Three Buddhist Sutras…

Even though the standard model and the big bang give a nearly self-consistent description of the universe as we currently measure it, they remain models, mental constructs, they are created by mind and are not actually reality per se. It is easy to forget this.

The only certainty in life is death.

The secret to immortality is not to ever be born again, to achieve paranirvana and cease that urge for continual phenomenal rebirth.

No thing in the universe is permanent, some things have longer material manifestations than others. That is all.

When a thought appears it passes through the mind like a ripple on a pond and when it has gone there is no mind, for mind in this context requires thought.

The point before thought is a pond undisturbed and simply reflects what it observes.


Every word they said

Each thing done

Have been the engineers

The architects


The geysers of emotion

Washed my skin

Sometimes in acid anger

And betrayal


Soft balms of love

And support

Rare at this stake

No blues here!


For every trace

On the trellis of life

Has me woven

Into tapestry


Each eggshell shard

Of knowledge stored

With the winter squirrels

Under the oak


At the point before mind

The nascent world

Is yet to become

And so still, it’s here


Each soft caress of fate

Has sculpted my clay

And fired me

In the ovens


Eyes without glaze

Look cosmos past

The aching mundane

To Sirius and beyond


And were it not

For each hand

Each finger

I would not be where


At this place

In this time

Now the eternal

The fleeting second of forever

Above the Crown Chakra

Sutratma (devanāgarī: सूत्रात्मन् sūtrātman) is a Sanskrit word composed by sūtra (“thread”) and ātman (“self”), usually translated as the “thread-soul”.

H.P. Blavatsky defined it as follows:

Sûtrâtman (Sk.). Lit., “the thread of spirit”; the immortal Ego, the Individuality which incarnates in men one life after the other, and upon which are strung, like beads on a string, his countless Personalities. The universal life-supporting air, Samashti prau; universal energy

sutratma or life thread of the antahkarana

Antahkarana (devanāgarī: अन्तःकरण Antaḥkaraṇa) is a Sanskrit term that means “internal organ”. In Hindu philosophy it refers to the totality of the mind, including the thinking faculty, memory, the sense of I-ness, and the discriminating faculty.

In Theosophy the term is used with a special meaning that differs from the Hindu. According to H. P. Blavatsky the antahkarana is an aspect or function of the lower mind that retains its original purity, active whenever there is a spiritual aspiration. It is, figuratively speaking, a “path” or “bridge” that acts as a two-way communication. Through antahkarana the spiritual influence of the higher manas is conveyed to the personality, and all good and noble activity of the lower manas can reach the higher, to be assimilated in Devachan


I mentioned in an earlier post that during the rājā yoga visualisation I constructed for myself the buddhic and atmic sheaths. The idea being that should I be able eventually to raise my consciousness above the mental plane onto the buddhic and then atmic plane I would need to keep my awareness in a “bag” otherwise it would dissipate, perhaps to the point of death.

Also, in daily working at elevating consciousness I built elasticity into the sutratma and antahkarana. The thinking being here that they should not experience plastic deformation or snap.  

Having built the jewel in the centre of the lotus, opened it to reveal the jewel. Om mane padme hum. I then took my awareness above it to observe the monadic light arriving along the central channel onto the prismatic jewel. Following this channel up one reaches the thousand petalled lotus jewel. Which acts like a manhole cover keeping the awareness inside the human bag so to speak. The bag of soft wet matter which is our temporary abode.  I figured that if I followed the phowa of death and opened the crown chakra, I might be able to explore beyond the form.

There is a big caveat should the sutratma and/or antahkarana snap I would deep in the do-do and/or dead.


It is possible to start to “unscrew” the crown chakra. By this I mean start to apply mental torque to it, just as if it was a manhole cover. At first it does not budge but after many weeks it does. When it is “unscrewed” it is possible to elevate the manhole cover. At first only a little.

IMPERATIVE If you unscrew the cover and elevate it you must meticulously reverse all the actions you have taken. What goes up must come down by exactly the same root.

Once I had managed to do this with some control I began taking my consciousness out and above the manhole. At first this was very difficult, and I did it in tiny little steps. A tiny bit further each day so as to do a yoga stretch with the sutratma and the antahkarana.  In time I could get sufficiently above the crown chakra so as to see it from above. Let me say this, it looks pretty damn splendid.

When I got my cancer diagnosis I worked on this over and over. Just in case clog popping time was imminent. Or in case I got stage four. I figured I might be able to check out myself rather than go to Dignitas if things got bad or unbearable. I have rehearsed my own death, which might sound morbid but is pretty practical really.

I know what it feels like out there, so I have no fear of being dead. Dying could be tad painful but being dead is OK.

When we went into town yesterday the manhole cover in the road outside the pharmacy was up and some dudes were doing something down there. A manhole cover does not sound so glamorous as a thousand petalled lotus, but the analogy works from one angle.

What Next – Sutras

To teach how to live without certainty and yet without being paralysed by hesitation is perhaps the chief thing that philosophy, in our age, can do for those who study it.

Bertrand Russell

Sutra means thread or string and today I am trying to assess what threads in the web of life may or may not be coming into manifestation for me.

The garden sutra.

This thread is most definitely manifest as is evidenced by my aching body and the full trailer on the drive. On Monday we will do our bi-weekly trip to the tip to unload a cubic metre of garden waste. The pile of logs pending on the decision to buy a wood burner grows at quite a rate. This thread is the default for how the next few months will pan out. If nothing changes, this is how we will spend the rest of the year and it is linked to the DIY refurbishment thread. If it rains DIY, if not gardening.

The dreaming sutra.

I have started having discussions and meetings with some people locally on this, perhaps the first threads of this are starting to manifest out of the void.

The patent sutra.

In October, my quantum optics patent application will get published, it will have no institutional affiliation and will come from a one-horse town in rural Brittany. This may or may not raise some eyebrows. Perhaps it is nothing more than a tiny pebble in a great big pond.

The start-up sutra.

Over the last few months, I have been having on off discussions with a friend, who may /may not be doing a start-up. I have done one of these before, and it is possible that I may be involved in some way with this ultra-high tech. endeavour stateside. Viz one-horse town comment supra… a bit odd.

The unresolved karma sutra.

I have a hypothesis that various people have unresolved karma apropos of their interactions with me. This thread, if indeed it is one and not my imagination, has been present for a long time now. There is absolutely nothing which I can do about this thread. If either of the two technology sutras are active, they may pull on this thread and activate it, because they are interwoven.

The health sutra.

According to the French system, with five years of no cancer, I am “cured” of the initial cancer. Actuarily it is now possible to get life insurance which is not prohibitively expensive. Thanks to all the gardening I am quite ripped for a middle-aged man. The GP wants to get me tested for COPD and with blood pressure of 124 / 83 things seem to be OK-ish, at least for now.

The writing sutra.

It has been a bit odd going through the stacks of my old material. I can see how I have changed in my orientation over the years. Maybe as the nights draw in, I will start writing something, as yet unknown, again.

Yeah, these seem to be the threads, the sutras, for the times in and around now….