Looking With New Eyes

Once upon a time in land far away I went to a number of self-development and business sessions run by the university technology transfer outfit. There I was advised to read Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and The Financial Times. I have also been advised by an operating thetan level 8 ex-scientologist. I interacted with a nasty piece of work who was the CEO of our company. I have worked a bit with venture capitalists. I have also studied Jiu jitsu and aikido, so I understand how to apply force at just the right place for maximum effect.

I would estimate that I have had low to medium grade exposure to power in the conventional sense. I have also experienced power as the Toltecs deem it.

I’ll make a supposition.

Much of what is taught as “management” is in fact a form of manipulation.

The darkness of the management depends upon the intent of the person doing it. For example, personal development planning can be weaponised and used to bully. People do not look with new eyes at that which is established practice. Much employment law is designed to enslave and control. OK I’ll accept that this is a slight over egg but stick with it conceptually.

Believe it of not I have met someone who signed a contract in her own blood with some entity the other side of a mirror. This was some kind of black magic spell, a contract. She saw herself as a bit witchy and a seductress. Underneath all the bull she was actually a nice warm caring person who had more than metaphorically self-harmed by that act.

Whether you like to admit it or not any contract you sign is by way of a spell which in some ways binds you. Contracts are intended to bind.  For one job I was given a 350Mbyte cd with terms and conditions. They were mostly anti-corruption clauses. I was supposed to sign saying that I agreed and would be bound by said conditions. For that I would get a tidy salary and a car with diplomatic numberplates.

I began to sense a different road when they started personal development planning at my work. For each year I would have to agree binding targets. I wanted to be free not bound.

Ritual magic is already present it is called legislation and it has its priesthood, who are by and large well paid. Some of them have nice wigs too.

I do not know where the Aquarian age will go. But I suspect, if humanity can grow up, some of these forceful practises will go. People will actively and intelligently cooperate with each other. That day may be millennia away. I do not expect to see it with these things in my head which I call eyes. They will be long gone.