for and eye only makes the whole world blind?

How sweet revenge is!!

it lingers on the tongue

fresh and clear in the conscience

so thoroughly justified


Something primordial

even sexual about it

we fucked them

good and proper


We put on their gimp masks

bombed them to hell

and fucked them

good and proper


The UN said it was OK

when we asked

but we fucked them

good and proper


We made them grovel

we chained them

hung them

shot them

degraded and humiliated them


How sweet revenge is!!

it lingers on the tongue

fresh and clear in the conscience

so thoroughly justified … …


Surely Humanity is better than this???

Holding That Grudge

Some people can hold a grudge for a very long time, so long and so tight that they get piles from their efforts.


A simmering kettle

sitting on the range

warming its piles

on a winter’s day


seething with discontent

bubbling with fury

bilious with ire

clenching fists


an aneurism waiting

to pop like a zit

better get some

Imodium quick


check the cupboard

for Andrex puppies

to make sure

there is enough, in case


fuming Sulphur

the fury of hell

ears venting steam

can you hear the whistle?


póg mo thóin

says the

cat’s arse face



better pucker up!!

quick the wind

is changing fast,

vinegar pants


A simmering kettle

sitting on the range

warming its piles

on a winter’s day

Pissing people off

A while back I had the distinct notion that I can, by accident, piss people off simply because I don’t do what they expect or because an attempted manipulation of theirs fails.

I then sense bile, aimed.


Here sat in the stocks of life

How much cabbage

How much bubble and squeak

Must I wear?


A pin cushion Voodoo dolly

Punctured with ire

And ruptured by spleens,

The ever unforgiven


How many barbs from the barber

Shaven into my scalp

With a pedestal around my neck

Drowning in expectation


How many broken plates of disdain

Thrown at me in rage?

How many pebbles in the Groyne

Thrown by a relentless tide?


This blotting paper me

An emotional punch ball

Absorbing all the ink

Of words thought and unspoken.


To take each ounce of ill

And let it pass over and through

And to try, yes to try

To turn it into flowers


How much, how many?


Someone, my mother, once asked me how come she ended up so bitter. Those prone to scoring points, manipulation and petty revenge can end up like that. It seems like a good idea at the time but then karma kicks in.


But for a moment’s thought

The balance of the world



The insistent stories we paint

Have lives of their own, becoming



As stark cold winter’s nights

Drawn in on our vanity



The eiderdown quilts we stitched

For to show only to others



The patchwork fields of pride

Mere whimsy of our own



The steak and kidney pie

Pierces life to the core



The dark vampires of mind

Suck deep the realities



The trophies on the mantle

Gather only dust and spiders



Now to watch consequence

Unfold its pages, before us



The never ending story of

Each tart spiteful action, ever



No tonic or Juniper here

Unripe quince on the tongue



Yet clever brings no comfort

To the fabric’s weave



Spinning jenny has dropped the thread

And there is no more wool

To knit


Only the mirror pond

Before our eyes rippling in



And to know inside that it is our razor

That made such a terrible cut,



For what collateral the life of another

To score scores coronary deep

For points


What sweet bargains made

In the vision of cataract blind can



All the anguish inflicted

Upon the most hated world so



And in the bowers of distortion

Bending facts so as at night to



Whilst core cuts burrs

Of as yet denied knowing



Such a burden to hang leaden

Heavy beyond pretence possible



Likes of this would not I bear

Pointing fingers into eyes

Blinding worlds


But for a moment’s thought

The balance of the world


A Grain of Salt

fading into time

a grain of salt

in the pillar of

looking back


the over the shoulder robes

slip on a clavicle,

a harpsichord

with no Bach’s flower remedy


a tincture of infinity

bound tight in sand,

a seed of truth

to worry into pearls


the salt of the earth

comes out of tears

shed as many scales

in the lack of balance


a couturier sublime

etched in the cloth

of human folly

making proud stalagmites


centuries and bastions

standing Easter Island guard

unless something sneaks past

on a whimsical wind


all the herring and rollmops

which curl up the tongue

to a shot of Aquavit

can’t curl enough


sweeping the ice

scoring it deep

and no rubbing of brass

will bring back the past


an echo of maybe and might

whispers goodnight

onto the pillow of dreams

wet now from eyes


and a love now destroyed

simpers and dies

for want of humility

as scarce as a scarecrow’s heart


the last train home

leaves the platform of will

forever now

and what price the bill?


and that which we do

unto those whom we love

is the most terrible cost

of a bitter revenge


passing now forever

a brief echo of a life

jaundiced by pride

as sad as a tourniquet


to share and to bind

one to another

its midnight now

and no turning space


fading into time

a grain of salt

in the pillar of

looking back