What is Acceptable?

Human beings have the ability, it seems, to justify many things to themselves. What is “acceptable” at any time in history is a moveable feast. What humanity deems acceptable today would have shocked my parent’s generation. On the news there has been reports about how unwed mothers were shipped off to mother and baby homes in Ireland, now it is very common to have babies out of wedlock. Divorce was an outrage, now it is very common. I am divorced. I heard another interpretation of 4×4 the other day. It is a woman who has four children by four different fathers.

One could argue that we live in very decadent times.

I have been posting a bit about evil.

As a thought experiment, if for example you are monitoring this blog, in effect snooping on me. Is that justifiable or is it evil?

It depends on your motive.

If you are passing by because something interests you. That is harmless free and simply curiosity driven.

But If you were to be monitoring the blog, to gain advantage, the motive behind that is dodgier.

Many people have succumbed to online stalking and obsessing. It is one of the new “temptations” of our age, our digital era.

If you have been tempted, there is nearly always a hint of salacious to it. It can be a tiny whiff or a massive dose of sulphur.

What do you think is evil?

Where does the line between thoroughly justifiable and evil sit?

Dharma of the Day #27 {gossip}

gossip is a poison

more deadly than,

the juice of a thousand cobras


the host and carrier

of such a deadly virus

spreads only, contagion


the oft salacious ear

of a willing listener

is a fertile breeding ground


the glamour of being

“in the club”, a member,

who knows secrets


perverts both the

whisperer and the

hungry recipient


seeking always faults in others

when you are not perfect,

is the epitome of avoidance


an end of empire decadence

when boredom finds work

for idle, lazy, minds


look back on your life

is gossip not

the destroyer of good?


and unless you are

already an Angel

can you say, no not me!


how about now

are you a spreader of contagion,

or already saint?


examine yourself close

what does the world

reflect in the mirror?


what does it reflect

right here, right now,

in this, moment?

My Salacious

We can become attached to doing dodgy stuff like gossiping or stalking exes etc. on the internet, sorry I meant “intelligence gathering”, silly me.


Oh my sweet salacious

I am here again



Oh my quickening pulse

I could almost touch



I know you feel me

My eyes

Upon you


My prison slats

My bulging album

Your words


My heaving breast

That sweet and sour

So piquant


The luxuriant black

The velvet cloak

Of my darkness


My awesome power

Your naked

Vulnerable, quiver


And all those leagues

Between us



As I tap my veins

For you

My salacious


I pull the leather strap

Tight for you

My salacious


I flick the drops

Off the needle


Oh my