Looking With New Eyes

Once upon a time in land far away I went to a number of self-development and business sessions run by the university technology transfer outfit. There I was advised to read Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and The Financial Times. I have also been advised by an operating thetan level 8 ex-scientologist. I interacted with a nasty piece of work who was the CEO of our company. I have worked a bit with venture capitalists. I have also studied Jiu jitsu and aikido, so I understand how to apply force at just the right place for maximum effect.

I would estimate that I have had low to medium grade exposure to power in the conventional sense. I have also experienced power as the Toltecs deem it.

I’ll make a supposition.

Much of what is taught as “management” is in fact a form of manipulation.

The darkness of the management depends upon the intent of the person doing it. For example, personal development planning can be weaponised and used to bully. People do not look with new eyes at that which is established practice. Much employment law is designed to enslave and control. OK I’ll accept that this is a slight over egg but stick with it conceptually.

Believe it of not I have met someone who signed a contract in her own blood with some entity the other side of a mirror. This was some kind of black magic spell, a contract. She saw herself as a bit witchy and a seductress. Underneath all the bull she was actually a nice warm caring person who had more than metaphorically self-harmed by that act.

Whether you like to admit it or not any contract you sign is by way of a spell which in some ways binds you. Contracts are intended to bind.  For one job I was given a 350Mbyte cd with terms and conditions. They were mostly anti-corruption clauses. I was supposed to sign saying that I agreed and would be bound by said conditions. For that I would get a tidy salary and a car with diplomatic numberplates.

I began to sense a different road when they started personal development planning at my work. For each year I would have to agree binding targets. I wanted to be free not bound.

Ritual magic is already present it is called legislation and it has its priesthood, who are by and large well paid. Some of them have nice wigs too.

I do not know where the Aquarian age will go. But I suspect, if humanity can grow up, some of these forceful practises will go. People will actively and intelligently cooperate with each other. That day may be millennia away. I do not expect to see it with these things in my head which I call eyes. They will be long gone.

Tales of the Unexpected

I’ll kick this off with a supposition.

Many people might profess that things pertaining to the occult such as ritual magic are not real and are poppycock. There are no such things as ghosts, djinns, fairies, demons and the like. Further they may think that occult means satanism. Yet even though these things are “not real” the very same people would shit a brick if they were in the same room as me doing a pentagram-based meditation.

There would be a gap between their opined opinion and how they might respond to an actuality.

This “imaginary” ritual magic is taboo even though a form of ritual magic exists in the law courts where the practitioners dress up in ceremonial robes and wear wigs, striking their wand {hammer} on the gavel. What about the opening of Parliament, is that not ritual magic personified?

In the UK there was a TV series called “Tales of the Unexpected” which I used to lap up as teenager. This was because the fun was largely in guessing the “unexpected” twist way ahead of its reveal. I used to refer to it as tales of the totally expected. Once one had a little of the mind of the writers it was pretty easy to predict which way a plot would evolve.

This series got Tarot a bad name.

People have loads of associations about things which they have never in themselves experienced. What is natural for a seventh ray personality like mine is mildly alarming for other types. They might think it freaky Friday.

Some might fear even touching a book by Aleister Crowley lest the devil take their souls. Many do not walk under ladders. Although many deem themselves “rational” many are way more superstitious in private then they would like to show in public.

As a youngster I was an avid consumer of the horror genre, read every book in the library on witchcraft and voodoo. I am a Harry Potter fan. I’ll wager that J.K. Rowling has some seventh ray in her make up as did Tolkien.

The seventh ray is incoming and now a vast swath of humanity has grown up with a seventh ray entertainment influence.

What may result is unexpected, millions or billions even, falling under the influence of the seventh ray. What will happen as this influence starts to manifest more widely…

We will move away from the bipartisan sixth ray idealism influence; communism versus capitalism, religion versus materialism, science versus religion, into something hopefully new and way more synthetic.

I luckily enough cannot guess the ending to this one.

Things That Go Bump in The Night !

Anál nathrach,

orth’ bháis’s bethad,

do chél dénmha

“The Charm of Making” Merlin or Myddrin.

If you chant this charm, this mantra, in deep voice it sounds pretty damn spooky. I’ll wager that should you and I ever find ourselves sat around a fading camp fire in an isolated spot and I struck up the chanting. You would have the metaphorical hackles on the back of your neck stand up. You might even shit a brick.

There are loads of people who pooh-pooh the paranormal and things that go bump in the night from the safety of their armchair. But once again I’ll wager that many of these, despite their professed rationality, would not go willingly and alone into a supposed haunted house. Also, if they are brave enough to watch horror movies, they might jump from time to time.

The day we arrived here I went down to the river to talk with the korrigans.

“In Breton folklore, a Korrigan ([kɔˈriːɡɑ̃n]) is a fairy or dwarf-like spirit. The word korrigan means “small-dwarf” (korr means dwarf, ig is a diminutive and the suffix an is a hypocoristic). It is closely related to the Cornish word korrik which means gnome. The name changes according to the place. Among the other names, there are korrig, korred, korrs, kores, couril, crion,goric, kornandon, ozigan, nozigan, teuz, torrigan, viltañs, poulpikan, and paotred ar sabad.”

To me it seemed to be the most sensible thing to do, to say hello and to ask their permission to live amongst them. I was ultra-polite and “spoke” from my heart.

Over the weeks which followed we encountered various ward off charms around the house at “entry points”. These were left by the previous owner a practising catholic, there is even a place where the sun has bleached the outline of her crucifix into the wallpaper. When we were looking for houses out in the Breton countryside, we on occasion noted witch marks, inscribed to ward off bad witches. To a man with north wales blood, this seems perfectly natural.

So, what we profess and how we behave or respond may differ markedly. People like the sound of their own voice.

We were having some odd occurrences here, so I went around the house wearing my insignia and with a smudge stick smouldering. There was something up on the top floor in one of the attics which I encouraged to leave.  When I got into the vide sanitaire, a kind of basement, the smudge stick burst into flame. Residual methane or something that goes bump in the night? I did a deep cleanse.

I mentioned before that my personality is seventh ray. I like planning…

Here is the technique of integration as per The Tibetan.

Ray Seven

  ” ‘I seek to bring the two together. The plan is in my hands. How shall I work? Where lay the emphasis? In the far distance stands the One Who Is. Here at my hand is form, activity, substance, and desire. Can I relate these and fashion thus a form for God? Where shall I send my thought, my power the word that I can speak?

‘I, at the center, stand, the worker in the field of magic. I know some rules, some magical controls, some Words of Power, some forces which I can direct. What shall I do? Danger there is. The task that I have undertaken is not easy of accomplishment, yet I love power. I love to see the forms emerge, created by my mind, and do their work, fulfil the plan and disappear. I can create. The rituals of the Temple of the Lord are known to me. How shall I work?

 ‘Love not the work. Let love of God’s eternal Plan control your life, your mind, your hand, your eye. Work towards the unity of plan and purpose which must find its lasting place on earth. Work with the Plan; focus upon your share in that great work.’

The word goes forth from soul to form: ‘Stand in the center of the pentagram, drawn upon that high place in the East within the light which ever shines. From that illumined center work. Leave not the pentagram. Stand steady in the midst. Then draw a line from that which is without to that which is within and see the Plan take form.’ “

For a period of months, when I got home from my day job teaching science and had eaten, I would light five candles in the shape of pentagram within a circle as per the famous Leonardo da Vinci diagram. I entered from the East and lay down in perfect alignment. I would then mediate and do the Toltec Dreaming practice prone on the floor for around 40 minutes. The candles had to be lit in sequence. When I was finished, I left the pentagram by the East and then extinguished the candles in reverse order. It has to be ceremonial or it does not work.

I’ll wager than none of my colleagues ever imagined that I was doing this.

{After all they knew me so very well and understood all my motives perfectly…}

If you think about it things like graduation ceremonies are forms of ritual magic. A whole bunch of geezers dress up in fancy robes and then process up to a stage like in my case The Royal Albert Hall. The initiates of higher education walk through those about to receive their degrees. There is a master or mistress of ceremonies and some big wig hands out the degrees. Ritual magic is everywhere, just look at the funny wigs in the UK courts. The gavel…you get my drift.

If the world can be explained only by science, as it currently stands, there are no things which go bump in the night. They are illogical and figments, they do not exist.

As a thought experiment:

How strong is your faith?

Would you walk in a graveyard at night?

Would you come with me into a haunted basement?

If I sounded the charm of making and the Dragon’s Breath began to manifest, what would you do?