Close Encounter with a Squirrel

This morning the wife was discussing when we lived at Squirrel Lodge. I then went for a walk over to plug hole corner by the pond. I was standing there in deep silence looking to see if the Coypu had moved the stick which I has laid on its trail when I heard a rustle in a tree in the swamp. I looked up and then remained motionless. A red squirrel proceeded to come into view at about eye level in a tree. It descended down to the floor and came through the fence in my direction. When it was about two metres away, it stopped, and we looked eye to eye for a couple of seconds.

It then proceeded to walk very close to me, about 1 metre away and then it walked in a relaxed manner up one of the riverside oaks.  I turned my head to look. It must have sensed my movement. It stopped, and we examined each other for a couple of seconds. It then went off round the back of the oak.

It was exhilarating. A truly great way to start the day.

Spooky action at a distance?

So, I have been led back to the suttas of the Pali canon. I have five here printed out on my desk. They each have something along the lines of “At one time Buddha was dwelling at Rājagaha { Rajgir }, staying in the Bamboo Grove at the Squirrels’ Feeding Place.”

And one has “At one time, when the Buddha had recently passed away, the venerable Bakkula was living at Rājagaha, staying in the Bamboo Grove at the Squirrels’ Feeding Place.”

So Bakkula stayed on at the Bamboo Grove after the death of Buddha.

I had a dream pointing at Bakula. For a while I considered booking a holiday to Rajgir it is around here that many of the exploits of Buddha are mentioned as having occurred.

I had the crazy idea of visiting because if, and it is a very if, I am a reincarnation then there is a historical record of a place where I once used to hang-out. The loose idea was that it might stimulate some memory restoration.

Google maps reveals plenty of temples and things to do. The famous Vulture Peak is nearby.

That is all by the by, it was very special to have a close encounter of the squirrel kind with a young looking red squirrel…